Here’s why you should invest in one of the studio apartments in Chennai

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Buying a house is a huge investment for anyone. But buying comfortable studio apartments in Chennai that does not cost a fortune, is the one to really think about.

Once decided, a dilemma for most is whether to live in a gated community or in a standalone apartment. However, there is a misconstrued notion that developers only have expensive apartments to sell.  While premium builders may quote a higher price, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Unraveling the puzzle

Exclusivity is the first thing we think of when speaking of gated communities. And from the outside, it might seem like a puzzle behind large gates. Well, before you decide, consider the following advantages of living in gated communities as opposed to independent apartments.

Security is one of the most impressive features of a gated community because not everyone can enter the property. Guards ensure only authorized persons enter the premises. Moreover security cameras, CCTV and smartphones monitor all movements. On the other hand, there is no promise of security in a standalone apartment.

An additional benefit of apartment complexes is the availability of community halls. These are excellent for parties you might want to throw for your friends and family as they provide ample space – something you don’t find in many affordable flats in Chennai. What’s more, with visitor parking spaces your friends can simply drive in and partake.

For a family with kids, the elderly and working professionals, gated communities greatly improve the quality of life. Some of the new age apartments even have supermarkets and ATMs within the premises!

Studio Apartments in Chennai

Despite the obvious perks of living in a builder maintained apartment, owners of budget flats in Chennai have the freedom to pick and choose a service provider. If they are not satisfied, they can stop their services and hire someone else at any point in time. Unfortunately, in a gated community even if a service provider like the pool cleaners, for example, are not doing a good job, you can’t just stop their service. A committee must debate and decide before arriving at a resolution. The same applies to the gardeners, security & maid services and other common area services.

All-in-all budget apartments in Chennai whether standalone or within a gated community, offer distinct sets of perks and challenges, and it’s up to every buyer to understand the compare their needs to what’s being offered before making a choice. Below is a quick round-up of our own affordable range of properties in Chennai.

Our Budget Flats in Chennai


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