Sustainable Dwelling – An indepth look at the latest trend in real estate

In 2020, all of us, particularly the younger generation, are becoming a more socially and environmentally conscious group. As millennials and Gen Z enter the homebuying market aware of their ecological footprint, they look for sustainability built in-to their residences. Green features can no longer be considered a niche. Builders in Chennai and across the world are working to embrace the ethos of sustainable living and satiate this growing demand for eco-friendly dwellings. In this regard, sustainability is slowly becoming a key part of every process in the industry.

Sustainability in Design

In general, apartments have a smaller ecological footprint than individual homes. There is now an emerging style of home designs seen in Properties in Chennai, where there is a strong focus on structural durability, energy efficiency, ventilation, etc. Open plan living is also popular amongst modern homeowners as it consumes far less materials while providing the most optimum amount of floor space. Today’s architects even consider designing homes around trees rather than uprooting them from the build site to create interesting dwellings that blend the boundaries of nature and man-made structures.

Sustainability in Material

Since modern homeowners expect fully insulated and energy efficient dwellings, real estate developers are more conscious of picking the right materials. Rather than following the latest trend, the developers now choose materials that best suit the local weather. For instance, cool ceramic or marble flooring is better suited for tropical conditions while hardwood is more popular in temperate homes for its thermal properties. 

FSC certified wooden furniture, antique and reclaimed wood fixtures are becoming en vogue by the day. People are also mindful of indoor air-quality and choose to avoid toxic paint chemicals. This has seen a raise in home interiors painted eco-friendly, VOC-free paints.

Sustainability in Energy Consumption

Apartment builders in Chennai must necessarily incorporate rainwater harvesting. But with the more energy-conscious population, modern homes also need to be properly insulated and certified for energy efficiency. Therefore, builders often adopt energy-efficient appliances, HVAC systems, lighting fixtures, etc., in apartments. Automated landscape irrigation is also a common feature in new townships. Some even go to the extent of installing a solar power system. 

Sustainability in Amenities

Parks and walkways are another common feature within gated communities. Most properties in Chennai even come with balconies that transform into a beautiful private garden. At Clover, the greenery takes up nearly 70% allocated plot to give the residents a sanguine garden retreat at their doorstep. 

Our latest project at Appaswamy is a culmination of all the above sustainable practices. This urban village boasts a low ecological footprint and is designed with a concept of taking responsibility for our role in making a greener future for the next generation. Therefore we’ve placed great emphasis on creating architecture that is both graceful and better for the environment. 

Watch this space or keep an eye on our social platforms. The grand reveal of this brand new property is coming up very soon.

Top 5 fool-proof ways to remain calm and positive during stressful times

Your home and apartments in Chennai are spaces that are uniquely your own. After a long day of work, there’s nothing better than returning home and sinking into your spot on the couch. But now, after being forced to stay indoors for weeks, are you feeling a little caged and anxious?

During such times, slightly changing your perspective and viewing the situation in a positive light can ease the anxiety and help you feel more in control. Studies show that positivity and an optimistic outlook lets you see more possibilities and solutions to your problems. You’re also more likely to be happier & healthier than pessimists. 

Here are a few ways you can stay positive even during these strenuous times.

  • The bigger picture

Remind yourself of the biggest picture when you’re feeling low. Staying indoors is protecting many lives – your own, your family and even others around you. Trust that, with stringent safety practices and a flexible work life, the world will be infinitely safer and healthier when you step outside your flats in Chennai after the quarantine period.

  • Slower pace of life

When the outside world is shut off, shift your focus to the one inside your home. Leave behind the worry of work deadlines and spend time with your family. It’s your chance to catch up with friends across the globe who are free at the same time you are for a change. It’s also a chance to take advantage of the beautiful terrace and community space within the apartments in Chennai and go for frequent walks. Just remember to maintain social distance from your fellow walkers. 

  • Random acts of kindness

When the world is in a state of panic, every little act of kindness has a significant effect. The memes you share with your friends might be the one making their entire day better. A single word of appreciation could make your team incredibly happy and productive. Make sure you keep spreading positivity even if it is simply putting out a tray of milk for a stray cat. 

