The global climate is now at a tipping point, with the last five years being the warmest on record since 1880. This only serves to illustrate the unprecedented development that has come at the cost of our environment. The rise in global temperatures have culminated in environmental disasters – fire in the amazon rainforests, melting glacier-caps and a spate of extreme weather conditions in different parts of the world. It is no wonder activists at the 2019 UN Climate Summit have repeatedly stressed that we are in the middle of a climate emergency. 

On a positive note, however, ecological awareness has also spurred communities on to initiatives, such as The Ocean Cleanup, an attempt to rid the Pacific Ocean of plastic. In India, the Supreme Court has ordered to stop the felling of trees in Aarey forest, Maharashtra, in the wake of peoples’ protests.



Societies that are looking to take concrete steps towards sustainability, must look at the housing sector as a game changer. Eco-homes spell savings in energy utilisation and long-term costs, that are too significant to ignore. Benefits of an ecologically friendly home transcend macro-level impact, to have a direct effect on the physical and mental health of the people living in them. Urban planners need to consciously include green pockets within the city, to filter greenhouse gas emissions. Premium apartments in Chennai are now using technology to make ‘green homes’ a reality. 

Capella, Arcot Road, Vadapalani

Vadapalani, for instance, is a prime locality in Chennai city, which makes sustainable urban construction a challenge. There is a whole range of Flats for sale in Vadapalani, but only a handful offer eco-friendly residences. Appaswamy’s Capella in Vadapalani, has homes planned around green spaces and a signature terrace garden, to ensure better air quality. With trends estimating that 70% of the world’s population would be living in cities by 2050, the onus is on policymakers and developers to ensure that green cover is not compromised, in the inevitable urbanisation of suburbs and outlying areas. 

Clover by The River, Kotturpuram

Premium apartments in Chennai are breaking the myth that luxury means utilisation of excess resources. Clover By The River, an upcoming Appaswamy property located near the Adyar River, has used only 19% of the area to build apartments. The other 81% is dedicated to lush green spaces and community centric amenities such as futsal, badminton, and swimming. If you prefer living in the heart of the city and want to live sustainably, there are flats for sale in Vadapalani which have ecologically conducive spaces. Our properties have also committed to the sustainability vision, in setting up rainwater harvesting systems and solar powered lighting in common areas. 

Stakeholders including homebuyers are slowly but surely favouring eco-homes over conventional construction, owing to the benefits of sustainable living. It has come with the realisation that sustainability is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

Keeping diabetes at bay

In our everyday life, we consume sugars of various forms, most of which are stealthily packed. Once consumed, our body rallies to break these sugars down, and insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas, regulates the amount of sugar in the bloodstream. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when there is excessive sugar in the bloodstream or when enough insulin is not produced by the body. 

Diabetes is a serious condition which does not usually display warning markers easily. Getting a routine examination done, and building an active, healthy lifestyle could combat the intensity of diabetes and promote wellness. This World Diabetes Day, we’ve put together some tips on avoiding and managing diabetes, in order to live your best, fulfilling life. 

#1 Watch those portions

Nutrition is a key factor in restoring your health, and boosting your overall well-being. Watching what and how much you eat could make or break you. Including whole foods from different food groups as part of your meal plan, along with some of your favourite foods in limited quantities, can contribute to feeling satiated while compensating your body with the nutrition it needs. Choosing foods with a low glycemic index such as yams, seafood, eggs, and including fibers and leafy greens, along with adequate proteins and healthy fats promotes natural weight loss, while adjusting the body’s blood glucose level to bring it under control.

#2 Reinvigorate with exercise

Gym at Trellis, Vadapalani

Regular exercise has several cardiovascular benefits, and works to improve insulin sensitivity. It also improves muscle engagement, and converts the glucose into energy more effectively, while losing the extra weight that the body is carrying around. A slimmer waist would lead to significantly lower health risks and red flags, and thereby lower chances of cardiometabolic diseases. Several flats in Chennai have sport infrastructure and amenities for their residents. Swimming, jogging, brisk walking, hiking, playing a low-impact sport, and strength training are all great forms of exercise to keep diabetes at bay. 

#3 Get together

Diabetes and mental stress have always been correlated and several new studies have emerged, discovering the link between diabetes and emotional intelligence. Clubhouses and gyms in the apartment complexes are a great way to meet people and bond with the community you live in, thus reducing stress levels and improving one’s overall mental peace. 

