Top-of-the-line amenities with a side of family

The thought of Indian festivals immediately conjures up images of vivid colours, traditional attires, heaps of good food, and family. At Appaswamy’s gated communities, we return to our roots during every festive season. Neighbours become family, food and laughter flow freely, and communal harmony is in the air.

Organization simplified

We have all been part of WhatsApp groups created to coordinate event plans. And we’ve all felt the exasperation that comes with finalizing the events, timings and venue. In Appaswamy’s gated communities, your special events are in safe hands. The Resident Association takes care of all the necessary planning so you and your loved ones can simply enjoy the festivities without getting caught up in the details. All you have to do is show up, and maybe bring dessert (because who can say no to something sweet).  

Venue dilemma 

All our gated communities have several spaces for residents to come together and celebrate. Our banquet halls also have kitchens to eclectically display all the delicacies. This makes them the perfect backdrop for a good time with a ridiculously short commute. Our gated communities have all the makings of a perfect festive day – start off with a private puja at home, and meet up for joint community celebrations. You can unwind later in the day at our community pool, or catch up on your favourite movies at the private theatre.

Party doesn’t have to end 

“At Prime Terrace, we had a beautiful and like-minded community as dear to us as our own family. Everyone had a gala time, particularly during festivals like Diwali and Navratri when people came together to participate in skits and dance parties”, shares Ms. Rajeshwari, a homeowner at Splendour.

The party isn’t over when the celebrations end though! With your friends literally a door away, you can continue the festivities well into the night.

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Start Your Happily Ever After at Clover By The River

Your first home as newlyweds will always be close to your heart! And Clover By The River is the perfect apartment to start your new life. Don’t believe us? Read on and allow us to paint a picture of your future in these 2BHK flats in Chennai.

All The Space You Need

The celebrations continue long after the wedding. But, whether you’re throwing a killer housewarming party with all your friends or a chill afternoon soiree with close family, your Clover apartment has the space for it. As the perfect home for newlyweds, these 2BHK are 1,220 sq. ft. and larger. On the other hand, average 2BHK flats in Chennai are typically between 700 and 1000 sq ft. Thus, you each get the space you deserve. The extra space also means there’s more room for both your belongings. You don’t have to play Tetris with your furniture or wardrobe.

Learn new skills together

Which type of a couple are you? The kind that would be each other’s fitness partners or rivals who push each other to become better on the badminton court? Or perhaps, you’re the kind that loves to chill out on the balcony with books, music and a steaming hot cuppa. Haven’t decided yet? Explore Clover and you’ll find out. Even activities outside your comfort zone could turn into wonderful memories when you are together.

Reduced Responsibilities

Don’t let household chores and maintenance cause a snag in your relationship. At Clover, you don’t have to worry about replacing cooking gas cylinders ever again. The reticulated gas system maintained by the property association ensures you will never run out of fuel to cook every delicacy your heart desires. Each apartment even comes fitted with a digital water meter which sends alerts about leakages and the apartment help desk can fix it for you.

A Happening Social Life

When apartments in Chennai come with a private theatre, banquet halls, a futsal court, a badminton court, and a packed clubhouse, there’s never a dull moment at home. Clover is also minutes away from the Madras Boat Club, the Birla Planetarium, and the Guindy National Park. The neighbourhood also has many snooker and pool joints, themed cafes, and multi-cuisine restaurants. Right down the street from Clover is the bicycle-themed Ciclo Cafe whose Banoffee Pie and Chocolate Fudge Cake can make mouths water from a mile away.

So, those are just a few reasons why we think a home like an apartment at Clover By The River could make your newly married life truly wonderful. Ready to live here? Give us a call at 8056167373.

Seniors deserve a Capella Home for their golden years!

Nestled in Vadapalani, one of the busiest parts of the city, is a crown jewel of the Appaswamy catalog – Capella. Fully equipped with top-of-the-line amenities, this property is ideal for wholesome family living. This International Day for Older Persons, take a look at what a home designed with elders in mind looks like, with Capella as a prime example. 

Always putting security first 

The safety and security of your family are paramount when you have elders at home, and our team goes the extra mile to ensure convenience. The bathrooms and balcony are fitted with anti-skid tiles and, upon request, we can do the same for other areas of the home as well. Since it is crucial that elders remain as independent as possible – we can also partially customise some areas of the house and kitchen to suit their needs. For example, repositioning entryways for easier access. 

