Promising Micro-Markets for Homeowners in Chennai

Right now, Chennai is among the fastest-growing metros in the country. With more and more projects announced every month, builders in Chennai have truly kept up the hustle. In particular, the housing sector has expanded in tandem with the IT/ITES and Automobile clusters within the city.

Within these clusters, these two are the most promising micro-markets.


Appaswamy’s Midas touch began right here 6 decades ago. However, since our first foray into real estate, this locale has completely transformed. Pammal grew in popularity after the advent of a proactive and highly successful community initiative for waste management. In fact, the model has even been replicated in other cities like Coimbatore.

Flats for sale in Chennai
The Bloomingdale, Pammal

Furthermore, builders in Chennai agree that the area is a less congested alternative to Pallavaram, yet remains close to the arterial Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam highway. Today, this residential epicentre is connected to the rest of the city via metro, local trains, MTC buses and strategically-planned highways. 


Nestled between the bustling neighbourhoods of Sholinganallur and Navalur, Semmenchery is a rapidly developing residential area in the OMR stretch. Its location on the IT Expressway is right next to major companies such as Infosys, Wipro, etc. Now there’s even a metro station in the works right outside Appaswamy’s Splendour, making a life here ultra-connected.

Apartments for sale in Chennai
Splendour, Semmenchery, OMR

In recent years the area has also seen plenty of key social and recreational avenues. The PSBB Millennium School, Sathyabama University, and Astra multi-speciality hospital are less than 5 minutes away.

Final Thoughts

A few years ago these neighbourhoods would have been considered too far away from the city. However, the efforts of builders in Chennai alongside industrialisation have contributed to their development. For instance, Appaswamy’s Splendour in OMR and The Bloomingdale in Pammal come with a world of luxurious amenities to ensure our residents enjoy the same comfort that they’d expect from living in the heart of the city. 

For more information about our properties, check out the below links to our website

The Bloomingdale, Pammal | Splendour, Semmenchery

A Home in The Clouds, An Ode to The Sea

luxurious apartments in Chennai

Don’t we all have a penchant for a home in the clouds, a yearning for everything grand and beautiful? A magazine-worthy home in a thoughtfully designed high-rise is the modern epitome of luxury. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Azure The Oceanic. This high-rise at Santhome is the most luxurious apartments in Chennai.

Azure is a calm, sophisticated oasis at the heart of a bustling metropolis. With the help of WOW architects from Singapore, Appaswamy is crafting Azure to be the perfect symphony of the three indispensable aspects of luxury – location, exclusivity and intelligent design.

Stellar Neighbourhood

The quiet lanes of Santhome fuse history and contemporary lifestyle seamlessly into the fabric of everyday life. The exotic birds visiting the Tholkappiar Ecological Park are your immediate neighbours. As the seasons fly by, so do they. The old monuments, churches and temples hold a charm steeped in history and untouched by time. However, it truly is the heart of Chennai as most neighbourhoods in the city are just a stone’s throw away. 

A Peerless Paradise

Poised on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, these luxurious apartments in Chennai are a space for dreamers, stargazers and superachievers alike. The panoramic vistas are a perfect muse for all artistic endeavours. 

Classic material luxuries such as beautiful Athenian Volakas marble to the more experiential elements such as the ultra-smart security system, access-controlled private elevator and smart furnishings, the luxuries of life surround you at every waking moment. The charming Seashell Pavilion provides plenty of space for poignant moments amidst the sea and the sky. With a lounge cafe, an Olympic-sized infinity pool, a swanky gaming arena for the snooker and foosball addicts, the clubhouse at Azure is a truly five-star experience. 

Intelligent design

Azure is also designed as a celebration of smart architectural design. The facade, L-shaped blocks, help maximise the unparalleled view in every corner of the apartment. These apartments are also meticulously planned to allow for large living and dining spaces. The layout also ensures minimal corridors within each unit and reduces any wasted space. Access-controlled private elevators and high-tech security systems provide the utmost privacy. Meanwhile, the DigiValet allows you to control the blinds, the lighting and set the temperature to create the ideal indoor climate for you. 