Appaswamy’s apartments in Chennai recognise the importance of these community meet-ups and recreational activities, and dedicate large communal spaces to develop a healthy ecosystem. Walking tracks, outdoor sport areas such as tennis, squash, and basketball courts, swimming pools and wellness centres that house yoga and Zumba classes ensures that the body and the mind are refreshed in a comfortable and safe environment. Appaswamy doesn’t just build houses, it forges communities.

Retrofitting homes for the Bold-erly

The elderly are bold, tenacious, fiercely independent, and full of spirit. However, as they age, some home renovations and modifications can enhance their lifestyles. Ergonomic remodeling and thoughtful inclusion make homes for the elderly more convenient and accessible. Homes for seniors need to reflect an environment of calm, safety, and undisputed care. In that regard, some home builders in Chennai are cognizant of the needs of the elderly, and deliver designs that are senior-friendly.

Up and about

Safety is paramount. Providing ramps and railings with grips, reinforced with slip-prevention mechanisms, structured around daily movement patterns can create a safe space for the elderly. Additionally, clutter-free passages with ample lighting will proactively prevent accidents, especially for those who are a fall-risk. Seniors with mobility aids will also need wide doors and hallways, for them to pass through without bumping against walls.


The bathroom is a place that necessarily needs to provide comfort, privacy, and ease. It is essential to install raised toilet seats, preferably with ergonomically placed handles and railings to support mobility. Well-ventilated bathrooms ensure that water dries up quickly, preventing slips and falls, More space for movement, barrier-free pathways, and drip mats enable for smooth journeys to and from the bathroom.

Lighten it up

Lighting is an important accessory to harmonious living. With age, sensory perceptions require aid to cope with the environment. Ensuring areas are well-lit through a blend of natural and artificial lighting, with focus on corners and transitory spaces, makes for well-acquainted places with more getting around, and less feeling around.

Everything around

Smart homes are those that have lighting and other equipment such as heating and cooling systems, sensor-enabled light technologies, entertainment systems and IoT (Internet of things)- powered appliances connected to each other. These devices communicate with each other, and are remotely operated by mobile phones or tablet devices. Home monitoring systems, proofed by smart locks and access equipment with mobile-based apps ensure comfort and peace not just for the elderly, but also for their family knowing that their beloved are safe. Most flats in Chennai are security-staffed, but a smart home offers an additional layer of protection, including SOS and emergency facilities.

Where the feet land

Whether walking with mobility equipment or without, it is important to check that the floors are not glossy and slippery, but scored and firm, so as to prevent slippages and balance the feet steadily on the floor. Rugs and mats give a lot of chances for tripping and falling, and it would work better if they are replaced by suction-based rubber or anti-skid mats. For a permanent solution, anti-skid tiling could be installed, along with ledge-free doors and railing-supported ramps to replace staircases (or even a single step).

Redefining the luxury lifestyle

Finding unfettered access to utilities, or beating the city’s traffic to get to work in time, are just a couple of myriad everyday battles that beset the fatigued Indian. The urban living problem calls for real estate developers to unlearn and redefine luxury. Housing should respond with nuance to the socio-economic and environmental context of today. We, at Appaswamy, endeavour to better our offerings with every new project. We build homes with a sustainable vision, by carefully planning around green spaces, setting up rainwater harvesting and solar power systems, incorporating energy-efficient technology, and more, all in prime locales. We have created a class of luxury spaces immersed in nature enabling a lifestyle that is to vie for. Here is a peek into our upcoming projects. 


You don’t have to trade peace and quiet, clean air and health, for congestion and claustrophobia, if you want to live in the city center. Capella is situated in Vadapalani, one of the busier hubs of the city. It has 284 flats carefully built around green spaces. With a walking track that curves through the lush complex, and a signature garden, Capella is built for cleaner air, and a tranquil way of life in the middle of a throbbing city. It is the epitome of ultra-connected, urban living in Arcot road. Amenities include a fitness center, theater, banquet hall, swimming pool, indoor games, and kids play area.