Rest assured elders are completely safe even when you are away at work. The apartment comes with 24/7 security stationed at every entry and exit point of the campus, as well as round-the-clock CCTV surveillance. To top it off, each apartment comes fully equipped with video intercom facilities, so only trusted friends and family are allowed inside the premises. 

Dash of nature in a concrete jungle

When our mornings start right, the rest of the day follows suit. This is why each floor of Capella comes with a cosy east-facing landscaped garden where elders can catch the sunrise or enjoy evening tea. These spaces have been creatively designed to remain cool, particularly in the evenings. So, families can gather in this cosy space without having to make their way to the ground level every time. 

Elders can also unleash their green thumb and grow their own produce as the two blocks have a dedicated terrace garden available for residents to use. Not only is this a great way to get some much needed Vitamin D, but it is also a great way to bond with other residents. 

Why should kids have all the fun? 

All of our properties are built to enable better community bonding and foster deep neighbourly bonds. The banquet hall becomes the ‘It’ spot for all community functions, festive occasions and all other social events. At Capella, we have a rooftop amphitheatre that is wheelchair accessible so elders don’t have to miss a gathering ever again! Alongside this is a netted basketball court and children play area which allows elders to watch over the little ones in utter comfort.

Come find the perfect home for your family in these flats for sale in Vadapalani.
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The Real Estate Preferences Of Home Buyers in This New Normal

After spending the larger part of the past two years at home, the value of personal space has increased by leaps and bounds. According to Knight Frank’s research on India’s real estate industry, there is a significant change in homebuyers’ preferences due to the pandemic. Restricted mobility has increased the emphasis on the ‘need for more green and open spaces’.

Balance contemporary life with nature

PropTiger’s study concludes that unlike the era prior to the pandemic, 45% of sales in 2020 are in the 45 lakh price segment. Spacious properties are trending right now, with most homeowners considering open spaces such as private decks or balconies an absolute ‘must-have’ in their apartment complex. Appaswamy’s properties in Chennai, such as Capella, come with an extra touch of nature in the form of rooftop gardens or landscaped gardens.

Counteract Work-From-Home Culture

Over the past year and a half, many realised that working from the couch or bed is unsustainable, and leads to bad posture and lifestyle disorders. The demand for additional space also comes with a need for flexible home layouts that are customised as needed by the family. Thus, the guest bedroom could easily become a private workspace if needed.

Exercising options

With healthy living becoming a top priority in our lives, most of the population is looking to consciously make better lifestyle choices. Thus, builders in Chennai are developing properties with a built-in gym. To take this a few leagues further, we provided the residents of Capella with alternative fitness options as well. People who prefer light exercise can take a walk around the landscaped garden. Sports enthusiasts have a basketball court on the terrace. One can also take laps around the swimming pool.

How has spending the past year and a half reshaped the way you feel about your home? Do you agree with this general consensus about shifting home requirements? Comment and let us know your thoughts.

Life Gets Interesting When You Live at Vadapalani

Flats in Vadapalani bring you closer to your type of people, no matter where you fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum. Here are a few ways in which this neighbourhood can make life easier and more interesting for you.

For the Introverts

Each gated community here is a self-contained world of its own. For instance, at Capella, we’ve got fitness centers, an indoor game room, elegant banquet halls, and much more. So, if you are an introvert with a tight-knit group, looking to have some laid-back fun, you never have to stray too far to have a good time. 

Flats in Vadapalani are a stone’s throw away from the world-class Forum Mall. Here, you can find everything from everyday essentials to bespoke accessories. Spend hours exploring stores stocked with all your favourite things during your monthly family shopping trip.

For the Extroverts

The Forum Vijaya Mall is more than a shopping center. Whether it’s an exciting contest with a huge giveaway, or a concert featuring top artists, every weekend is a gala affair here. The nearby Chandra Mall is also known to occasionally host K-Pop related events, particularly when INOX is premiering movies like ‘BTS – Break The Silence’.

Vadapalani is also a must-visit hub for foodies. When you crave South Indian delicacies, hit up Junior Kuppanna or Dosa & Co. For days when you’re feeling adventurous, head over to Beijing Bites or Kuuraku and taste the flavours of East Asia.