Frameless, floor-to-ceiling windows flood the units with bright, natural light, without interrupting the view, while the energy-efficient Alumil glass windows provide an uninterrupted view of the sea and cityscape without heating up the apartment. After all, to truly live in luxury is to live in intelligent homes that merge sustainability and technology. 

Check out the website linked here for more information about Azure The Oceanic.

Newly-constructed homes: Why are these the best housing option

Splendour - A new property for sale in Chennai

In an Indian household, fixed deposits and real estate are always considered the best investment options. With residential real estate though, the decision is often more binding. Buying property is a large, long-term financial commitment. If you are looking to live in the house, then it becomes even more essential to make a wise decision. When it comes to your new home, here’s why considering newly-constructed properties for sale are the best way to go:


The biggest advantage of buying a new home is that you can customize it. From the flooring and countertops to fittings and lighting, you can make the decision to bring your dream home to life with new properties. Most builders offer you the option to make minor changes to floorplans, as long as it doesn’t interfere with structural integrity or safety regulations. When you buy an apartment, your personal style can shine through!

Better Safety Measures

A brand-new property with a reputed real estate developer like Appaswamy, will adhere to the latest regulatory guidelines and safety measures, as they must comply with RERA guidelines. For instance, fire safety regulations, emergency exits and better plumbing are more likely to be in place in homes constructed after The National Building Code 2016 was enacted. 

Lower Maintenance Expenses 

Maintenance and upkeep for new homes is lesser in the initial years. The chances of a leaky roof or a cracked tile is minimized compared to a preowned property. Builders will also provide you with a minimum warranty for all the fittings, so on the off-chance that something does turn out to be faulty, you can get it fixed with minimum expenditure from your end. 


Present-day real estate construction is more eco-conscious than buildings from a decade ago. Construction materials are more likely to be locally-sourced, fittings are more energy efficient, and many buildings use renewable energy. Therefore, with newly-constructed properties in Chennai, you can make sure that you are doing your bit for the environment. For instance, Appaswamy’s Capella is also fitted with solar-powered LED lights in common areas and signature gardens. Energy-efficient buildings are also pocket-friendly in the long run. 

Smart Tech

As technology advances every year, investing in a new building also means that you get the latest and smartest features for your home. Access-controlled doors, motion-sensored lighting, video monitoring and full WiFi connectivity are just some of the smart tech additions that will make your new home a delight to live in. 

The Bonus

Apart from these benefits, financing for new properties is easier to obtain as well. You are also more likely to qualify for a larger loan amount. The resale value for new homes is greater than pre-owned ones too. Whether it is to live in or just an  investment, getting property directly from the developer has numerous benefits. 

Ready to find your dream home? Check out Appaswamy’s new properties for sale in Chennai for the best deals in the market. 

Life at Splendour – An Urban Utopia

Mornings at Apartments in OMR

A chill morning breeze wafts through your apartment in OMR, bringing in the scent of the sea and the rain from the night before. You wake up to the view of a sprawling cityscape. 

Apartments in OMR

Looking out the balcony, you see that your jogging group has already gathered, so you too make your way to the lush walking track to start the day with a bit of light cardio.

After jogging to warm up your body, you’re ready for heavier workouts. The fitness centre is your next stop. A few minutes of chit-chat with the gym trainer and you’re ready to take on the weights. 

New apartments in OMR

Finally, it’s time to make your way back home. As soon as you reach your living room, you sink into the couch for a few minutes of rest. Dad is already here to fight you for the TV remote.

2BHK apartments in Chennai

A delicious aroma beckons you to the kitchen. This morning, it is your sibling’s turn to prepare breakfast and he’s making Maggie! 

Apartments in OMR

After the coffee, it’s finally time to jump in the shower and get ready for the day ahead. Usually, work is just a few minutes away. However today, you need to travel to the other side of the city for a meeting. So, it’s time to head to the metro that is just a short stroll away.

Evenings at Apartments in OMR

Coming home to an empty fridge is the worst feeling in the world. So you pop into Superette, the luxury shopping mall right outside your home, to stock up on groceries and snacks for the next few weeks.

Apartments in OMR

Hard work needs to be rewarded with something fun. After coming back home from work, you join your friends for a movie at the private mini theatre. 

Apartments in OMR

Finally it’s time to wind down in style. Dive into the pool and cool yourself after a hot day before heading back to bed.

