4 Reasons Why Women Should Start Investing in Real Estate ASAP!

woman home buyer

Have you ever felt that subjects such as finance and real estate are men’s domain? According to this study by Fidelity Investments, you are not alone. Only 29% of women see themselves as investors, and less than one in four ladies are comfortable with their knowledge of investing. However, a women home buyer can actually enjoy many benefits by investing in apartments in Chennai.

In an effort to make the process a little easier to navigate, we have compiled a few points that highlight the benefits of investing in real estate as a woman home buyer.

Home loans at lower rates

As this Hindu article suggests, women are believed to have a better track record of repaying their loans. This makes them favoured candidates across banks. Most financial institutions offer a special concession of 0.05% to 1%  to encourage ladies to invest in properties and buy new homes. 

Tax benefits on home loans 

Indian law makers, in an effort to encourage more women to invest in real estate, have packed home loans with a multitude of tax benefits, one of which is a tax rebate. Under the Income Tax Act, interest paid for property bought by a woman is eligible for tax deduction while filing income tax returns. The law allows ladies to claim deductions of upto a whopping INR 3.5 lakhs! Female owners are also eligible to claim depreciation on property. But it doesn’t end with just that, co-applicants can enjoy these benefits too, encouraging joint ownership with women. 

Benefits under PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana)

The PMAY-Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme is an initiative by the Government of India which provides affordable housing to the urban poor with a target number of 2 Crore houses by 31st March, 2022. The scheme offers a subsidy of up to INR 2.6 lakhs with lower interest rates. 

And the benefits don’t stop there! If you’d prefer to invest alongside your partner, then you definitely have to check out this Act! This act was drafted to encourage female co-owners and requires at least one woman member registered as the owner of the new house. 

Stamp duty concession on the registered property

The benefits for female investors start right from the beginning of the investment process. They enjoy lower stamp duty charges (a charge that the buyer has to pay, in order to get the property registered in the government’s records). For instance, in Delhi, women homebuyers only pay 4% of the property value as stamp duty as opposed to the general 6% charge. 

These benefits only form the tip of the iceberg. The government, society, and builders alike have opened several avenues to make real estate a worthy investment for women. Embark on the journey of real estate investments and revel in the benefits for a woman home buyer


Be a proud homeowner today, with Appaswamy’s apartments for sale in Chennai!

Laying the foundation to sustainable living inside and out!

Buildings and construction are major contributors to the growing carbon footprint in the world. However, since they are a necessity and aid development, it is absolutely crucial that we try and make a conscious effort to reduce our contribution.

That’s why, while designing Altezza, our premium apartments in Chennai, our intention was to give you beautiful homes enveloped by nature, yet don’t take away from it. 

‘Green’ cement

We’ve spent the last 60 years building forever homes in the real estate industry, and make it a point to keep ourselves up to date with the latest developments in sustainable construction to reduce our carbon footprint. We conducted an inspection of materials that are major carbon contributors and materials that are required most for construction, and one name topped both charts – cement! We resolved to tackle this first and come out the gates with a swing before we moved on to other sustainable practices.

Cement is an important ingredient in concrete, the lifeblood of any construction project. Producing it for concrete uses a great deal of energy, which is why we set out to find green alternatives to cement. For a truly sustainable lifestyle, at Altezza, we decided to bring down the use of cement by replacing regular red bricks with Aerocon blocks. Aerocon blocks are 8 times larger than bricks, need relatively less cement, and cause less material wastage, making them an Appaswamy favourite!

While this is one of the solutions we came up with to limit our carbon footprint, it doesn’t end here. There are several other eco-friendly materials that can substitute cement in concrete for a better and greener space. Here are some of them:

Silica Fume

Ever thought that a by-product of the very hazardous silicon metal could become a green substitute for cement? Silica fume is often added to the concrete as a partial replacement for cement. Because of its chemical and physical structure, it can improve the strength of concrete and reduce porosity, making it highly durable. Since it is a by-product, there is no additional production wastage or carbon emission, and its use in construction reduces the amount of silica fume being released into the atmosphere. A win-win indeed!


Metakaolin is probably the most useful pozzolanic material used in concrete. This means it increases durability, reduces cost, and reduces pollution without significantly altering the final compressive strength or other performance characteristics of concrete. As a naturally produced material, metakaolin does not release pollutants, unlike traditional cement, making it one of the most sought-after materials by builders who aim at reducing carbon emissions. 