If you’re looking to strengthen your friendships, look no further than the Cricket Academy at Meenakshi College. But, if cricket is not your thing, don’t worry. Flats for sale in Chennai within gated communities, come with access to facilities such as jogging tracks. At Capella, we’ve even got a basketball court for our homeowners.

For the Ambiverts

Ambiverts, we understand you may not always want a huge crowd. Vadapalani has something for you as well. Sneak a peek behind the silver screen and geek out over Kollywood history at India’s oldest surviving film studio till date! You could head out on your own or with a group of close friends and take a tour of AVM studios. 

Vadapalani’s gated communities are also a treasure trove of hyper-local bands and musicians who often band together in a similar fashion to the popular ‘‘Motta Maadi Music’. Jam along to universally loved tracks at your landscaped gardens or rooftops.

That’s a quick round-up of the ways Vadapalani makes life interesting. Do you have a favourite activity that we missed? Comment below and let us know.

To know more about Capella or schedule a visit to our model apartments in Chennai, call 91 80562 08787.


Top 4 Expensive Mistakes That First-Time Home Buyers Should Avoid

Buying the perfect home is the culmination of years of hard work and careful financial planning. Thus, it is imperative that you choose the right property. In this blog, we highlight the four key critical mistakes that first-time home buyers must avoid while considering buying a new home.

Not have a clear budget

Ever been house shopping and found a place just as you imagined your dream home, only to find that it was not within your budget? Residential dwellings range from affordable and mid-range, to ultra-luxe properties. Having a clear budget in mind and sharing this information with your realtor could save you heartache and shattered expectations. It could also stop you from overextending yourself and putting a strain on your finances.

Ignoring critical factors

A good home is only going to cost you once, but a bad one often comes with new and unexpected expenses. When buying a house that was previously owned or occupied by others, checking the wear and tear could save you thousands in maintenance costs. A few other factors to consider are lighting, ventilation, electrical wiring and plumbing, as well as waterproofing of the roof.

Falling into the trap of discounts

Everybody loves a good bargain, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of a good home. Question the motive behind freebies and discounts. If the price sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is. Instead, opt for trustworthy builders in Chennai who offer a better quality of life for you and your loved ones.

Not preparing for the future

Unlike single-use or short-term products, a home is an investment you will keep for decades. Therefore it is best to consider your future requirements. If this home is to become your primary place of residence, then ensure there is enough room for your family to expand. For a rental property, consider factors such as easily customizable interiors, luxury amenities, easy connectivity to the rest of the city, proximity to schools, colleges and hospitals. These could help you attract tenants on the lookout for rental apartments in Chennai.

Those are the top 4 common mistakes that first-time home buyers make. Would you like to learn more about compromises to avoid while buying your next house? We’ve got a blog on that as well.

Upping the Ante On Luxury Through Our Apartment Amenities

Luxury is all about convenience, choice, and control. This is the motto that our late founder, Mr. Appaswamy, weaved into the fabric of our business. He was one of the few builders in Chennai to include apartment amenities such as swimming pools – a game-changing feature – as early as 60 years ago. Today, we continue to provide our homeowners a life of utmost comfort. Lately, we’ve upped the ante a notch in our latest luxury properties.

Clover By The River

In this tranquil neighbourhood, we envisioned a serene life for our homeowners seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. 70% of the property has been cordoned off for lush outdoor spaces where one can unwind amidst nature. With the peaceful world of Clover, homeowners have everything they need to focus on their well-being. Tree-lined walking tracks cover the perimeter of this property and beautifully landscaped gardens are perfect for ones who prefer less strenuous exercise such as yoga. There is also a full-time, in-house professional trainer for those who wish to take up weight or strength training in the fully-equipped, air-conditioned gym.

Azure The Oceanic

Azure’s premium apartments in Chennai are designed for those who wish to experience the pinnacle of life. Here, homeowners can begin their mornings with a light Surya Namaskara sequence at the Seashell Pavilion. It is an experience of a lifetime to catch the sunrise over the Bay of Bengal as the sea breeze caresses your face. Azure homeowners can also catch the endless ocean view from the Olympic-sized outdoor infinity pool available within the clubhouse. It also comes with a kid’s paddle pool, so you can train your future champions here.