This is just a glimpse at life at Splendour – luxury apartments in OMR that tower majestically over lush greenery. Built in Chennai’s most happening neighbourhood, Splendour homes boast a large foyer, spacious rooms and a balcony that offers resplendent views of the city. A home here also brings you closer to myriad work and entertainment opportunities as it is right next to the city’s major IT companies as well as restaurants and resorts.

Embrace the urban lifestyle and live life to your fullest at Splendour.

Integrated Townships: The Lifestyle Fix Vis À Vis Real Estate

Flats for sale in Vadapalani

An ever-increasing diversity in the urban workforce has utterly revamped the real estate space. Young professionals want homes that suit their dynamic lifestyles. In Chennai, builders are creating integrated townships to accommodate this growing need, with a number of apartments in Vadapalani, Kotturpuram, OMR and other hotspots emerging in this clustered community pattern. 

Why Integrated Townships?

Integrated townships are the answer to many challenges of urbanization: they work around overpopulated and under-planned cities by creating mini-cities of their own! An apartment in an integrated township can give you the urban lifestyle you desire without the associated shortcomings of urbanization. 

  • Mini Cities with Better Access

The design of integrated townships is such that they provide access to essential infrastructure at arms’ length. From schools and hospitals to financial services, all are located close to home. For many, walking to work becomes a reality. Imagine all the things you can do with the hours you steal away from traffic jams! Integrated townships provide these benefits while ensuring you do not have to skimp on luxury residential amenities. Appaswamy’s Bloomingdale has a shopping center to fulfil your retail needs while Capella brings nature to your doorstep! 

  • Holistic Living

Instead of cramped concrete buildings, integrated townships offer open spaces, gardens, walking and jogging tracks, and more inclusive community areas that encourage better living. Sustainability is often an important component of design. Appaswamy’s Capella, for instance, has a water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, and a rainwater harvesting system. The township is lined with trees, landscaped gardens. The place is so abuzz with greenery; the residents even get a breathtaking tropical rooftop garden. Urban convenience set amidst nature – it’s the best of both worlds!  

  • Hi-Tech Security

Safe homes are a priority for families. Integrated townships provide the best security among comparable residential spaces. In addition to a security guard and CCTV surveillance, most townships employ other state-of-the-art security mechanisms such as access-controlled entryways, intercom systems, and video surveillance. All of Appaswamy’s townships have the best security systems in place to ensure none of the residents have to lose any sleep over safety concerns. 

  • Luxury Redefined 

Apartments for sale in Chennai
Swimming pool at Appaswamy’s Capella on Arcot Road

Apart from outdoor luxury in the form of green spaces, swimming pools, entertainment centres and community spaces, townships provide impeccable luxury indoors too. There will be 24×7 power backup, high-quality building materials used, and housekeeping services to ensure maintenance of residential buildings. All Appaswamy properties are luxury personified. Capella apartments, for instance, come with high-end vitrified or marbonite tiles, weather-proof walls, and anti-rotting bathroom doors that preserve newness of your home even after years of living. 

  • A Sense of Community 

One of the biggest advantages of integrated townships is that they provide readymade communities. Human beings are social creatures. We find safety and solace among a group of people we connect with. Integrated communities allow you to find a reliable community naturally, through interaction in shared spaces like the fitness center, clubhouse or the theatre. 

Living Life King Size

Mixed-use properties and integrated townships are an evolving concept. Tapping into their comfort and luxury at the beginning of the curve can not only give you access to a luxurious lifestyle earlier on, but can also prove to be a smart investment decision. 

Make one of the 284 Capella apartments in Vadapalani your home and live the new-age urban life in Chennai right away! 

Real Estate Hotspots in Chennai: Vadapalani

Flats for sale in Vadapalani

When you buy a house, you also make a subconscious choice about the lifestyle in store. In urban areas, choosing the right location is just as important as the house or apartment itself. A house in a prime location will give you better connectivity to other parts of the city, quick entertainment options and of course, an authentic taste of the city. Yes, we’re talking about dining options. If you are looking for apartments in Chennai, here are 4 reasons why Vadapalani should be on top of your preference list:

  • Convenience and Reliable Infrastructure

Say goodbye to long hours in traffic jams! Vadapalani is one of the most easily-accessible neighbourhoods in Chennai. The bus terminal on Arcot Road is an important one in the city while the Metro Rail provides quick accessibility to the airport and many other prime locations. Vadapalani is also renowned for its medical infrastructure with a host of reputed hospitals, including SRM Institute of Medical Science (SIMS), Vijaya Hospital, Sooriya Hospital, Vasan Eyecare, among others. 

