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All work and no play makes us dull people. Never before has this proverb felt more true. Working from home has obliterated the boundaries between personal and work life. Sometimes, it feels like we’re constantly in ‘work mode’. This year has shown us the acute need for apartment amenities that encourage people to disconnect from the internet. And the best thing about it is, Appaswamy’s flats in Chennai always include one or more sports facilities.

  • Squash Your Stress

Apartments for sale in Chennai
Squash Court at Cerus

Got the mid-week blues? Are deadlines looming over you? Or has the weather got you down? Whatever the reason, take your stress out on the wall as much as you want. The squash courts at Cerus are always open for our residents.

  • Yoga En Plein Air

Properties in Chennai
Yoga Pavilion at The Bloomingdale

The open, airy gazebo at The Bloomingdale is the perfect spot to practice surya namaskars during sunrise, and pranayamas in the evening breeze. This outdoor space also makes you feel at one with the world even as you focus on your inner self.

  • Make a Racquet

If you ever wanted to test your stability, strength and agility, pick up a badminton racquet. Regular practice can burn away excess fat, tone your muscles and give you the lean body you’ve been working towards. At Clover, you have a tournament-sized court to play this ‘backyard’ sport.

  • Kick The Blues

Futsal Court at Clover By The River

While the game of football rules the world, it’s futsal that reigns supreme at our flats in Chennai. From ball control to tactics, the two sports have many similarities. Even die-hard football fans could test their game at the ‘micro’ level before playing in the big leagues. Not that the court at Clover could be called ‘micro’ by any stretch of the imagination.

  • It’s All Going Swimmingly!

Budget flats in Chennai
Swimming Pool at Cerus

Water, in all its form, brings a sense of tranquility. Today, most properties in Chennai include swimming pools as part of the apartment amenities. At Azure, you have the option of taking a relaxing evening in your private pool or using the Olympic-sized infinity pool at the clubhouse to train like a champion. Either way, plunge in and watch all your worries float away. 

From Bloomberg to Harvard, numerous studies have proven the neurochemical benefits of physical activity. By offering these amenities in our properties, we ensure that our residents have everything they need to be happier versions of themselves. However, this list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the facilities in our flats in Chennai. Watch this space next week to know what else we left out.

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