  • Mindfulness and exercise

When thoughts spiral and overwhelm you, practising mindfulness and meditation can help you control your mind. With daily practice, you can observe your thoughts and feelings without letting emotions wash over you. On the other hand, exercise ensures your body produces enough endorphins – the stress relief hormone. Physical activity also regulates the body’s levels of serotonin and dopamine – the hormones that affect mood levels. Therefore, medication and exercise can help you cope with anxiety and depression in these stressful days

  • The right people

Even after all the above, you can still feel disheartened when you turn on the news. When it gets hard to be hopeful, talk to other optimistic people. Their pragmatic and encouraging words could help reignite the flame of hope within you. 

Remember, laughter and positivity are much more contagious than any virus and the world sorely needs more of both. Stay positive and you’ll make the world around you feel better too as long as you also remember to wash your hands.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The current pandemic has hurled order out of lives and plunged us into fear and uncertainty.  After remaining indoors for over a month, everyone in India is awaiting the end of this lockdown. However, we must continue to remain cautious and ease into routines slowly. Social distancing has been immensely helpful in containing the spread of the Coronavirus. While local authorities are likely to enforce certain restrictions for our well-being, associations of gated properties in Chennai must also undertake pertinent measures. We’ve put together some pointers for navigating common areas within gated communities.

Walking tracks

Walking tracks

Several residents of apartments in Chennai must be eager to resume their daily strolls. Walking is an activity that senior citizens are especially fond of but since they are most susceptible to infections, they must use a mask when stepping out of the house and maintain a distance of at least two meters from fellow walkers.

Swimming pool

It is known that swimming pools inside gated communities are safer than public pools. Nevertheless, you can verify that the pool water is properly treated (15 mg.min/l of chlorination is recommended). While it may be good to avoid using swimming pools, however well they are maintained, for a couple more months, you can keep these points in mind for when the day comes when you can take a refreshing dip in the pool.

Swimmers must:

  • Shower before and after swimming
  • Disinfect hands after touching surfaces like locker, shower taps, and door handles

Fitness centre

Along with proper diet and rest, exercise is important to maintain good health. Online fitness classes had a lot of takers during the pandemic lockdown.

Fitness Center

Here are some quick post-lockdown tips for those hitting the community gym at properties in Chennai:

  • Have an orange or Vitamin C supplement before starting your workout
  • Carry your own water, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and a towel
  • While the housekeeping team is tasked with wiping down the contact surfaces on equipments, you are encouraged to take on the responsibility to see that this is done right before and after your workout
  • As soon as you return home, take a shower and change into fresh clothes



It is best to keep the usage of elevators to a minimum. Those living on lower floors could take the stairs and leave the elevator free for use by the elderly and neighbors living on the upper floors.

While using the elevator, follow these directions to keep infections at bay:

  • Use a hand sanitizer before and after touching any of the buttons outside or inside the lift or use disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces before and after contact.
  • If there is someone else in the elevator, wait for them to reach their floor and take an empty lift. Else, maintain as much distance as possible and face away from the other person in the lift 

If you’re taking the stairs, try not to touch the railing. Wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you reach home.

Other common areas

It would be a good idea to avoid the cinema theatre and banquet halls for a few weeks post the lockdown. If you run into a friend or neighbor, avoid shaking hands and embracing. Try to maintain a distance of at least two meters. This will ensure your safety and the overall safety of the community.

Apart from the above, occupants of apartments in Chennai are advised to follow some general precautions:

  • Regularly disinfect high contact areas such as door handles and knobs, doorbell switches.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and face.
  • Cover your nose and mouth while outside.
  • Carry a hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes when you go out.
  • When outside, wash or sanitize your hands every 30 minutes.
  • Carry water and food from home.
  • Increase your intake of Vitamin C and zinc.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Maintain good sleep hygiene.

Most people in Chennai live in flats where chances of contact and infection are high. But by being mindful of our actions, we can overcome this successfully. Remember, this too shall pass.

The joy of owning a home -Four families. Four stories.

Your home tells the story of who you are—it is a place of love and adventures, it is where memories are made. Interestingly, deciding to buy a house is easier than picking the right one from a dizzying variety of residential projects in Chennai

Even ahead of its handing over, Splendour is one of our most popular properties. We believe that it is because people can truly imagine their lives here. While designing, we kept in mind the people we were building for, and their stories. These incredible journeys could be yours. Here’s life in all its splendour. 