Clover By The River

Clover By The River is a premier apartment located near the Adyar river. Clover gets its name from its unique clover leaved layout – a result of building around and without intervening in nature. The effect is that it beautifully mimics the river in its flow. What’s more? 71% of the complex is given to greenery and a plethora of amenities, with only 19% allotted to buildings. Within the Clover homes, kitchen installations are sourced from Scavolini, Italy’s leading kitchen brand renowned for styling, functionality, and durability. Every home is befitted with full-height bay windows, of one of a kind in Chennai, which open up to breathtaking views of the surrounding river and greeneries.

If you want to embrace a slower, greener way of life without giving up the thrills of the city, and are looking for apartments for sale in Adyar, you should check Clover out.

Azure The Oceanic

We think of Azure as the crowning jewel of all our creations. Nestled between Chennai’s eastern sky and the Bay of Bengal, Azure stands on South Canal Bank Road where the legendary Oceanic Hotel once stood. Azure is designed by WOW, an award winning international architecture firm, whose practice is informed by the unique socioeconomic and cultural context of the location. True to this vision, Azure expands luxury to include the immersive experience and enjoyment of nature.

With a striking elevation, the sky villas, mansions, and estates of Azure are designed to provide an ocean and riverine view living experience. One of the blocks even harbours an open seashell pavilion that draws inspiration from the ocean.  

Its bespoke smart homes are equipped with state of the art technology that enables energy efficiency, and give residents centralized and remote control of home appliances and devices.

In short, Azure is the pinnacle of luxury in Chennai.


In a city saddled with traffic, commute to work takes up a good chunk time. When you live at Splendour, conveniently located in OMR, getting to work every day is no longer a hassle. Known as the Silicon Valley of Chennai, OMR is well connected to some of the most important employment zones in the city such as Mahindra World City, ELCOT SEZs, and TIDEL PARK.  

With the ECR close by, pockets of serene beaches (Kovalam, Palavakkam) in easy reach, and unique restaurants such as the Farm dotting the landscape, the locality bridges city and natural life.

To enable a sustainable living, Splendor homes are built with rain water harvesting facilities and common areas are lit using solar lighting.

We, at Appaswamy, strive to solve problems that elevate Indian urban living. If you are looking for premium apartments in Chennai, look no further.

A grand homecoming

On the one year anniversary of its launch, Ivar, the ultra-luxury jewelry brand, is hosting its first trunk show in Chennai. Born of the founder Ritika Ravi’s formative experiences in Chennai, Ivar took wings on the cobalt shores of Maldives. This epic journey is reflected in the soul and style of every piece of jewelry in the collection.

Ivar’s striking signature collections 10.18, an inimitable collection of earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces with a combination of gems in elegant hues of sapphire, and Troubadour, a collection of fun and easy-to-wear jewelry which reflect the joy, whimsy, and vibrancy of the musical wanderer, combine the best of Indian craftsmanship with a minimalistic, progressive, and contemporary aesthetic. Each piece, a modern artistic expression birthed by Indian techniques, is carefully crafted with fine attention to detail, giving the brand its exclusive appeal.

The brand itself has travelled far and wide, making headlines and appearances at some of the premier luxury destinations around the world. Starting with a series of high profile pop ups around the world in London, Dubai, and Delhi, the brand made a long pit stop for the summer in Porto Cervo, Italy, in collaboration with The Andrea Bocelli Foundation. After gaining global attention from media platforms such as Conde Nast Traveller UK and Vogue India, carving the name “luxury destination jeweler” for itself within the wider fine jewellery industry, Ivar is now homebound to celebrate the milestone at the end of a year of phenomenal growth.

The two day event hosted in Clover By The River, Chennai, on the 16th and 17th of October, will set the gorgeous collections against a complementary backdrop compared to the azure tones it usually sees. Situated on the River View Road, amidst lush green parks that flank the Adyar River, Clover By The River is a scenic site that truly matches elegance of Ivar’s collections, while augmenting its link to nature. We promise it will be a visual treat twice over. Come, celebrate Ivar’s homecoming at Clover By The River.

IVAR Trunk Show is happening on the 16th and 17th of October 2019, at Clover by the River, River View Road, Kotturpuram.

Stories of dolls, lamps, sweets and joy

The festive season is upon us. It is a time for sumptuous feasts, family reunions, and revelries, filled with lights, colours, music, theatricals, and more. Not to mention the excitement of festive-time shopping! Here’s why the season is special for us.

