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Cycling through Chennai

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A trail for beginners: Koyambedu to Anna Tower park

Are you just beginning to explore this sport? Then this route will get you started. This short and easy route, otherwise buzzing with traffic, is empty in the wee hours of the morning. Start your ride as early as 5am and have the exhilarating experience of pedaling through the super empty roads of Poonamallee and Anna Arch. If you want to spice up your journey, ride up the Koyambedu flyover and drift down. Feel infinite!

There’s also an app for it, of course

Strava is a social fitness app popularly used for tracking ride times and locations. You can also connect with athletes across the globe, and stay informed about sports, events, marathons, and more using the app. From daily doses of inspiration to blog posts covering workouts designed by experts, this is a must-have app for all athletes.

A trail through the tech hub: Cycling along OMR

This plush recently constructed highway, with a green cover on either side, curves right into the ECR. There are many perks that come with riding this route. Retreats into pockets of silent beaches along the ECR, view of the picturesque Buckingham canal are the top two. Well lit, and dotted with security posts along the length, it is ideal for night cycling.

If you wish you lived in such a picturesque neighborhood, and are on the hunt for apartments in OMR, look no further than Appaswamy Habitat.

Cycling is becoming a way of life. Designers and planners are architecting homes and cities that are fluid and one with nature. It has never been easier to take stewardship of our lives, and steer it towards a sustainable future.  Cycling may just be the nudge we all need, to create and facilitate greener, more holistic spaces. More and more people are taking to cycling for a healthier lifestyle, whether it is as a part of their daily commute, or as a means of recreation. And with environmental concerns on the rise, cycling has found an undeniable place in the city life. Chennai Metropolitan, for instance,  is set to develop nine cycling trails in the city and the suburbs.

If you are a rookie when it comes to the cycling scene in the city, here is all you need to know to get started, from cycling clubs, cafes, and trails, to mobile apps.

The oldest and the biggest cycling club in the city

Tamilnadu Cycling Club has more than 11,000 members in its Facebook group. If you want to ride with the veterans, this is where you need to be. From notifications on national and state events to various shared experiences, there are plenty of tips and abundant motivation to keep you pumped on the way to your cycling goals.

The most popular cycling trail: Santhome to Anna Square

How does one not mention Marina on a post about cycling through Chennai? One of the most popular cycling routes in the city, this trail along the promenade starts at Santhome Basilica in the south and extends up to Anna Square in the north.  With a scenic view of the beach and comfortable service roads for walkers and cyclists, this is a go-to place for rookie cyclists, any day.

Santhome is also a prime residential area with top-notch public and residential infrastructure such as Appaswamy’s Azure at Santhome, a collective of breathtaking seafront luxury flats in Chennai. With architectural designs that seamlessly bridges the gap between the indoors and outdoors, to provide a nurtured and balanced lifestyle for its residents, a greener future may not be all that far.

A café for cycling

Ciclo café at posh Kotturpuram is the country’s first cycling café. Akin to a one-stop-shop, it is versatile when it comes to meeting your cycling needs. Shop, repair, or network with cyclists at Ciclo. You can also pack a delicious snack, breakfast, or dessert for your pit stops.

Imagine living in this coveted green zone in the middle of Chennai. Appaswamy’s Clover By The River is one of the properties in Chennai that makes it a reality. Cycling can now truly be a way of life.

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