  • The Palate Ticklers

If there’s one word of advice before picking an apartment to settle down in, always check the list of restaurants close by before you finalize the deal. When it comes to dining options, Vadapalani will not disappoint. From the world-famous Saravana Bhavan and the all-you-can-eat buffet at Barbecue Nation, to the themed The Waterfall Restaurant, there is no dearth of options to indulge yourself on days you absolutely cannot bring yourself to cook! 

  • A Little Something for Everyone

If you’ve got a typical family with wide-ranging sensibilities, you cannot choose a better area to accommodate everyone’s entertainment preferences. The Forum Vijaya Mall will tend to your quick retail therapy needs, food cravings or scratch your movie itch. Vadapalani is also home to many religious spots and some of the most iconic theaters in Chennai. Duck into Kamala Cinemas or AVM Rajeshwari, the theatre that boasts of superhit film screenings, for an authentic Chennai film-watching experience. 

  • The Creative Factor

Speaking of films, Vadapalani is a movie-buff’s delight! It is the heart of all major cine infrastructure in Kollywood. Here you will find Vijaya Vauhini Studios, once considered the largest film studio in Asia, and Vikram Studios, while some of the other famous ones like Prasad Studios and AVM Studio are close by. With an apartment in Chennai’s most glamorous area that is home to some of Kollywood’s biggest actors, a superstar sighting is almost guaranteed! For those with other artistic inclinations, the Chozha Nadu Art Gallery with its wide array of Tanjore paintings is worth checking out. 

The Final Word

With so many factors working in its favour, it’s no wonder that Vadapalani is one the hottest real estate spots for residential apartments in Chennai. Appaswamy has a host of properties here, but if you are looking to own a home in this vibrant neighbourhood, look no further than the newest addition to the list – Capella

Chennai’s Skyline Through The Ages: Observing Art in Architecture

Chennai is home to many iconic buildings and structures in India, from the colonial Victoria Public Hall to the Chepauk Palace, the first Indo-Saracenic building in the country. In the past, both public and residential architecture in Chennai was deeply influenced by colonization. Portuguese and Danish influences were prominent, but Britain’s impact on the city’s skylines is the most tangible, with imposing Gothic-, Imperial-and Art Deco-style structures that have become modern landmarks. 

After independence, a gradual shift to Modernism began. Today, swanky high-rises and new, elegant designs dominate the structural outlay. If you observe keenly, three styles are increasingly prominent among residential architecture in Chennai of late:

  • Neoclassical and European

Flats in Chennai

Defined by their geometric silhouettes, symmetrical patterns, and an emphasis for clean-lined structures, neoclassical structures strictly adhere to principles of order, harmony and balance. A modern take on neoclassical architecture in Chennai such as the Madras High Court and the Senate House are defined by neatly-columned buildings that are meticulous in design, and exude elegance and luxury. These grand columnar buildings with distinctly-arched entries are hard to ignore. Appaswamy’s Mandarina in Kotturpuram is one such example of neoclassical architecture. Peppered with touches of a Spanish Revival Style, Mandarina boasts quaint Villaments tucked within, complete with a personal garden and swimming pool – a villa paradiso, if you may. 

  • Contemporary

Contemporary architectural designs are expressive, innovative, and reflective of the present day. There are no specifics that define contemporary styles, except that they try to break away from past influences. Warped, asymmetrical facades and plenty of modern building materials like glass and reflective screens are typical of this style and can be seen in buildings throughout the IT corridor at OMR. Azure the Oceanic is Appaswamy’s addition to contemporary architecture in Chennai. With sleek slab and L-shaped blocks, energy-efficient Alumil glass windows and a high-tech transparent façade, Azure uses this architectural style to provide a panoramic sea view. 