Navaratri, a celebration of the divine feminine

Navarathri reveres and celebrates the divine feminine, the supreme consciousness that animates all life. In Hindu tradition where each deity represents a unique characteristic of the Absolute, Durga is the unassailable Goddess, whose chosen mode of transport is a stealthy lion. On her 10 hands, she bears 10 weapons, each of which symbolize a different kind of ‘shakti’ or power. Also known as Mahishasuramardini for her triumph over the demon Mahishasur, she is a harbinger of good times. It is only fitting that such a trail blazing and feisty Goddess is celebrated with creative pomp and imagination!

The revelries of Navarathri extend 10 days. In the Northern part of the country, people erect grand, colourful, and inspired ‘pandals’ (pavilions) that depict the Goddess in all her splendor. There is, of course, a vast selection of food, with invigorating theatre, musicals, and arts to go with it.

In the South, people curate dolls that tell stories of different gods, avatars, scenes from epics, and more, in an arrangement of nine steps. Hot sundal is served, and songs are playfully coaxed out of guests. Children dress up as gods and visit ‘golus’, keeping score of admiration and appreciation from doting adults.

The festival, a remarkable celebration of the power of women, culminates on Ayudha Puja and Vijayadashami, on days 9 and 10. On the day of Ayudha Puja, we are urged to revere everything in life that serves us, including the utility of everyday things. Vijayadashami, as the name goes, is a day that brings success, and is therefore believed to be the most auspicious day of the year to start anything new. 

Dhanteras, the day of abundance

Dhanteras is the precursor that kick starts Diwali. Regarded as the day of wealth and abundance, people celebrate and express gratitude for their prosperity on this day – a gesture that is believed to attract more wealth into one’s life. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera, are worshipped on this day. 

The story goes that as the Gods and demons churned the milky ocean in search of the nectar of immortality, Goddess Lakshmi emerged out of the depths of the deep sea, on this day. Dhanteras is also associated with Dhanwantri, the physician to the Gods. Symbolically, the occasion encourages us to pay attention to our spiritual health and wealth.

A day of importance to the business community, it is believed that buying precious metals such as gold and silver, or property, on this day, brings good luck and begets prosperity.

Diwali, the festival of lights

The festival of lights is one of the most popular celebrations in the country. Commemorating the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya at the end of his exile, the festival symbolizes the prevalence of light and righteousness over darkness. Diwali, literally meaning ‘rows of lights’, urges us to look beyond the materiality of our world, and embrace light and joy in all aspects of life. As diyas light up homes, spirits soar and a sense of harmony pervades.

Diwali is the blockbuster of all Tamil festivals. It takes one on a trip down memory lane, back to the best of childhood moments. You are roused early in the day, that is, if you could sleep at all given all the excitement. You then assemble for the oil ritual, which involves having oil smeared on your head, under the deft administration of a delighted grandparent. When you’ve had your shower and have put on your new outfit, you join your family for the festivities of the day. The excitement only grows as you light the variety of fireworks! Sleep can wait until tomorrow; today is all about light hearted fun and fervor.

Considered the most efficacious time of the year, one that celebrates the victory of good over evil, this may be the best time to start anything new – be it a new project, a business venture, education, or real estate investment. If you are looking for new projects in Chennai that celebrate you and your family for generations to come, what better time than this festive season to do it?

OMR the residential hub of Chennai

Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), the Silicon Valley of Chennai, is a city in its own right, and a cosmopolitan one at that. Offering a lush social life, ample connectivity, and a community lifestyle, it is a sought after residential hub. Here’s why!

A life of luxury

OMR is known for its world class apartments and villas. It is home to popular beaches such as Kovalam beach and Palavakkam beach, which means that a sea facing home with spectacular views is not out of reach. It is indeed the best place to slow down from the fast paced urban life. If you are looking for new projects in Chennai, this where you should look first. 

Habitat by Appaswamy Real Estates

Gated community apartments that bring the world to the doorstep of every resident are aplenty here. A close knit community can provide a safety net and support system that is scarce in an urban lifestyle. 

And, if you want to unwind with your near and dear, there is a rich social life that is a confluence of many cultures, and lifestyles. The Farm – a restaurant and organic farm, Dakshina Chitra – a living museum, and surf and diving schools are all just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

In the lap of nature and culture

The Farm exemplifies life in OMR; a life that is close to nature. 