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Another sought-after green substitute is GGBS – Ground-granulated blast-furnace slag. It is obtained from molten iron slag which is a by-product of iron and steel-making. The benefit of using GGBS over cement is that you can achieve optimum strength of concrete with only 30% of GGBS in terms of volume of cement required.  Apart from that, its eco-friendly properties like reduced energy, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced use of raw materials make it highly favoured in sustainable construction. 

While these green alternatives to cement reduce the production of cement and can cut down carbon emissions quite a bit, it’s just the tip of the iceberg! Appaswamy keeps looking for innovative ways to contribute to the environment and to give you eco-friendly and sustainable properties in Chennai.

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Home Gardens More Sustainable

Now more than ever, our society has grown to become more conscious about our living spaces. We seek out ways to make the sustainability of our planet an everyday part of our lifestyle. One such way is by creating gardens at our own home. Home gardens are definitely the right way forward, but just like in every other aspect of life, there is always room for improved sustainability efforts here as well. Below are a few ways you can maintain a sustainable garden from the comfort of Appaswamy home.

Basic Home Garden Set up

Setting up a sustainable home garden is quite simple. To start off, you’ll be needing a nice and airy space, bright natural lighting, organic materials, and compost. Balconies, window sills, open utility areas, veranda, long window bays are some of the commonly sought-after spots for a home garden. 

Now that you know the basics of home gardening, let’s focus on making it more sustainable!

  • Use Native Plants

Plants that are native to your region are much more likely to thrive in the local climate rather than ones sourced from elsewhere. These native plants will also not require special attention and care as the local soil contains the nutrients they require. This is why Altezza, our new apartments in OMR, is going to be full of local, perennial flowering plants such as Petunia, Begonia and many more. 

  • Natural Lighting

Properties in Chennai


With apartment culture dominating the cities, the need for urban farming cannot be emphasised enough. However, the problem with apartments is the lack of sunlight. Every one of Appaswamy’s properties in Chennai is carefully designed for better lighting and good cross ventilation. From spacious balconies at Altezza, bay windows at Clover, and long private patios in Azure; you can easily set up your home garden and take a step towards sustainable living. In fact, at Azure, you can even bring your garden indoors as the thermally insulated Alumil windows ensure that the plants receive plenty of sunlight without having to suffer the hot and humid Chennai weather.

  • Recycling water

Water is one of the most precious natural resources and one that is unique to our planet. You can set up home gardens to use water conservatively. For instance, your home garden could consist exclusively of plants that consume little water such as succulents and microgreens. But, at an Appaswamy home, life is a lot easier for you. The water treatment plants set up at Altezza directly waters the lots allocated for urban farming, so you can grow the plants you desire without wasting resources. 

These are just a few ways in which you can incorporate sustainable home gardening practices within your Appaswamy apartments in Chennai

Are you now ready to get-set-gardening?

The Undeniable Benefits Of Owning A Home

Freedom, security, and a good environment for the kids, are all auxiliary perks of owning a home. When your home is in one of the best apartments in Chennai, the rewards are manifold!

Perks of home-ownership

Let’s break down what ‘home’ represents to most people – a space to call their own, a happy place, a statement of wealth or a tangible measure of their success. But beyond all this, there are significant benefits to owning a home.


There’s a quote that reads, “the ultimate goal of any goal is peace of mind.” Buying a house is one of the few decisions that can have a profound, positive impact on the psyche. Having a space that you can claim as your own brings an immeasurable amount of satisfaction.

Then, there’s also the pride of ownership. We hustle, spend and save, to ensure a good, sturdy roof over our head. Thus, having a home in one of the most beautiful properties in Chennai – one of India’s most competitive cities, is an indispensable mark of success.

A home also offers you the freedom to do as you please. It’s where you let loose and express your truest self. From gleefully hanging art on the walls to practicing the trumpet every night, you are free to make unquestioned choices when you live in your own home.


It’s a common misconception that home ownership is a burden on the wallet. But if you look closely, you’ll find that you actually stand to gain on an investment.

Appreciation of assets over time: The real estate sector is constantly growing. It is the one investment that is almost guaranteed to appreciate over time.

Increasing Equity: Equity is the difference between the original value and debt. As you pay your loan, or the value of the property increases your equity in the property will also simultaneously increase.

