Jul 2020

Choose Lush Green Neighbourhoods To Live a Long and Healthy Life

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Less concrete, more green – that is the right way forward. If there has ever been any doubt about it, the findings of this cohort study by David Rojas can help make up our minds. 8 million humans across 7 countries share one simple truth!

Green Neighbourhoods: Clover balcony
Clover By The River, Kotturpuram

Green spaces have always been associated with good health. Rojas’ study proves that no matter where or how we live, greenery can improve our health and wellbeing. Just a 10% increase in greenery saw an average of 4% drop in premature mortality in all the 7 countries included in the study. 

Low Pollution Levels

One of the first things we learn in biology is plants thrive on CO2 for photosynthesis. Trees also clean the air of toxic airborne particles such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia and sulphur dioxide, leaving a serene neighbourhood with low air pollution levels.

Drone Out Noise

The stem, leaves and branches of plants absorb sound, with weathered bark and thick leaves being particularly effective. Evergreen shrubs like a canary bird bush around the perimeter of properties can provide year-round noise reduction. Plant walls can also have a similar effect on a smaller scale.

Regulates Micro Climates

Asphalt, concrete, stone and steel absorb heat and cause increased temperatures in urban areas. A thick canopy of trees can provide adequate shade as well as counter the heat. In Clover, one of our luxury apartments in Chennai, nearly 75% of the overall land is dedicated for green outdoor spaces.

Encourages social engagement and exercise

It is common knowledge that parks attract a lot of joggers and fitness enthusiasts. Traditionally, people gathered around trees in the evening to relax and catch up. Gardens, parks, greenways or any other space with grass, plants or trees encourage people to socialize. As responsible builders in Chennai, we recognise this and try to incorporate more greenery within all our properties. From landscaped gardens in Trellis to a shaded walking trail at Capella, all our apartments in Chennai have a touch of much needed greenery.

Extends Lifespan

Perhaps because of the above factors or some other connection yet to be discovered, greenspaces have proven to increase human lifespan. Even when it’s not possible to radically upend the neighbourhood, small pockets of greenery in our homes have a positive impact on our mental health. This is why builders in Chennai are getting creative with including greenery into the design. At Altezza, sky parks grace every level of the building. Its design also includes a serene green courtyard that connects the three towers.

David Rojas proved that nature is intrinsically linked to better health. So, how would you like to bring more greenery into your life? Comment and let us know.

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