Tips to live longer

With medical advancement and progress in science, life expectancy has increased considerably. That being said, we are still in the pursuit of quality of life. Healthier habits lead to a healthier mind and body, thereby more happiness in life. Here are tips you can follow to significantly improve your days to come.

1. What’s in your glass?

Research says that you don’t have to put your coffee love down, it helps keep away heart and liver diseases. Drinking alcohol in moderation is also proven to be better than not touching the glass at all, especially as a deterrent to heart diseases. It’s good to remember anything in moderation never hurt anybody.

2. Watch your plate

Watching what you eat is possibly the most effective thing one can do to regulate long term health. Consume fruits and veggies of different colour palettes as this will mean a more wholesome intake of nutrients. It’s also said that a general moderation in eating habits and reasonable control of food portion improves digestive health. One would be surprised to know how much the gut plays a role in overall health and well being

3. Going outdoors

Vitamin D is nature’s gift to mankind, but make sure that you don’t overly expose yourself to the sun. The Sunshine Vitamin is good for the bones and helps keep away a lot of disorders. Too much exposure can lead to wrinkled skin and even, skin cancer. Fitness is a must if you want to improve your long term and short term health. Physical activity is key to metabolism and releases endorphins, thereby acting as a mood booster.

4. Talk to people

Humans are social animals, and the need to mentally and physically connect with people is an intrinsic need. A sense of belonging, touch and intellectual stimulation gives us a feeling of wellbeing. This deters the onset of psychological problems, Alzheimer’s and heart diseases.

5. Kick the butt

There are a slew of research studies that have been trying to convince people to quit smoking. Smoking can take way years from life and impact the quality of wellbeing. Passive smoking is no good and is more detrimental than one may think. It’s never too late because quitting smoking in your thirties can add about six to eight years to life.
There’s no denying that the smallest changes are the hardest decisions to keep. But the payoffs in terms of health and happiness are much more, even in the short run. Nothing can beat the feel good factor, of a promise kept to self.


Sunny side up

Summer’s almost moving away to give way to the cooler months to come. Should you still use sunscreen? Absolutely. The reason being, that sunscreen isn’t just applied to ward off tan and sunspots, but to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays that are harmful to health. You might think that cloudy days don’t warrant sunscreen, when in fact, ultraviolet rays are just as dangerous irrespective of the weather. Studies have shown that even Fluorescent bulbs, Tube lights and TVs emit harmful UV rays. With the ozone layer depleting, sunscreen is the best way to protect yourself.

These are just some perks of using a sunscreen

1. Prevents early aging

Using sunscreen can keep wrinkling and dryness at bay. This is because sunscreens contain collagen, keratin and elastin that tighten the skin layer, and keep it looking youthful. Children should also apply sunscreen before going out, to reduce the exposure of UV rays. Keep in mind that the sun can unduly increase melanin, which may cause various skin complications.
Image 1.1 (Stocksnap, Photographer Lesley B Juarez)

2. Protects from skin disorders

Pigmentation, red veins or sometimes Melanoma (a type of skin cancer) are the risks of overexposure to sun. Use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 (sun protection factor) to ensure safety from harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause damage, to the inner layer and outer layer, respectively. An average sunscreen should contain Titanium dioxide, Octyl methoxycinnamate. Avobenzone and Zinc Oxide.
Image 2.2 (Stocksnap, Photographer Jakob Owens)

3. Say goodbye to sunspots

Sunscreen serves as a protective layer to the skin. This is also a good measure against getting a tan, sunspots and sunburns. That being said, it’s always better to protect yourself from direct sun exposure.
Image 3 (Bloglovin, pinterest)

4. Doubles as a cosmetic

A sunscreen can also serve as a go-to cream. It helps retain elasticity of your skin and moisturises your face to give a healthy look. Some sunscreens come with a cream formula, that you can buy online here.
Image 4 (Amazon)

5. Protection for all skin types

Dry, Oil, Combination and the Normal- there’s a sunscreen for every skin type. Determine your skin type, so the right sunscreen will work well to give you a healthier skin. Make sure your sunscreen is SPF 15-30- SPF 15 can be used indoors, SPF30 can be used outside. SPF 50 offers the ultimate outdoor protection against both UVA and UVB rays to do away with skin damage and burns.
Image 5.1 Dry
Image5.2 (Oily)
Image 5.3 (Normal)

So pack your sunscreen, a nice hat and coolers to protect yourself from the sun!