And for utmost privacy, each apartment is accessed through a private elevator that takes homeowners directly into their apartment. After all, fumbling around for your keys is not for the elite. The apartments also come with private patios to enjoy the panoramic view, and each Sky Mansion and Sky Estate even comes with a private swimming pool on the terrace.


Altezza, our new apartment in OMR, is the pinnacle of our exploration into luxury yet. Here, we gave our homeowners a green oasis amid the concrete jungle. Sky Parks are a part of every floor of the property’s three towers. People can hike through them to the terrace garden. The Sky Parks also double as beautiful spaces to connect with neighbours across multiple floors. Apartment amenities for urban farming, composting, rainwater harvesting, and waste-water treatment enable homeowners to lead a sustainable life with ease. Since OMR is a place of diversity with people from across the globe, we’ve included guest rooms on the property for any visiting family and friends.

The Sphere, a spectacular lounge on the fortieth floor of the tallest tower in Altezza, is our best feature within the property! It comes with private meeting spaces for those who like to work from home, a bar counter and a billiards table for those who like to socialize, a fully-stocked library, and more! We’ve even got a telescope here. Our homeowners can enjoy a crystal clear view of the milky way even from the city! 

If you’d like to know more about each of these projects, please feel free to schedule a visit to our model apartments at any time.

Clover By The River: +91 80561 67373

Azure The Oceanic: +91 73585 41160

Altezza: +91 80560 06033

A Progress Update on Azure and Clover

Our ongoing projects are approaching the finish line and we can’t wait to showcase them to our homeowners. Our teams at each Appaswamy property have made miracles happen by ensuring our projects stay on track despite the pandemic and ensuing restrictions. Here’s a quick status update on two of our key properties in Chennai that are almost ready for move-in day.

Azure The Oceanic

Azure homeowners, you are the kings and queens of this world. Soon, you’ll have the view to match. We’re finishing up with the final touches at this prestigious property in Santhome overlooking the sandy bays of Marina. Construction work of the amenities, clubhouse and the Seashell Pavillion is nearly complete. Shipments of wood have arrived from Italy and are being shaped into front doors. Likewise, the custom-designed console table and Canti-Lever bench are here straight from the workshops of the Spanish manufacturer, Mobilfresno. We’re excited to say that a number of apartments are nearly ready for handover! All that’s left is for you to pick up your keys.

Clover By The River

For Clover By The River, we’re in the final leg of the race against the clock. Our team has put down a strong foundation and erected the structure for all four towers within the property. The project is currently undergoing internal work such as electrical fitting, plumbing and other essential living fixtures. Amenities and common areas such as the badminton court, futsal court, private theatre, and banquet halls are under construction as well. 

Do you want in on this action?

If you are looking for a tranquil home at the heart of the city, overlooking the winding river and surrounded by nature on all sides, then come check out our model apartments. 

To schedule an appointment, call:

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Clover By The River: +91 80561 67373 

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A peek at life in Clover

Clover By The River in Kotturpuram immerses you in an utterly quiescent world abundant with natural and man-made luxury. Allow us to show you a sneak peek of your future days at these verdant flats in Chennai.

Starting the day in tranquil repose

As the first rays of sunlight trickle into your apartment, you roll out from under the covers, ready to start the day. The marble floors feel cool beneath your bare feet as you make your way to the kitchen and brew yourself the first cup of coffee for the day. Today, your father beat you to it and has a mug ready for you.

4BHK, Clover By The River, Kotturpuram

Both of you settle down on the patio. For a brief moment, the world is painted in gold as the morning sun makes its way up the horizon. Birdsong fills the air and the world slowly wakes up. As you savour each sip and soak in the picturesque views of the Adyar estuary below. Your father flips open the morning newspaper. Soon after, both of you head downstairs to kickstart your morning with some exercise. 

4BHK, Clover By The River, Kotturpuram

You join your jogging buddies for a brisk walk around the track before heading to the fitness centre. Trees lined on either side of the jogging tracks provide ample shade during your lap around the property. But, you still can’t help relishing the cool air-conditioned air at the gym. 