Gender bending (s)heroes

Purchasing a house is special. But a home gifted by one’s own children is truly priceless. In a fascinating role reversal, daughters have progressed from inheriting properties to presenting them. The women of today are fiercely independent with a keen sense of responsibility. Buying a house for parents is a beautiful expression of love and assures the much-needed security in old age. Kavita, a 28-year old genetic engineer working in Switzerland, shares her heartwarming story:

“I have seen my parents slog to give me the best of everything. My dad always hoped to buy a house but he willingly gave up his dream to sponsor my Master’s degree in the U.S. So, on his birthday I wanted to surprise him with the keys to a new house. After looking at several flats in Chennai, I carefully chose a beautiful 2BHK in Appaswamy’s Splendour, a gated community with 24-hour power backup, a nice walking track, lots of greenery, and even a theatre. It will be a relief to see my parents finally relax and spend their retirement gleefully, in the comfort of their own home.”


Life outside the man box

There was a time not too long ago, when men were breadwinners and women were in charge of meals. But today, gender compartments are crumbling faster than sand castles. We have observed an increase in the number of men living alone in flats in Chennai and surprisingly, they run the kitchen with the same aplomb that they run their jobs. Matthew, a 28-year old Chartered Accountant says:

“This apartment was one of my first and best investments. I have always been independent and enjoyed solo-living. After a long hard day at work, I like to unwind at my own pace – go for a run or a swim, read a book, cook a nice meal, a glass of wine, things like that. Freedom and privacy are very important to me, nonetheless the parties I throw are legendary!”

Your house, your rules

Young couples are fast tracking their retirement by working doubly hard and investing in property. They are giving themselves and their parents privacy and building their own nests. Apartments with easy accessibility, amenities like fitness centers, and good eat-outs in the neighborhood find favor among new home buyers committed to building a future together.

“My husband and I work hard, exercise harder, and party hardest. We wanted to cut short the time we spend on the road, so we bought an apartment in OMR, close to both our offices. With a modern gym, well-kept gardens, and several great restaurants in the vicinity, our swanky new apartment checks all the boxes.”

– Archana, Information Systems Manager

Bid farewell to compromises

Life is a rush in the modern society and parents with young kids juggle several important responsibilities. Oftentimes, tiresome commutes keep them from being fully involved in the lives of their kids. It is only natural that homebuyers looking for new projects in Chennai prioritize proximity to work and school over other factors. Raghavan and Vishaka, discovered a perfect haven in Appaswamy Splendour. 

“We both have demanding jobs that keep us in office for long hours. We currently stay close to our kids’ school which is on the other end of our workplace. We are more than thrilled to have bought an apartment in Appaswamy Splendour. It is a stone’s throw away from work and there’s a leading international school in the vicinity. There is a well-equipped gym, play areas, a big swimming pool, and beautiful gardens. It’s a win for everyone in the family, no more compromises. We can’t wait to move in!”

– Raghavan, RPA Project Manager 

What do you look for while buying a home? Let us know in the comments below.


Step into your dream home anytime, from anywhere

The current pandemic situation has demonstrated that an owned house can save us from the uncertainties of rented apartments. Apart from being an investment, a house provides safety and security during a crisis. In March this year, RBI reduced repo rates, making home loans more accessible to buyers. Post the lockdown, as life inches towards normalcy, owning a home will definitely be a priority among many. We’re here to help you spend this quarantine planning for the future with your loved ones. Experience the best properties in Chennai from the safety of your home with Appaswamy’s Panoramic Virtual Tours, without the need for a sales person around. 

We have handpicked these amazing apartments for sale in Chennai for you. Take your time and explore these properties on the couch with your family. Our sales team is working to make all details accessible to you, and are happy to answer any queries you may have. 

Capella – An escape from the city, in the city

Start your tour here

Capella is a gorgeous residential project in Vadapalani, one of the busiest areas in Chennai. Built around lush gardens, it is the ideal home for anyone who loves nature and tranquility. The property’s prime location on Arcot Road entitles its residents to excellent connectivity and great convenience. The metro station, bus stops, hospitals, health care centers, retail shopping centers, movie theaters, schools, and places of worship are a hop, skip and jump away. Amenities inside the apartment complex include a scenic walking track, fitness center, swimming pool, banquet hall, play area for kids, and a theatre.