  • New Urbanism

New apartments in OMR

As environmental awareness increases, a growing emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable living has penetrated 21st century architectural designs. New urbanism architecture brings carbon conscious structures, incorporating alternative energy sources, eco-friendly materials, and recycling into their design. Landmarks such as the Anna Centenary Library, World Bank and Express Avenue stand in testament of this growing architectural movement. Altezza, the latest Appaswamy project on OMR, is also designed as an ode to transformational living in Chennai. The use of sustainable materials reduces its carbon footprint while adding a rusting charm to the building. Communal sky parks on every level encourages residents to lead a green lifestyle. With an in-house sewage treatment plant, rain water harvesting system, and solar-powered lighting in all common areas, Altezza is a quintessential futuristic architecture that will encourage conscious living even in tight urban areas. 

What other styles of architecture in Chennai have stood out for you? Tell us in the comments below! 

A Day in the Life of a Capella Resident

Chennai is a beautiful coastal city that offers its inhabitants the best urban lifestyle there is to find, replete with excellent infrastructure, work opportunities and a rich cultural heritage. When looking for the perfect home for your family in this southern gem, Capella’s flats for sale in Vadapalani will not disappoint. 

Located in the heart of the city, Appaswamy’s Capella is a residential society that epitomises elegant urban living. Whether you are looking for impeccable architecture, connecting with nature, or are keen on proximity to Chennai’s wondrous industrial sites and entertainment centers, Capella has everything you could want in your dream home! Don’t believe us? 

Here, take a quick peek into life at Capella

  • Front row seats to a beautiful sunrise every morning from a comfortable, urban bedroom may seem utopian, but a Capella family wakes up to exactly that. Topped off with a hot tumbler of filter coffee (or a mug of chai) in an airy balcony that overlooks landscaped gardens, it is the perfect start to a perfect day!

  • As the city slowly prepares itself for a busy day, it’s time to sit down for the first meal of the day. The entire family, from Thatha to Chintu, gathers in the dining room for a hearty breakfast, peppered with discussions about the previous night’s dreams and the day’s plans in between bites. 

  • The family is ready to get on with their day, with kids heading to school and the adults driving away to office. What about retired folk? Capella is a community that offers a range of amenities from a walking track and fitness center to a clubhouse and a theatre that anyone can access at any time. Boredom is not an option for Capella residents. 

  • Once the kids are back from school, there’s homework to catch up on, a ton of books to read, or simply an afternoon to run around with friends. 

  • All work and no play makes everyone dull. So, when evening finally rolls in and the whole household is reunited, there is a long list of things to do for a Capella family. It could be a DIY cooking session in the kitchen, swimming day, or movie-and-pizza night! Doesn’t matter, because they all spell FUN FUN FUN. 

  • After dinner, everyone is ready to tuck into bed. But hold on, something is brewing…the clock strikes 12 and surprise! It’s a birthday celebration! Cake, candles and celebration set the tone for a lovely year ahead. 

Can you picture this life? One of the 284 Capella flats for sale in Vadapalani could be the place where this dream becomes your reality. 

Embrace exquisite living with your family, where every moment is celebrated.

The Home-Mind Formulation: How well does your home care for you?

Blog Cover - Take care of yourself

Home is where comfort is. It is a safe space to retreat after a hard day’s work. In an urban setting, where everything is fast-paced, a healthy home becomes the cornerstone of a healthy life. This is why it is essential to have a home that encourages you to take care of yourself.

A house that is optimized for well-being should be calming while improving your productivity in all ways possible. Here are 5 things to keep in mind for a house that can automatically improve your well-being:


Your environment tends to have a direct impact on your mind. A house that is cramped, cluttered and disorganized is more likely to end up stressing you out. An apartment with ample storage space can help you put anything you do not need out of sight. Or, get creative with storage beds or sliding cupboards!

Add Some Green

Nature always has a calming effect. Introducing house plants to your apartment can instantly add a touch of serenity and improve the air quality indoors. If you’re not one for indoor plants, make it a point to step out to your garden or terrace for a glimpse of nature. The rooftop garden at Trellis or the tree-lined walk tracks at Clover are exactly for that – helping you take care of yourself effortlessly.