Rent-free lifestyles: Rent accounts for a significant portion of your income that gets spent every month. When you have a place of your own, you can spend that money on yourself or it can go straight into your retirement savings (see point below).

Personal finance management: You can use any remaining funds to make wise investment decisions such as mutual funds, stock market, savings accounts, etc. These, in turn, help you generate more income in the form of interest.


Most new projects in Chennai are designed to deliver a fantastic living experience to their residents. A gated community typically includes access-controlled entry, 24×7 security and a close-knit community. You can’t help but feel safe within its grounds.

Such apartments also include plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded people. For instance, if you are a gym-rat, then you could make your way into a fitness club and join the neighbourhood fitness group. Or, if you’d rather talk about movies and pop culture, then the mini theatre at most Appaswamy properties can be the meeting grounds for film buffs in the community. Kids can make friends and live their best childhoods at the little playgrounds dedicated to them.

The final verdict

The socio-economic and psychological benefits may take different avatars for different people, with some putting social benefits high on the pros column, and others focussing purely on the financial merits. But no one can deny the emotional appeal of a home. It’s time to find your perfect home.








Altezza – Re-defining skylines blanketed in wild grass

Remember the smell of a freshly watered lawn? The droplets at the tip of the grass after the odd summer rain? When we look for a home, we look at something that evokes a sense of calm and serenity – a place that reminds us of the little joys in life. But finding the space for such a lifestyle in Chennai is nothing short of a challenge! With Altezza, our brand new apartments in OMR, we wanted to take on this challenge by giving you a modern Eden.

Creating a Green Paradise 

Altezza is designed to surround you with lush greenery that is both serene and sustainable. That’s why, there are courtyards, vertical parks and terrace gardens that incorporate features of sustainable landscaping and facilities for urban farming. 

New apartments in OMR

Rather than opting for traditional grass, wild grass envelops the exteriors at Altezza like a green blanket, making the whole place cooler than the neighbouring regions. This wild grass consists of handpicked varieties of Petunia, Sweet Alyssum, Begonia, Verbena, and Rudbeckia that turn Altezza into a colourful tropical paradise. These types of flora help the local ecology too! Bees, butterflies and little birds thrive here, making these new apartments at OMR a home for all. 

But, will it survive the heat?

As nice as a tropical paradise sounds, these gardens need to take on the famous Chennai climate – 365 days of summer! But, worry not. The wild grass landscaping is flexible, adapts easily, and consumes less water in comparison to a traditional lawn. This taller variant of grass grows on most surfaces and thrives in the temperature range of 20° to 30°C. Being perennial plants, they stay green through seasons and thrive for multiple years.

New projects in Chennai

As the saying goes, “it’s the little things that make a house a home.” Incorporating an easy-to-maintain landscape at Altezza helped us to take a step towards giving you a luxurious yet sustainable lifestyle in Chennai and eventually creating a crack in the “concrete” (pun intended!) That’s why we designed Altezza to be your very own ‘green paradise’ amidst all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Luxury & Community: Altezza delivers on all fronts

Heightened security, top-of-the-line amenities, privacy, tranquil surroundings, and greener spaces are only secondary to the sense of belonging that comes with living in a gated community. Altezza offers an unmatched lifestyle in Chennai – one that’s deliberately designed to bring people together! 

Where Ancient India meets contemporary chic

New projects in Chennai

Altezza’s facade takes inspiration from ancient Indian architecture that’s prevalent across Western India. Each residential block has a series of stepped vertical parks that ascend towards a communal garden on the rooftop. These are perfect for an evening tête-à-tête with your neighbours, and come with allotted spaces for urban farming. 

Thoughtfully-placed amenities 

Our flagship project comes loaded with amenities. But what makes this property different from other luxury flats in Chennai is the way these amenities are spread out. Each floor has a unique amenity, such as a yoga pavilion or department store. This encourages residents of all floors to mingle with each other, deepening the social bonds within the gated community. 

Neighbours who workout together stay together 

Have you ever made plans to start a fitness regimen with your bestie only to have a hectic schedule get in the way? Not to mention the endless traffic, and long commutes. Our new apartments in OMR come loaded with world-class fitness arrangements like a fully equipped gym, international standard subtle court, and more. Turn neighbours into fitness partners and you can transform Altezza into a healthier place to be.