When life is on full throttle, the best place to pull the brakes is at Capella. 

Splendour – For work-life balance

 Click here to join us on a virtual tour of the apartments. 

Over the last two decades, the rapid increase in IT and ITES companies in Old Mahabalipuram Road has led to tremendous urban development, both in population and land area. Many people considering apartments for sale in Chennai prefer OMR, given its proximity to leading multinational offices. Appaswamy’s Splendour, being well-connected to the IT corridor, saves travel time. The property lies close to several quiet beaches, specialty restaurants, and malls, so there is no shortage of entertainment. In trying to reduce the carbon footprint, all the common areas are lit with sustainable solar energy. Splendour is the quintessential home for professionals wanting to work, unwind, and repeat.

Clover By The River – Urban luxury redefined

Get a taste of one of these homes here

Clover is a one-of-its-kind property located close to the Adyar river, consciously constructed to ensure that nature takes precedence. The apartments occupy only 19% of the area while the rest is left to greenery and amenities. Residents are cradled in luxury thanks to specially selected, high-quality designer hardware for their homes. The breathtaking view of the river and plants is a royal treat for the eyes and the soul.

The purchase of a house is a milestone. Whether you want to live in the city or away, you can find Appaswamy properties in Chennai that perfectly suit your needs. Enjoy the remote tour of our apartments and compare houses, at your own pace, at your convenience. 

We hope to welcome you in person soon. Until then stay safe and stay positive!

Through the Looking Glass

The coastline is not just a weekend getaway for the residents of Azure The Oceanic, as it is for most. With an impressive glass facade mirroring the gorgeous blues of the sea and sky, this sixteen-storied, ultra luxurious condominium offers a 360° panoramic view of the city.

Azure The Oceanic, Santhome High Road, Chennai

The finest builders in Chennai bring you a project so magnificent that it paves the way for luxury design and living in India. While it may seem counterintuitive to install floor-to-ceiling glass exteriors in a tropical climate, the sheer grandeur of Azure demands tireless excellence, where reality simply must match the vision. On a quest to deliver the best of architecture and lifestyle to these premium apartments in Chennai, our team travelled across the globe, and brought to Chennai the Alumil Smartia M12500, a series of glass curtain walls and facades, befitting the magnificence of Azure.

Azure The Oceanic, Santhome High Road, Chennai

Alumil, headquartered in the industrial area of Stavrochori Kilkis, Greece, is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminium architectural systems. Their curtain walls use advanced thermal engineering to allow maximum sunlight, while maintaining a cool interior. The ingenious sliding system in these windows allows for minimal frames that best suit the contemporary interiors of Azure. 

The extremely durable glass walls and perimetrical locking mechanisms protect against natural calamities, and offer robust security. With so much natural light streaming in during the day, our builders in Chennai envisioned a sustainable lifestyle with Alumil, taking into consideration the reduction in electricity consumption.

Our commitment to perfection is amplified with Alumil’s products, which are certified and accredited by various global institutions, such as Ift Rosenheim (Germany), AAMA (USA), and many more. We are proud to have partnered with an eco-conscious company that focuses on recycling and reducing waste disposal through various initiatives including water recycling, electrical energy saving, chrome-free dying processes, and eco-friendly lamps, among others. 

As the world rapidly adopts sustainable living practices, the demand for Alumil’s products are also on the rise. Today, their innovations take center stage at iconic locations such as the Google Offices in New York, the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, and the Green Plaza in Athens. 

Azure The Oceanic, Santhome High Road, Chennai

We believe that Azure is truly one of its kind in Chennai, and it deserves only the finest. There is no better way to have our residents experience the charming cosmopolitan life in all its glory, than with the apex of engineering, and architectural perfection of Alumil.

If you’re on the lookout for premium apartments in Chennai, look no further. For more information on Azure The Oceanic, visit our website.

From Gallery To Home: A Look Into The Lustrous Lifestyle Azure The Oceanic Promises

Over the millenia, humans have always looked at beginnings with hope – a new year, a birthday, a new job, and of course, a new home. While we celebrate these ‘milestones’ with pomp and splendour, rarely do we take the time to consider the potential they hold for us. While resolutions are dime a dozen, how often can you be sure that making a crucial decision will affect your life in an unimaginable way? At Azure The Oceanic, the best of premium apartments in Chennai, we promise you that this new beginning is a new lease on life!