After you sweat it out at the gym, it’s time to head back home. The sizzle of oil hitting the pan and the mouth-watering aroma of masala dosas invite you in. The rest of the family is up and the home is bustling in a rush to get the day started. But first, you need a shower. You step into the glass enclosure in your en-suite bathroom. The body jets and rain shower work like magic on your sore muscles. 

Maintain work-life balance

Once everyone wolfs down their breakfast and you clear the plates, it’s time to take the kids to school. Located at the heart of the city, your new Clover home is barely 15 mins away. As a bonus, you get to chat with the girls without the chaos of traffic. 

With the kids safely at school, you come home for a day packed with meetings. To avoid post-lunch drowsiness, you decide to have a walking meeting and head back down to the jogging track while still on your phone.

Returning to the embrace of comfort

During the evening school run, you stop by Ciclo Cafe to pick up your partner’s favourite dessert and continue home from there. Your parents have taken their regular spot by the balcony to enjoy the light sea breeze with a cup of chai and Ilayaraja’s golden hits. 

The girls squabble over their evening plans. The youngest wants to head to the clubhouse and play her new favourite game – table tennis. However, the older sister is keen to catch the sequel of her favourite Pixar movie at the private theatre. As a compromise, you propose a game of badminton between the family and book the theatre for the movie for the weekend. Then it’s time for homework and bed.

Booked for the Weekend

The weekend arrives with a flurry of invitations to local events. There is a futsal championship between the teenagers in the property, and the fitness group is hosting a yoga workshop at the fitness centre. Your neighbours are celebrating the success of their visa application to emigrate to Canada by throwing a party at the banquet halls.

Did we describe your dream life? Then what are you waiting for? Come visit us at Kottturpuram and check out these brand new flats for sale in Chennai.

An essential guide to throwing the perfect housewarming party

Once you’ve moved into your brand new home and all your belongings have found their perfect spot, it’s time to celebrate! Invite your loved ones and show off this brand new space with a phenomenal housewarming party.

Here are a few ideas we’ve got to get you brainstorming!

Accommodating the new normal 

As the pandemic continues, it is best to take things slow. Be intentional with the guest list and invite just a handful of people at a time. If you are part of a large family or have an extended group of friends, consider spreading the joy across multiple days with different sets of people. For example, dedicate a weekend for your family members and the next one for friends and neighbours.

Make sure to invite everyone a few weeks in advance so guests can confirm their attendance. This way, you’ll have an exact headcount for D-day and prepare necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. 

If you’d like to go the extra mile, then schedule a video calling session with friends and family who live outside your city or abroad. You could even go with the trend and vlog your day for everyone to see.

Cooking up a menu

A smaller guest list gives you more scope to experiment with the food. A dinner party can be an elaborate buffet with multiple cuisines such as South Indian classics, well-loved continental flavours or even a few East Asian-inspired dishes. On the other hand, an afternoon soiree could be as simple as an assortment of appetizers and delicious mocktails. You could experiment with different cuisines here as well. The menu could have chaats like samosas and masala vada, or you could take the Mexican route with nachos, tortilla chips and ceviche. You could indulge your sweet tooth with an array of mini cupcakes, cheesecake bites, miniature tarts and dessert cups.

Are you not one for an elaborate meal? Fret not! A well-organized potluck never goes out of style. Assign categories of food to the guests, plan for smaller portions and have plenty of drinks to go around. Voila! Your housewarming meal is a resounding success.

Getting creative

Since get-togethers have become such a rarity, such celebrations are crucial bonding moments. Break out the craft supplies and start the DIY-a-thon. From dream-catchers to custom artworks, the possibilities are simply endless. You could even break away from the monotony of your four walls and attempt to paint Plein-air. In some apartments in Chennai, you can set up workstations in the gardens with prior permission from the apartment association. The artwork can also be a sweet souvenir for the guest to take home.

Making the most of the spaces

Even with a spacious home, hosting 10-20 guests can feel like a tight fit. So you might have to think beyond four walls. Take advantage of the recreational spaces such as rooftop or banquet halls available in your apartment complex. You could host a small picnic in the landscaped garden while any kids in your party could also enjoy the time at the playground. The Clubhouse would be perfect for an evening of board games. Appaswamy’s flats for sale in Chennai even come with private theatres where you could tailor the movie experience – a feel-good moment with your family or a haunted time with friends.

What are some of your quirky ideas for a housewarming party? DM and let us know.