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New Age Investors

As the popular Chinese proverb goes, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago and the second best time is now. The urgency to invest usually hits the younger generations at the most inopportune moment. So, it’s probably best to buck up and start investing sooner rather than later.
In a two-part series dedicated to young investors, we will focus on the two basic avenues of investing. This part will highlight investment opportunities in different types of real estate such as residential properties, commercial spaces and, industrial and retail areas.
Real estate has proven time and again that it is a safe path to wealth appreciation. Unfortunately, for the average investor in his 20’s the opportunities can seem overwhelming, leading to confusion and ultimately, procrastination. Now, we’re not saying that once the boat sets sail there’s no going back, but ideally, we would like for you to be first in line to board. And to help get you there, we’ve put together some facts and information.
The first thing to keep in mind, is that wealth appreciation may depend on market fluctuations, but rest assured of growth in the long run.
The obvious way to go about investing is to buy a plot of land or an apartment that will serve you for your lifetime. This is a good long-term plan because you not only gain an asset but have a retirement home waiting for you. However, there are better avenues of investment when it comes to the real estate market.
Here we will discuss the merits of investing in properties of a larger scope. These could include estates, warehouses and commercial spaces. Broadly speaking, these types of investments can generate regular income and provide significant tax benefits. The broad categories of returns on real estate investment are listed below:
Lease out the estate and earn periodical lump sums as rent. This is also known as ‘cash flow’ income as the returns refer to the consistent instalments of cash flow throughout the lease period, which may also be commensurate to the monthly mortgage instalments that may be payable, other than being a steady income made off the property.
Improvise and develop the estate to appreciate the value thereof before selling it off. This mode is also referred to as flipping the property.
Hold purchased estate for a suitable long period so that the raise in market value and economy will also result in appreciated sale price of the property.
Dividends earned out of the investments made in REITs and InvITs.
This is contingent to making enough profit, or returns, to cover the risk you take while investing in real estate.
In the second part of this series, we will discuss the different ways to invest in larger properties either as a whole or as part of REITs and InvITs – both highly rewarding avenues of real estate investment.

(Sh)Rug it off

Rugs are the modern piece de resistance in many homes. Innovating with rug patterns changes the whole vibe of a room, and what’s more? They can always be swapped out when you want a new look for your room.


Using natural fibers are a great way to stay eco-friendly and introduce a contemporary theme to a room. Jute is a popular option for a family room. As an affordable option, it keeps the floor nice and warm, but is also extremely durable in the face of many visitors. The great thing about jute carpets is that they come in different shades and designs, making it easy to revamp the look of a room.


The softest of rugs are made of cotton, woven to produce immaculate designs. The biggest advantage of these rugs are that they are soft on delicate skin making them perfect for a nursery or an elder’s room. While they might stain a little easier, they can be thrown in the washing machine for a quick spin, for a squeaky clean feeling.


Woolen rugs are the best of both worlds. They can be soft as clouds and yet as durable as a plastic. If you are ready to splurge on a gorgeous woolen rug, you could add a whole new dimension to the space where you entertain your guests. The best thing about woolen rugs is that they don’t easily absorb liquids making it easy to spot clean them.

Carpet Tiles

Trends are shifting towards carpet tiles, similar to those in hotels. These are effective against stains and easy to clean with just a vaccuum cleaner. Since tiling trends keep changing, carpet tiles are a great way to constantly update your home and spruce up your living space.


Have you considered hanging a persian rug on your wall? An antique frame and an intricately woven rug can add an air of regality to your home!

Navratri season

As we are edging closer to October, there’s a palpable mood of festivity in the air. Navaratri denotes the nine nights of this autumn festival, which celebrates the triumph of good over evil. In Chennai, deities of Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga assume importance among believers. Here’s a quick Navratri guide to make the best of the celebrations in your city.

