Compromises People Think They Must Make When Buying an Apartment

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Finding the perfect home is no easy feat. An apartment could tick all the boxes on your “ideal home” checklist but may overshoot your budget. On the other hand, a budget-friendly apartment may be out of city limits. Much like other crucial life decisions, people often assume that they have to give some to get some on their home purchase journey. When buying an apartment in Chennai, here are 5 compromises people think they should make:

  • The Space-for-Location Compromise 
Apartments in OMR
Splendour, Semmenchery

A convenient location is often a top priority when purchasing a home. An apartment in the heart of the city offers proximity to a dynamic and bustling ecosystem, causing most home buyers to compromise on space. This can become uncomfortable in the long run. However, a spacious house in the suburbs could result in decreased accessibility of essential services or increased travel time. That’s why all our apartments in Chennai are strategically located to offer the best possible connectivity no matter where you live. For instance, Splendour is strategically located on the IT corridor to bring you closer to work while simultaneously connecting you to the rest of the city via a plethora of frequently plying buses.

  • The Cost-for-Amenities Compromise
Apartments in OMR

Some buyers forgo additional amenities like fitness facilities or functional communal spaces to save on apartment cost. But, an apartment with these conveniences can save you a lot of money on membership fees or social get-togethers after you move in. All our properties come complete with urban facilities like gyms, swimming pools, banquet halls and private movie theatres that add colour to life. Superette, our shopping centre built right outside The Bloomingdale and Splendour, brings the retail world to your doorstep. If you live in these apartments, you don’t have to brave the city traffic to do a grocery run or indulge in retail therapy.

  • The Quality-for-Luxury Compromise

Often, people do not delve into the quality of the building when making a purchase. Focusing on aesthetics more than the construction plan will not only put your and your family’s safety on the line, it can also rake up a long maintenance bill for its upkeep. While lighting and floor outlays are important elements that elevate an apartment, construction material, safe designs, and quality of fittings are just as crucial. At Appaswamy, we give you the best of both quality and luxury. 

  • The Community-for-Security Compromise 

Feeling safe in your new home is essential for healthy living. Even if the locality you choose has low crime rates and an excellent community, security is still indispensable. No matter how safe a locality or community is said to be, an apartment complex that does not come equipped with the latest anti-theft and best security devices is still a gamble. With access-controlled entryways, full-time security guard and 24/7 CCTV surveillance, we at Appaswamy ensure that your safety is never compromised.  

  • The Outdoors-for-Indoors Compromise
Builders in Chennai
Clubhouse, Bloomingdale

Life is lived as much outdoors as it is indoors. While having a pleasing apartment to live in should take precedence, that does not mean you cannot have a garden to wake up to, a chic lobby area, or a plush clubhouse. Appaswamy’s buildings and townships strive to create an indoor and outdoor experience you are proud to live in. 


No one wants to pour their life savings into a home they ultimately realize they don’t enjoy living in. For most people, buying an apartment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and they shouldn’t have to compromise on their best life. Simply find the right builders to fulfill your dreams. 

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