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Oct 2018

Green Matters

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Imagine a tranquil place so calm that you’ve never felt more alive in your life – high up in the mountains, overlooking a large valley, or deep inside the forest. Now go back and observe the shades of green that you had imagined. Yes, green matters, and not just in food or on your paycheck anymore. The green invasion has taken over our homes as well.

Let’s dwell a little bit on the science behind the marvels of green. In colour therapy, green is used to soothe the soul and mind. The green-effect helps the human body relax and tends to calm the anxious mind, by giving it the quiet that it needs to regain emotional balance. That is why mornings overlooking the tea-estate or a luscious valley helps you get in touch with yourself. Now imagine experiencing that feeling every single day. Your home can usually accommodate a garden that can have the same effect on you. This World Architecture Day, let us explore the popular trend that is here to stay, Garden Architecture.

Vertical Forests

With global warming and pollution taking center stage in urban capitals, the vertical forest is a concept driven by Italian architect and designer, Stefano Boeri, that is fast catching on. So, what is a vertical forest? Simply put, they are buildings that are covered in plants and trees. The Chinese Government’s plan of erecting vertical forests that stretch for a kilometer near the Liujiang River is estimated to accommodate 40,000 trees and million odd plants. The idea is to soak up the pollution and provide clean oxygen and shade during the summer while acting as insulation during the winter. Experts around the world are still exploring this concept, implementing which would increase the green cover significantly.

Vertical Gardens

As the name implies, vertical gardens are smaller than vertical forests, in size, and have already started coming up in public spaces, homes and even offices. This type of garden uses walls, both inside and outside buildings, to prop up a garden against it. Having the exteriors of a building covered in a garden would aid in keeping the building cool and insulated, in addition, to soundproofing it, and giving a boost to biodiversity.

Indoor vertical gardens have more advantages than just being pleasing to the eye – they keep your home cool, enhance me-time significantly, and are an unparalleled visual treat. These installations are so well designed, thanks to the architects who put their minds to it, that it greatly reduces water consumption, and is most often automated and controlled by an app. More importantly, it does not reach the wall or leave stain marks, as most would speculate.

Terrace Gardens

This is the oldest form in which gardens encroach into apartments – they take over balconies and terraces first before moving on to walls and building exteriors. Your architect can help you plan your balcony/rooftop with a mix of both vertical and horizontal gardens. Managing a garden not only helps you destress, but you also become a better nurturer, and it gives a sense of control in your life.

Capella, Arcot road, Vadapalani

If you are wondering where you could find such an apartment in Chennai that brings you in touch with nature, that would be Appaswamy’s Capella on Arcot Road, Vadapalani. Reach out to us to learn more about how we incorporate gardens into our buildings while retaining modern urban elements that give you the comfort and joy of a secure, sustainable life.

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