1. Golu galore

Chettiyar bobble heads, animals, birds, and miniature folklore settings of varying sizes, sit amongst Gods and Godesses on the Golu Padi. It is a curious arrangement of revering the everyday and the divine by placing these dolls on anywhere between 3 to even 11 ‘steps’ or horizontal structures meant for display. This is a fun way to involve kids in making the festival fun and, maybe even creating your own miniature ‘park’ with mustard and coriander seeds. Oh did we mention, there are Golu competitions in the city, notably in Express Avenue Mall. You can buy Golu bommais (dolls) online from here

2. Of Sarees and Sundals

The arrangement of Golu in individual houses leads to a celebration of this act by inviting friends and family home to share cups of sundal (chickpea), over musings and appreciate of the Golu setting. It is common sight to see overworked tailors in the days running up to the festival. Women can be seen wearing their sartorial best and bedecked in pretty jewellery. If you happen to get invited to a Golu, be prepared to be cajoled into singing a little something.

3. Culture Quotient

The city comes alive with spectacles of singing, dancing and drama. Make sure you catch the ongoing ‘Navaratri Music Festival’ at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in East Mada Street, Mylapore which is on till the end of this month. Watch out for events that may happen in the Music Academy on TTK road and other auditoriums, details of which are published in the events section of the daily paper.

4. Exhibitions and Dandiya nights

If you are looking to experience a little flavour of the North Indian merrymaking of this festival. Head to any one of the many Garbha dance events that are happening in the city A pair of Dandiya sticks never hurt anybody, or have they! For details on pop up exhibitions and shopping click here
We can’t wait for the Navaratri revelry, and we’re sure you can’t either. There is something special for everyone. The believers, the ones with a penchant for exploring the local culture and of course, the Chennaiite who is time and again surprised by what the city has to offer. Do let us know how you think we should celebrate the festival!

The Hindu newspaper 18/9/2017 (Events Section)

Luxury for Less

You can make your home into a luxurious retreat without breaking the bank. Luxury is a matter of style and sensibility, not so much about expensive décor and fixtures. There are a multitude of options you can use to achieve that desired look for your home at an economical scale. When it comes to brass tacks, keep in mind that coordinating space is everything. Here are some steps to get you started:


Lighting and colour is everything. Past the entryway, your hall gives an immediate impression. You can start with a shoe rack with a cushion seat for comfort, like this one here ( Indoor plants improve the aesthetic sensibilities of any place. Make sure the curtains are complementary to the furniture colour. Lighter colour tones are visually more pleasing. If you have a décor you want to show off, consider buying wall panels such as this one (, to highlight it.

Kitchen and Dining

You don’t have to have a modular kitchen to make the space look luxurious. Decide what’s going to be on display and what’s not. If you have a kitchen leading to a dining space, make sure the spaces are in harmony with each other. Mosaics and tiles ( are your best friends in designing your kitchen wall. If you want the wooden finish, opt for veneer panels to give the desired look. Avoid anything plastic on your dining table as it might look too kitschy, if the rest of your house is done up in luxe. It helps if the dining table has a similar tone as your kitchen panels. A cosy overhead lighting can cast a warm glow for those fancy dinner evenings.


This is the ultimate statement of luxury. Bathrooms are a space for relaxing and unwinding, so make sure the aesthetics are in accordance with your personal taste. Scented candles in lavender and rose are commonly preferred for a sense of wellbeing. Colour coordinated bathroom accessories are available online (, which can give a visual harmony in this space. Spider plants require very little sunlight, so go ahead place them in a corner of your bathroom. Also, mirrors are always a good idea.


Fancy cushions are the ultimate go to accessory in comfort and style. Install lights that are pleasing to the eye and, bright enough to not make the room look too drab. Vanity lights at the dresser can turn the luxury quotient up a couple of notches. When it comes to tapestry, comfort is as important as colour is. Canopy curtains for the bed are a classic way to spruce up the room. (

Luxury is more than just the physical elements, form has to be guided by utility and function for you to feel truly luxurious. There are no rules to luxury, make sure you like what you’re seeing. Share with us your home makeover stories in the comments box, below.