Started in 1974 as a dairy farm, it took wings and grew into a self-sufficient place with its own vegetable patches, poultry, horses, and a breathtakingly beautiful open air organic restaurant. Meet Deepa, Ray, and other four legged friends and residents of the farm, who welcome you with bovine warmth, and enjoy the popular wood fired pizza, and buffalo mozzarella cheese.  

Image Source: The Farm

And, with diving and surf schools dotting the stretches of sun kissed beaches, you don’t have to go to another part of the city to gorge on delicious food, take a dip in the ocean, and just have fun.

If you would like a cultural immersion of sorts, there is that too. Dakshina Chitra, situated on ECR is a cross cultural living museum that pays tribute to the heritage of South India. It is a metaphorical time machine with its exhibitions, craft bazaars, workshops, seminars, and more, educating and enthralling visitors with stories that shed light on South Indian life.

Balancing work and life

OMR is well connected to some of the most important employment zones in the city such as Mahindra World City, ELCOT SEZs, and TIDEL PARK. So, commuting to work is no longer a hassle, if you live here. And as you’ve seen, there’s things aplenty to do outside of work.

In short, a home on OMR is the Indian dream offered up on a platter. With new apartments in OMR on the rise, it is just the right time to make an investment, and buy your dream home today.

Put your money where the realty is

According to a database of asset returns since the late 1800s, “residential real estate is the best long term investment, not equity”. With less volatility and uncertainty compared to stocks, real estate investments deliver on the promise of stable, if not higher, returns over time.

Nudged by the Indian Government’s policy interventions such as RERA, GST, and FDI, the Indian real estate market is on a growth curve. By 2020, it is expected to reach USD 180 billion. If that is not reason enough for you to invest in the sector, here are 5 more reasons why realty investments are better than stocks.


While stocks may allow greater liquidity, there is no guarantee on returns for your investment, given the risks associated with the stock market. You need to keep up with market fluctuations, buy and sell with the tides of the market to capitalize, or pull out before the market takes you down with it.

While real estate is also prone to slumps, it is a relatively fair bet. According to this Livemint article, housing performed better than equities in 16 countries in the last 100 years. Once you buy an apartment, it not only grows in value over time, you can also have a stable secondary source of income, by renting it out.


Residential real estate is a tangible investment, unlike stocks and derivatives. It is one of the time tested ways to hedge against inflation. The chances of being defrauded are also slim. You can show up to inspect the property physically, and trace documents and approvals, before you make a decision. Equities on the other hand, are intangible. Instruments such as equities backed derivatives leave investors more susceptible to fraud.


Although stocks allow a certain degree of rights to the stakeholder, in addition to income from dividends and bonus shares, you don’t really get a say on the business decisions a company makes. On the other hand, when you buy real estate, you enjoy full ownership of your property. You can rent it out, will it to your kids or grandkids, or simply enjoy the comforts of a good home.

So, if you are looking for luxury homes in Chennai, there has never been a better time to make the leap and just do it.

Leverage on Capital

Real estate investments come with tax benefits such as exemptions on interest on home loans, whereas dividends from stocks are subject to dividend distribution tax (DDT). You can therefore enjoy a greater leverage on capital, by choosing your investment instrument more wisely.


Unless you are adept at stocks, you need a broker or advisor to aid you in your investment decisions over time. Investing in equities is not a one-off task. This can also pile on the fees and the cost of investment in the market.

On the contrary, when it comes to real estate, once you make a purchase, your property is all yours. It gives you the promise of appreciation over time. With limited maintenance and management for upkeep, you get more bang for your buck.

So, if you are looking for properties in Chennai for your real estate investment, we assure you, you are on the right track.

Long Distance Real Estate Purchases 101

Recent developments in real estate regulations have made it a lot easier to invest in property, spurring unprecedented growth in the sector. And given the current foreign exchange rates , there has never been a better time for NRIs looking to buy property in the country. Besides the financial returns of a sound real estate investment, there is also the emotional quotient attached to owning a property back home.

Property Type

As an NRI, you are allowed ownership of residential or commercial property in India. But, you cannot purchase agricultural land, plantation property, and farm house, which can only be obtained through inheritance, or as a gift.

When choosing a residential property, what are your personal requirements. Are you looking to buy a summer home by the beach? Or, would you prefer an apartment that you could rent out? 