Unwind in unison

Neighbourhood groups are not just for rigorous cardio workouts. Gather together and slow down the pace. You can stretch away the stress at the tranquil yoga pavilion in our new apartments in OMR. You could also take advantage of our inviting pool that’s perfect for a summer evening pool party. 

The more the merrier

We’ve curated many more ways to create a community-based lifestyle in Chennai. You can binge-watch your favourite movie with your friends at our mini theatre or host a celebratory meal at our banquet hall. To ensure all your guests are well taken care of, we also have guest suites for overnight visitors, so they can enjoy your hospitality 24/7! You will be spoilt for choice at our luxury flats in Chennai

So what are you waiting for? Let’s break bread with our neighbours today! To schedule a site visit: https://appaswamy.com/property/altezza/ 

5 Features That Make Altezza A Perfect Home For Your Children

Altezza - new apartments in OMR

The word ‘home’ takes on a different meaning for each member of your family. With close proximity to malls, entertainment complexes, ECR and more, our flagship property Altezza is a haven for wholesome family life. With exceptional kid-friendly amenities within the gated community, this property is designed for children and adults alike! Here are some reasons why our tiny residents would love these new apartments in OMR:

Game, set, match

It is never too early to get your child started on their health journey, and badminton is the perfect starter sport. It is a full-body workout that improves endurance and flexibility for all ages. Our new apartments in OMR come with a plush indoor badminton court, so your family can use it anytime! If you want an audience for your next match, the double deck audience seats give you a sporting experience that equals professional games.

Indoor badminton court at Altezza

Altezza is a slam dunk

Are you looking for a way to keep your child physically active and mentally entertained? Our outdoor basketball courts in our properties in Chennai provide the perfect avenue for them to exercise both! The best part? When you live in a gated community, you have enough teammates for a friendly game whenever you want!

One-love on the tennis court

According to a Danish study, racquet sports can improve life expectancy by 6 years! This is more than any other sport or workout. Our new apartments in OMR come fully loaded with a tennis court, so let your child unleash her inner Serena Williams.

Cool off – poolside

When the mercury starts to rise, what better way to cool off than a refreshing swim in our expansive pool! But as always, safety first in all our properties in Chennai. Our pool comes with a designated area for younger children – making it the perfect place for summertime family fun.

A well-rounded living experience

With Altezza’s well-manicured lawns and top-of-the-line amenities, the kids’ outdoor play area is the perfect setting for a safe get-together with your neighbours. You can also sneak in a quick playtime session with your tiny tot in between online classes with our indoor kids’ play area which is open all day long!

Still not convinced to book a tour? The property also comes with rigorous security and around-the-clock vigilance, making it a safe haven for your family to reside. To know more: click here.

Behind The Building: The Architects Of Our Properties Across Chennai

This time, we’re taking you behind the curtains for an exclusive peek at the masterminds behind our structural masterpieces. This blog features two of the esteemed architects we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with at our properties in Chennai.

Mr. Wong Chiu Man
(Co-Founder of WOW Architects)

Mr. Wong Chiu Man — co-founder of Singapore-based architectural company WOW Architects — has worked with the Appaswamy Group on multiple projects including the St. Regis Hotel in the Maldives, Azure The Oceanic, and Altezza, our new apartments in OMR.

With 30 years of international industry experience, he has worked on properties such as the gorgeous Vivanta by Taj in Whitefield Bengaluru and Yalong Bay in China, he has been lauded across the world. His firm has received multiple awards for his work on the St. Regis Hotel, our luxury resort in the Maldives.

Today, the architectural firm focuses its efforts on creating extraordinary sensory experiences that are rooted in place and culture. That’s exactly why they were the perfect fit for Altezza, where the focus was on green architecture and reintroducing sustainability into urban living.

Mr. Pramod Balakrishnan
(Founder of Edifice Pramod)

From Polaris, Chennai’s first IT complex, to Appaswamy’s Trellis and Capella at Vadapalani, Pramod Balakrishnan has given shape to many properties in Chennai’s skyline. Him and his team at Edifice believe that, “the intangibles are just as important as the tangibles when it comes to creating lasting architecture. They must be rooted in culture and society’s aspirations.” 

Pramod Balakrishnan believes that human interaction matters, and keeps this in mind when designing a space. It is this approach to architecture that made him and his team the perfect fit for our projects Trellis and Capella, where we hoped to create a nature-loving community without compromising on a luxurious way of life.