The best that premium apartments have to offer!

In our endeavour to mould one of Chennai’s first ultra-luxury apartments, we have pulled out all the stops! From the uber upscale location in Santhome, to liaising with the award winning WOW architects, we have taken every step on this journey towards the realisation of the singular vision that is Azure.

Model Apartment, Azure The Oceanic

Every way you turn at these luxury flats in Chennai, you will find only the highest of quality in every material whether it is the Greek marble flooring, the top-of-the-line kitchen appliances, supreme window technology from Alumil, or the elegant fittings and fixtures.

Call us today to book a private showing of the model home at one of the top premium apartments in Chennai.

A home that is ready for you.

As a metropolitan city, Chennai now offers scenic sights, luxe shopping destinations, ritzy automotives, and so much more. Azure now stands amidst all of it as a shining beacon, ready for the superachievers to call home. 

Model Apartment, Azure The Oceanic

After the success of our sales gallery, our finished model apartments have become the talk of the town. Just like the building blocks of the property, every piece of decor and furniture has been handpicked from around the world.

Model Apartment, Azure The Oceanic

So come and experience the elevated lifestyle you deserve at Azure, the best of luxury flats in Chennai. Our model apartments are now open for viewing.

New Year. New Glow.

Have you ever felt like the sands of the hourglass are flowing quicker than ever before? The routines of life seamlessly blend each day into another. However, a few moments stand out like beacons of joy and excitement. We’re sure New Year’s Eve 2020 was one such day for the residents of Appaswamy’s Bloomingdale at Pammal.

As the world geared up to greet the new year with good vibes, Bloomingdale radiated bright and colourful energy thanks to the neon themed party thrown by the amazing team from Radio Mirchi. The vivid-coloured wristbands, glowsticks, powders, and an epic backlit dance floor offered the residents an exciting space to party. And boy did they let loose and introduce their inner party animals to the world!


A night of incredible food, invigorating music, and fun games turned the day into a beautiful memory, and we were overjoyed to give our residents a night to remember. Food trucks and live snack counters kept the gastronomers happy with mouth-watering delicacies, while a wide range of carnival-style game stalls kept the little ones entertained and out of trouble. 


Emcee Pascal’s magnetic personality and witty anecdotes held the crowd’s rapt attention all through the evening. He even had the residents take part in some friendly neighbourhood competition. The night then took a musical turn as AD and the Band, and DJ Munna took turns occupying centrestage. The audience thoroughly appreciated and wildly cheered on both sets, and many even joined the artists by singing and dancing to the beats.

There was only the euphoria of a new year and new beginnings, and we are sure this Neon New Year Party will go down as an unforgettable event of 2019 for the residents of The Bloomingdale.

New year, new home, new you

At the close of 2019, we were left gawking at all the time that went by, and the growing bucket list. Now, early into 2020, things are already looking up, and it feels like this year will herald the beginning of delightful stories, of daring dreams accomplished, and pave the way for hope and positivity. Finding a home and making it theirs, is a lifelong dream for many, and with the rising number of flats for sale in Chennai, it seems almost simple to say that it will soon be a reality for many. But there’s more to it than four walls. At Appaswamy, we are dedicated to making elegant homes that drive lifestyles through our new projects in Chennai. 

Sprawled across the bustling metropolis, from Adyar to Arcot road to Siruseri, we take immense pride in contributing to the phenomenal infrastructure of the city. Promoting sustainable living through smart planning and thoughtful construction methods, our properties are always looking to offer its residents something beyond the ordinary.

Here’s a roundup of our new projects in Chennai:

Clover By The River, Kotturpuram

Constructed along the Adyar river, Clover By the River is a crown jewel set in the heart of Kotturpuram, overlooking a scenic skyline interspersed with the quaint buzz from neighboring areas such as the Boat Club and Adyar. This gated community spread across 60 grounds of prime property in the ultra-premium neighborhood of Chennai, comes fully equipped with safety measures, eco-friendly lighting systems, upscale clubhouse and gymnasium, along with a luxurious swimming pool. 

