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The global climate is now at a tipping point, with the last five years being the warmest on record since 1880. This only serves to illustrate the unprecedented development that has come at the cost of our environment. The rise in global temperatures have culminated in environmental disasters – fire in the amazon rainforests, melting glacier-caps and a spate of extreme weather conditions in different parts of the world. It is no wonder activists at the 2019 UN Climate Summit have repeatedly stressed that we are in the middle of a climate emergency. 

On a positive note, however, ecological awareness has also spurred communities on to initiatives, such as The Ocean Cleanup, an attempt to rid the Pacific Ocean of plastic. In India, the Supreme Court has ordered to stop the felling of trees in Aarey forest, Maharashtra, in the wake of peoples’ protests.



Societies that are looking to take concrete steps towards sustainability, must look at the housing sector as a game changer. Eco-homes spell savings in energy utilisation and long-term costs, that are too significant to ignore. Benefits of an ecologically friendly home transcend macro-level impact, to have a direct effect on the physical and mental health of the people living in them. Urban planners need to consciously include green pockets within the city, to filter greenhouse gas emissions. Premium apartments in Chennai are now using technology to make ‘green homes’ a reality. 

Capella, Arcot Road, Vadapalani

Vadapalani, for instance, is a prime locality in Chennai city, which makes sustainable urban construction a challenge. There is a whole range of Flats for sale in Vadapalani, but only a handful offer eco-friendly residences. Appaswamy’s Capella in Vadapalani, has homes planned around green spaces and a signature terrace garden, to ensure better air quality. With trends estimating that 70% of the world’s population would be living in cities by 2050, the onus is on policymakers and developers to ensure that green cover is not compromised, in the inevitable urbanisation of suburbs and outlying areas. 

Clover by The River, Kotturpuram

Premium apartments in Chennai are breaking the myth that luxury means utilisation of excess resources. Clover By The River, an upcoming Appaswamy property located near the Adyar River, has used only 19% of the area to build apartments. The other 81% is dedicated to lush green spaces and community centric amenities such as futsal, badminton, and swimming. If you prefer living in the heart of the city and want to live sustainably, there are flats for sale in Vadapalani which have ecologically conducive spaces. Our properties have also committed to the sustainability vision, in setting up rainwater harvesting systems and solar powered lighting in common areas. 

Stakeholders including homebuyers are slowly but surely favouring eco-homes over conventional construction, owing to the benefits of sustainable living. It has come with the realisation that sustainability is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

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