Did you like this look at the brains behind our buildings? Let us know if you’d like us to read more such features.

What’s the Status?: A progress update on 4 of our properties in Chennai

With 4 projects in the pipeline, there’s never a dull moment at our office. Here’s a quick round-up of our progress at each of the properties in Chennai.

Azure The Oceanic

This Santhome-based, ultra-luxury abode is swiftly nearing completion. With the facade glazing completed, it’s time to lay down flooring and begin painting. Our team at the site has already started putting together the iconic Seashell Pavilion to ensure you have a beautiful and serene space for your daily yoga and meditation. Several other amenities are in progress as well. We can hardly believe that pretty soon this project will be ready for handover.


This fledgeling property of luxury apartments in OMR is our foray into sustainable living. Although 2020 came with myriad different hurdles for the real estate industry, we’re proud of the work our team put into raising up Giardino, the first of the three towers at Altezza. Pretty soon we’ll lay down the foundations for Parco and Stratos as well. 

Clover By The River

Standing tall right next to Adyar river, Clover’s elevation is unmistakable when you enter Kotturpuram. Our team has fully completed the structural work for the towers. All that’s left to do in the apartments is lay the tiles, set up plumbing and finish the electrical work. Our team is all geared to shift focus to the variety of luxury amenities the property has to offer such as banquet halls, a fully-equipped gym, swimming pool and other common spaces. We’re also setting up a brand new model apartment on the 13th floor so you can fully take in the breathtaking views that surround the property.


Inching higher and higher towards the sky every day, Capella is one of the most prestigious properties in Chennai. With the structural work completed at both its towers, our team is ready to take on the finishing touches such as plastering, tiling, flooring and electrical work. We’re also working on bringing promised luxury amenities to the property so you never have to leave your haven again.

You can also see our progress in person. Make a call, schedule an appointment and come check out everything that’s happening at our properties in Chennai.

Azure: +91 73585 41160

Altezza: +91 8056006033.

Clover: +91 8056167373

Capella: +91 80562 08787.

Altezza – A beacon of sustainability in the skyline

New apartments in OMR

Bliss, haven and paradise—all of these are often associated with nature. Yet in an urban metropolis like Chennai, its green cover fades away little by little each day. That’s why we need to do our best to incorporate sustainable practices into our lifestyle and preserve Nature for future generations. Therefore, Altezza, our brand new apartments in OMR, is built with the planet’s wellbeing in mind; to be the perfect haven for nature lovers.

What exactly makes Altezza a sustainable property?

Sustainable design

Sustainability efforts at Altezza are more than an afterthought – they’re at the very core of the design. That’s why you’ll see verdant sky parks at every level of the property. 

New projects in Chennai

We were mindful of environmental consequences in other areas as well. For instance, we designed the space to receive maximum natural sunlight and good ventilation, not just within the apartments, but also in common areas, such as the corridors. We’ve also ensured that these spaces mostly run on solar energy generated within the property.

Use of eco-friendly construction practices

At Altezza, we’ve opted for recycled materials wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint. For instance, concrete needs reinforced bars to withstand the tensile stress of the structure. We utilised recycled, cut-piece, reinforcement bars from demolished buildings, for the project. Likewise, we’ve also used salvaged Aerocon blocks that ensure excellent thermal and sound insulation within the space.

Space for urban farming

New apartments in OMR

We’ve taken home gardens to the next level in these new apartments at OMR. Here, you’re not restricted to growing a few herbs in your kitchen or maintaining a small balcony garden. The terrace garden and sky parks can nurture a thriving urban farm that can produce harvest enough for the whole community! Recycling and composting are also an easy and integral part of life at Altezza.

Sustainable landscaping

Manicured lawns consume tonnes of water every year to look green and fresh. That’s a lot of water wasted! It is also not a viable habitat for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. And due to the number of pesticides and insecticides it takes to maintain such lawns, the rainwater collected is often contaminated. At Altezza, we opted to use wild grass and plant species such as petunia, begonias, and verbena that are both beautiful, flourish all year long and are easy to maintain.

These are just a few ways in which we’ve turned Altezza into a sustainable oasis. If you’re interested in learning more about these new apartments in OMR, please check out our website or call +91 8056006033.