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Oct 2017

DIY Ideas for Indian Homes

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We weren’t kidding when we said DIY. These ideas are very much doable, using things that may be lying in and around your house. Or if you just moved in, all around your house, and some still peeking from cardboard boxes. With increasing urban rents, lesser space and the need to make your house more than just concrete and paint, Do-It-Yourself ideas are the best way to spruce up your home. And, giving it a more personal touch. What’s more, many DIYers (yes, that’s what we are calling them) agree that making something by oneself is organic and fulfilling. Not to mention, it doesn’t dent the bank account either. These ideas are fun to do with the kids and your partner or even better, to unwind by yourself!

One Home, 5 DIY Ideas

1. Repaint old furniture

We all have that old wooden drawer or Almirah, sturdy as a rock, that is omnipresent in family photos, and we’d never throw it away for reasons more than one. You can reinvent the same storage by painting its exterior in a colour you like. Turquoise is a great colour for furniture and is quite contemporary in style. Having said that, you don’t have to conform to a style guide and could paint your own ideas on the surface. How about a mural inspired artwork or creative motifs on your wooden cabinet?

2. Old garden in a new bottle

You can have indoor plants in glass bottles to form your own cool terrarium. Make sure you clean the glass well before setting up the plant. They filter harmful chemicals such as Benzene, Xylene, Toluene- chemicals that may fester in the air from outside pollution, or from paint, in some cases. Houseplants can act as air purifiers and enhance the aesthetics of your living space. Common household plants you can buy locally or online are Areca Palm, Bamboo Plant and Spider’s Plant. Consider placing them in your favourite corner for some peace and reflection.

3. Good old Polaroid and DIY frames

Nothing beats hanging up your favorite photos from cherished moments. But seeing as buildings these days are cautious about wall structure in regard to hammering nails, hanging photos could become difficult. You can save the effort and the hassle by ‘taping your own’ frame to a photo that you printed. It’s easy to stick and easier to take off. Polaroids have a nostalgic appeal, or you could print your photographs that you want to stick on the wall. Alternatively, any artwork that you or a family member has done could be taped with colorful borders. If you’re a film buff, why not print that movie poster and frame it with your own taste?

4. Wall art

Wall art these days are all the rage because it’s easy to stick, remove or change the design to another one that you like. You can buy these stickers online too!

5. Mirror mirror on the wall, whose home is the prettiest of them all

Mirrors are a great way to enhance your living space, as it makes the eye see more space than there is and illuminates the room . If you’re in the mood for some handcraft, you could even make your own mirror frames with cardboard and permanent glue. Place the mirror across a window so the reflection adds brightness. Heavy cabinets and drawers can make the space look cramped. A long mirror, the length of the drawers will give the illusion of bigger room. If you want a small mirror, add some oomph by placing plants or other decor beside it.

These are just a few simple DIY ideas to get you started. There are plenty you can do from stuff at home like, turning old clothes into cushions and curtains. Coconut shells can be scraped and polished to serve as cups. Mason jars could become canvases to paint, on Sunday afternoons. Or, bamboo baskets could become lanterns to add light and novelty to your evenings.

So go ahead and make whatever feels right and sparks joy. Something you can call your own.

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