Capella, Vadapalani

Amidst the buzz of Arcot Road, Capella is a property that is contemporary, urban and stylish. With access to multiplexes, fine educational institutions, workspaces, premier health services, commercial avenues, and cultural activities, Vadapalani gives that extra mileage in terms of its residential outlook. 

Splendour, Semmenchery, OMR

Surrounded by the vast IT corridor and various lifestyle attractions, Splendour is titled appropriately. With the steady demand for new flats for sale in Chennai, Splendour is nothing short of opulence and is a landmark to reckon with on OMR. Commuting to and from work is not a hassle anymore, as convenience and style are realities in the world of OMR. 

Habit@t, Siruseri

Right behind the SIPCOT IT park rests Habit@t, a world contained in itself. Set on 40 grounds of nature, habitat, and culture, it is neighbors with premier medical institutions and IT giants. With real estate in the Siruseri area constantly appreciating, buying a flat would be a worthwhile investment.  

Azure, Santhome 

Where history meets modernity, Azure is a name to reckon with. Chennai’s landmark Marina beach, Santhome Church, and home to the who’s who of Chennai, the locality boasts elegance and sophistication. Neighbors with the Chepauk Stadium, and the Madras Boat Club, one is never short of sporty endeavors here. The condo of your dreams is at Azure, with scenic views and an uber luxurious lifestyle, not to mention world-class facilities. 

Bloomingdale, Pammal

Bloomingdale is all set to redefine paradigms and community living, with environment-friendly construction methods and luxurious facilities. With an exclusive clubhouse for the residential community, along with a giant swimming pool and mini theatre, while being serviced by a large retail supermarket, living at Bloomingdale cannot get better.

The new year brings in fantastic new tidings, a hopeful message of synchronicity and the coming together of exciting things. When we are in the wake of positivity and hope, there is so much renewed energy in us, that brings a new flavour and dimension to our perceptions, adding colour and joy to your lives. Move into the new year and your new home, and here’s wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

The World On OMR

Old Mahabalipuram Road is synonymous with growth, and progress. What was the only course to blue seas and road trips just a couple of decades ago, OMR is now a citadel of corporate dreams and fascinating lifestyles. Homes along the OMR stretch reflect the bustle of life, with vehicles hustling and people brimming with purpose.

Space for everyone

 Splendour, OMR

For those who wish to unwind and untangle from the humdrum of Chennai, OMR is a haven to relax by the beach, go jogging with your spouse, or play fetch with your dog. A world in itself, living by the OMR puts you in touch with various leisure activities for the body and mind that you don’t often come across – especially after a long day at work. With several new apartments in OMR being gated communities, forging communal relationships with the neighbours and the larger community ensures safe and harmonious living. 

Infrastructure & Connectivity

With the IT corridor stretching for miles, the landscape of the suburb has now transformed to house varied amenities, that are relished by the several thousands of families who live along the corridor. From budget eateries to fancy restaurants, window shopping to club-hopping, state-of-the-art malls to banquet halls, and hospitals with world-class facilities, OMR is a confluence of several lifestyles, entertainment, culture, and tradition. Among several properties in Chennai, one can find convenience and connectivity in OMR like nowhere else. With top schools and colleges focussing on OMR for furthering education, there is more localisation and space for children to move around. With several modes of public transport systems, connectivity has never been better to and from OMR.  

A matter of convenience

Information disseminates quickly owing to the dynamic audience spread  across the length and breadth of the suburb. To stay on top of their game, every establishment, big or small, puts their best foot forward in terms of service or products they offer. New apartments in OMR ensure that safety and security is a part of their blueprint, along with quintessential luxury. Along with these, convenience to residents takes priority as retailers and other service providers constantly fill in the gaps to make sure that the customer is happy. 

Appreciative living

OMR is booming in the real estate market for properties in Chennai. Several builders in Chennai are opting to construct properties on OMR because the quality of living is constantly on the rise. Land is continually appreciating, and a large section of the society is able to afford the property prices. 

 Splendour, OMR

A house on OMR is a fantastic investment, offering substantial long-term returns. Water and other essentials have always been in abundance. With new strategic initiatives being deployed, land appreciation along with lifestyles are only going to be on the rise on OMR. 

Our premium residential projects are the face of luxury and convenience. With so much going on here, it’s hard to ignore the callsign to experience a culturally rich and improved living.