10 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Look Like A Luxury Hotel

No more excuses for skipping your daily workout!

It’s quite strange how we always have time for our TV shows but never enough time to hit the gym. We find a more pressing task at hand or we’re simply too exhausted after a long day at work.
Extensive studies such as this, this and this have successfully linked exercise to better mental health, prolonged life and reduced susceptibility to conditions such as blood pressure, coronary heart disease and even rheumatism.
With so much literature available on the internet, isn’t it time to stop talking and start doing?
Here are some great ways to engage in physical activity from the comfort of your apartment. Surprisingly, a lot can be done with your bodyweight, a yoga mat and a couple of dumbbells!
Body Physics
It’s important to understand your body to have a rewarding experience while working out. For example, if you have a bad knee, you don’t want to be putting too much strain on it.
The best place to begin is with your core – or as gym freaks call it – abs. The holy grail of the ultimate body image is a six-pack, but remember that you can still be fit without defined abdominal muscles.
Go the Yogi Way
If you’re someone who likes to keep things calm, indulge in some morning yoga. The staple exercise regimen of our ancestors has profound benefits for an overall healthier lifestyle. Begin your morning on an empty stomach, with some simple breathing exercises as shown below. Remember to keep your abs engaged as you work through the routine. This video also has a quick introduction to pranayamam or the “control of breath”

Once you are comfortable with this daily morning routine, advance further into yoga poses. The science behind yoga is truly fascinating and if you keep at it long enough, you’ll see tremendous improvement in your life.
For the Hard Hitters
If you’re the type of person that trusts in the sanctity of a gymnasium, but just can’t seem to make it to one, there’s hope for you yet. With a set of dumbbells, you can create and follow any regimen you want!
Look the internet for inspiration on this one because the important thing is to keep yourself interested in exercising. Find a new routine every week to keep yourself on your toes. The hundreds of fitness trainers online put out lots of information for you to digest. However, a word of caution. Check with your physician before you consume any supplements that online trainers suggest.
There are many effective, scientifically proven exercise methods ranging from the 7-minute daily workout to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), both of which you can do from the comfort of your home!
So, what’s your excuse? Got none? That’s what we thought.

Laidback Luxury

Style sensibilities in furniture have evolved over time. This has opened doors to designs from different cultures, that are available in the market across budgets. It means that one doesn’t have to cling on to conventional ideas about ostentatious luxury. Luxury today has come to mean understated comfort. Utility driven furniture is more comfortable than the lavish piece that demands excessive care- which can get quite tedious. It is perhaps about the charm that a piece of furniture exudes, in being beautiful, yet practical.

Here are few finds from the internet, to inspire you to explore practical luxury.

1. Sofa


Rethink seating in your living room. It doesn’t have to be something right off glitzy luxury magazines. Consider a colourful Futon or if you’re into handicrafts, a bamboo furniture set will add character to the space. You can buy interesting sofas online from here

2. Dining table


Lightweight dining tables give you more space to move around and experiment. It’s practical and suited to urban lifestyle. Engineered wood, plywood or even tables made of polypropylene are practical options if you find yourself relocating often or if you’re looking for compact furniture that won’t crowd the space. Buy tables online from here

3. Balcony furniture


An outdoor lounge chaise is a laidback statement of luxurious living. Imagine lazy afternoons and sunsets, spent lounging about and sipping your cuppa. You can buy appropriate outdoor recliners or wicker chairs to suit your balcony or verandah. Make sure it’s a piece that’ll last through the seasons. You can check out balcony furniture here

4. Bed


Your bed is your refuge at the end of a tiring day or on lazy Sundays. So make sure it’s comfortable in all its fluffy glory. With the right mattress, and snug sheets that feel good against the skin, you could create the perfect resting retreat. Get a comfy and durable bed online from here

5. Table


Work is worship. So is painting, writing to-do lists, watching movies and everything else that you do on your study table. Get yourself a study table that is movable and ergonomically sound so that your everyday activities become more comfortable. You can buy functional study tables online from here>%20Study%20Tables&gclid=CjwKCAjw9O3NBRB3EiwAK6wPT5q5NK3iT8IZlAnKZJqNsZGA0KkrMwk_qag2lHlZaGi4owJlwA1LVxoCX_sQAvD_BwE

These are just some pointers to get you started on your journey to styling your home, in a way that makes functionality look good. Your material space is an extension of your being, so live well.