Gated communities offer additional advantages such as a clubhouse, gym, in-house shopping and sports centres, security, and maintenance…all at your doorstep. If you are looking to rent the space out, you will have a significant secondary stream of income from classy luxury flats in Chennai. You may also want to factor in the cost of property management and maintenance while making this decision.


A checklist of all the required documents is indispensable. If you don’t have an Indian passport, you would need to obtain a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card. On the other hand, if you are not an Indian citizen, but one of your parents is, then you would need the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card.

Secondly, you would require a Power of Attorney (POA) certificate to have a reliable person execute the purchase on your behalf. A PAN card is also mandatory to file income tax returns for your investment in the country. 

Finally, it is important to remember that payment is acceptable only in rupees.

Negotiation Tips 

Here are a couple of key negotiation tips to help you strike the right deal. Thoroughly research the local property market. How centrally located is the property? Is it well connected by public transport? What about water availability? And air and noise pollution? Make sure you have all these questions answered before you arrive at your realistic “take-it-or-leave-it” proposition.

Management and Maintenance

Everything said and done, you want to sleep well knowing that your offshore property is safe and well-maintained in your absence. You may want to consider a property management service for your own home or rented property that ensures maintenance, timely rent collection, and upkeep.

For those of you looking for properties in Chennai, we hope these tips have brought you up to speed with the basics of long distance property purchase in India, and help you along your home buying journey.

Madras Day – Celebrate the place we call home

On a hot and humid summer day, Francis Day and his superior, Andrew Cogan struck a deal with the local Nayak rulers. A sliver of land was transacted on behalf of the East India Company where Fort. St. George stands tall today. What started off as a small settlement outside the fort, is now a bustling metropolis. 

Madras Day celebrates the city of Chennai and the people who call it home. Chennai is our identity, but Madras is a sentiment – one that encompasses everyone right from the Cathedral of St. Thomas Mount to the temples of Mylapore, from the Mosque in Thousand Lights to the Gurudwara in T. Nagar. 


Azure The Oceanic by Appaswamy

Mylapore, a stone’s throw away from Appaswamy’s Azure The Oceanic, is one of Chennai’s oldest residential neighborhoods. The city’s skyline is incomplete without the towering Kabaleeshwar temple ‘gopuram’ and the Santhome Basilica. Considered the cultural nucleus of the city, Carnatic music concerts and Bharatanatyam dance recitals still ring loud in its shabha’s and auditoriums. But, Mylapore isn’t just for history and culture connoisseurs. The closeby Marina Beach is the biggest attraction in Chennai, particularly amongst youngsters. A Mylaporean’s love for the beach sundal and molaga bajji is on par with most people’s love for biryani.


Situated on the banks of the Adyar River, Kotturpuram is the pinnacle of luxury. Riverview apartments, mansions and large villas are common here. There is a calmness and serenity to the locale, under the green canopies. It’s probably why Carnatic music legends like MS Subbulakshmi, DK Pattammal and ML Vasanthakumari once called it home! The locality is surrounded by iconic landmarks like The Madras Club, Adyar Villa, and Guindy National Park, making it all the more crucial to a Chennaite’s way of life. The neighborhood is also a hub for countless intellectuals with the city’s most prestigious educational institutions, and the Anna Centenary Library at its center.


Located on Chennai’s IT corridor, Sholinganallur is a newly developed residential hub. Thanks to its close proximity to other IT-based suburbs such as Perungudi, Siruseri and Taramani, most IT workers consider Sholinganallur the ideal place to be. Its young and diverse population attracts a wide variety of entertainment options like multicuisine restaurants, malls, cinema theatres, gaming centres, and bowling alleys. Restaurants like The Black Pearl and Sian in Sholinganallur also offer good options for a fine dining experience in the city. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Vadapalani is, in many ways, a reflection of most Chennaite mindset. Despite attracting scores of population to its Palani Andavar temple, the locality is also known for its film-studios and shopping malls. It seamlessly blends in modernism with history and culture. With easy connectivity and high-class amenities, Vadapalani is one of the most happening places in Chennai.

To say that we at Appaswamy are a part of the rich history of these places is both an honor and a pleasure. We’d like to take a moment to pay tribute to our humble home. Happy Madras Day everyone!