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Remember the time when cricket was played on a field, instead of on your tablet? Gone are the days when frolicking under trees and playing hide-and-seek were the ultimate childhood dreams. Today, thanks to technology, kids can play hopscotch, jumping jacks, tag and what not, without sweating a single bullet – right on their gadgets!

Let’s go back in time, and bring kids back to the basics. Here are a few activities around the city that will help your child explore the ‘outdoor’ for real!

S.T.E.P 126

Step into Sithalapakkam, step into S.T.E.P!

“Addicted to outdoors. Not video games!”

“Prefer the tree shade to the air-conditioned indoors!”

“Love to play than watch TV!”

These are true testimonials from kids who experience S.T.E.P 126, an exposé cum learning experience that encourages children to participate in community-driven activities such as field trips, picnics, play dates, kindergarten outings, and workshops on relevant topics.

Proponents of the idea that playing is the new learning, S.T.E.P 126 lets the world be your child’s laboratory!

Not a box!

An experimental center in Nungambakkam

Source: LBB

Located in Rutland Gate, Not A Box literally thinks out of the box to keep kids occupied with activities. Ranging from ziplining and monkey climbing, to shoulder-high wall ascents and obstacle courses, Not A Box has got it all!  

With fairies to guide them through a variety of exercises, kids can paint, explore, and read in quiet corners, while parents can observe, experiment, and engage in activities too. Not A Box might be the place, not just for your kids but for you as well!


The place for fun and fitness is now here at Adyar

QuadPlay is a fun fitness experience designed for kids of ages 7 – 14 years, that helps them become stronger, smarter, and happier adults. The programme is designed to improve your child’s movement patterns, build stronger bones and muscles, improve athletic performance, and help them enjoy the pursuit of an active body and mind without compromising on fun.

The Quadplay Summer Camp begins this April 3rd. Hurry and enroll your kids today!


The best indoor play area, now in Abiramipuram

Source: LLB

The word utopia exudes all things ideal. True to its name, Utopia, in Abiramapuram, is an ideal ecosystem not just for kids but for parents as well.

You can explore mini art corners that bring out the budding artist in your child, and media zones with fitness and dance sessions. Utopia is a place where your child can crawl, play, climb, or swing, while you sing-along at a karaoke, or simply binge watch your favorite shows.

With patisseries and cafes, Zumba sessions and fitness boot camps, Utopia is just as ‘ideal’ as it sounds. In a nutshell, Utopia is for adults who have a child in them, and with them!


An all-in-one children’s center in Alwarpet


To create. To imagine. To play. That’s the anthem of Tugbug, a public space initiative that draws children from phone and tablet screens, to let their imaginations run wild and free. With activities such as self-directed creative play, indoor gardening, vase work, and storytelling using oral traditions, Tugbug brings children back to the basics.

Designed to help children nurture their inner creativity, Tugbug strives to inculcate the need to be creatively energized, with activities related to rhythm, music, and dance as well! Tugbug also explores the environmental implications of modern toys, and tries to replace them with indigenous playing methods.

Being outdoor is livelier and healthier. With these co-curricular activities, let’s put the focus not just on kids, but on the environment as a whole!

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