A rustic bedside table for the ages

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait…

Have you been waiting for that magical transformation? Do you want your bedroom to look creative, yet refined? Do you crave the trendy styles that pop out from every lifestyle magazine you come across? Well, perhaps it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Literally.

Carefully placed picture frames can be just as effective as a neon sign above your headboard when you’re trying to be minimalistic chic. Neutral tones should be the underlying theme of your bedroom. If you wish to add some colour to the walls, keep hues of pastel variation to maintain the cool tone. The science behind cool toned rooms shows strong connections to a less stressful life and overall positive personality.

Of course, you wouldn’t want your room to look like a museum and that’s why you must include elements of surprise – scattered through the space. Trends have shifted towards rustic elements to give a room more character. Ideas range from gilded frames to a single filament bulb over your side table.

Side tables are an important part of the bedroom, and so they must have clean surfaces, be high enough to comfortably reach from bed and preferable offer storage space. We came across this brilliant DIY that takes all of two hours to make and requires simple supplies that you can find at any hardware store. The finished product is a chic, functional night stand that looks like it’s been bought at a store!

All the information you need is right in this video. Keep on watching!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you’ve got any other great tips or DIY options to share with our readers, let us know in the comments below.


Storage tips- Make more of less

We would like to believe that we’re doing the best we can between tucking away the excess, and maintaining the aesthetics of our homes. There are inventive solutions in the market, such as beds with sliding cupboards and kitchen cabinets with clever folding doors. Having said that, the art of tidying up is not new and there are ways to clean up even the messiest of rooms. Here are tips to get you started.

Tip 1 Throw out the old to make way for the new

Before you start rearranging your home, make sure you’re not storing things that are unnecessary. Hoarding is a bad habit, which over time can lead to cluttered space and frustration. As for items of nostalgia, try the KonMari method. Throw out anything ‘that doesn’t spark joy’.

Tip 2 Arrange your wardrobe

Many of us are guilty of having a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear. This probably happens because one tends to allot a single space for clothes. Instead, store your clothes by frequency of their usage. Your wardrobe could have clothes you wear daily or those suited to your lifestyle. Clothes that you’d wear on rare occasions and winter wear can be folded away and kept in a loft or suitcase. Make sure you have a system of identifying what is stored where. Sticky notes could help identify what’s inside a certain box

Tip 3 Storages don’t have to be boring

So you’re living in a studio apartment or a smaller home. This just means that you have more innovative ways to store your stuff. Consider a wicker basket with a lid, a vintage style trunk ( or a fancy cabinet to store your things. A wicker basket could hold your laundry, so it doesn’t appear unsightly and clothes don’t get musty. A trunk can be used to store things inside and can also serve as décor. Wall hangings are also a neat option, rooted in Indian aesthetic to store things handy.

Tip 4 Refashion

If you refashion or find inventive ways to use existing items at home, you’ll save a lot on your bills too. Closed shoe racks can double as spaces to stack newspapers on or even hold a small plant as an air purifying, indoor décor. Anything at home, tin cans for example, can be used as storage spaces for pens or other small items.

Tip 5 Floating shelves

This is especially useful in smaller spaces where you can use walls or corner spaces for storage. Make sure it’s at a height where you don’t hurt your head and at a setting that is safe, if you have kids. You can store important items or even make use of this space for books. You can find buy these shelves online from here and here.,

There are many inventive solutions to a better storage. Small spaces don’t have to be a constraint for a clutter free living. Jugaad is now a contemporary Indian term used to refer to an ‘innovative hack or fix’. All one has to do have target and designate spaces for storage. One weekend cleaning can solve the physical and mental clutter of your days to come.