Take care of yourself by living with plants and greenery

Pay Attention to Lighting

The amount of vitamin D you get from sunlight is essential for optimal health. Ensure you let in ample natural light into your house every day as an important way to take care of yourself. The three towers at Altezza are strategically placed to allow ample sunlight in every apartment – as long as you keep your curtains drawn open! For evenings, install a mix of bright overhead lights and soft, ambient lights to use as per your need.

Plan Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important determinant of your health. A well-planned kitchen encourages you to eat healthy. Design your kitchen such that you have a fully-stocked pantry, multiple work zones and a spacious countertop to prepare hearty meals. Place your fridge in your kitchen for easy storage and movement. Since this is one of the most frequented places in any house, set yourself up for good health here.

Find Your Fitness Zone

Given the busy lifestyles of today, unless exercise is made easily accessible, most people are bound to give it a miss. However, physical exercise is a must for a healthy life. This is why most properties in Chennai come with fitness zones within the township. For instance all our properties such as Splendour or The Bloomingdale include a top-notch fitness centre. We went a step further at Clover and included badminton and futsal courts so you have fewer reasons to skip your workouts.

Workout to take care of yourself

Final Word

Our environment can go a long way in determining how we lead our lives. When picking a home, ensure you keep your well-being in mind because good health begins at home.











Compromises People Think They Must Make When Buying an Apartment

Finding the perfect home is no easy feat. An apartment could tick all the boxes on your “ideal home” checklist but may overshoot your budget. On the other hand, a budget-friendly apartment may be out of city limits. Much like other crucial life decisions, people often assume that they have to give some to get some on their home purchase journey. When buying an apartment in Chennai, here are 5 compromises people think they should make:

  • The Space-for-Location Compromise 
Apartments in OMR
Splendour, Semmenchery

A convenient location is often a top priority when purchasing a home. An apartment in the heart of the city offers proximity to a dynamic and bustling ecosystem, causing most home buyers to compromise on space. This can become uncomfortable in the long run. However, a spacious house in the suburbs could result in decreased accessibility of essential services or increased travel time. That’s why all our apartments in Chennai are strategically located to offer the best possible connectivity no matter where you live. For instance, Splendour is strategically located on the IT corridor to bring you closer to work while simultaneously connecting you to the rest of the city via a plethora of frequently plying buses.

  • The Cost-for-Amenities Compromise
Apartments in OMR

Some buyers forgo additional amenities like fitness facilities or functional communal spaces to save on apartment cost. But, an apartment with these conveniences can save you a lot of money on membership fees or social get-togethers after you move in. All our properties come complete with urban facilities like gyms, swimming pools, banquet halls and private movie theatres that add colour to life. Superette, our shopping centre built right outside The Bloomingdale and Splendour, brings the retail world to your doorstep. If you live in these apartments, you don’t have to brave the city traffic to do a grocery run or indulge in retail therapy.

  • The Quality-for-Luxury Compromise

Often, people do not delve into the quality of the building when making a purchase. Focusing on aesthetics more than the construction plan will not only put your and your family’s safety on the line, it can also rake up a long maintenance bill for its upkeep. While lighting and floor outlays are important elements that elevate an apartment, construction material, safe designs, and quality of fittings are just as crucial. At Appaswamy, we give you the best of both quality and luxury. 

  • The Community-for-Security Compromise 

Feeling safe in your new home is essential for healthy living. Even if the locality you choose has low crime rates and an excellent community, security is still indispensable. No matter how safe a locality or community is said to be, an apartment complex that does not come equipped with the latest anti-theft and best security devices is still a gamble. With access-controlled entryways, full-time security guard and 24/7 CCTV surveillance, we at Appaswamy ensure that your safety is never compromised.  

  • The Outdoors-for-Indoors Compromise
Builders in Chennai
Clubhouse, Bloomingdale

Life is lived as much outdoors as it is indoors. While having a pleasing apartment to live in should take precedence, that does not mean you cannot have a garden to wake up to, a chic lobby area, or a plush clubhouse. Appaswamy’s buildings and townships strive to create an indoor and outdoor experience you are proud to live in. 


No one wants to pour their life savings into a home they ultimately realize they don’t enjoy living in. For most people, buying an apartment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and they shouldn’t have to compromise on their best life. Simply find the right builders to fulfill your dreams.