Sustainability in Design: Then and Now

In eras bygone, architects had a ubiquitous tendency to draw inspiration from their surroundings. From bamboo houses in early Chinese civilization to dry stone walls in Rome, builders used locally available materials and designs that accentuated natural advantages to create sustainable architecture

Indian architecture was also heavily influenced by climate response and community living. Take the stepwell structures in Western India: they were an essential utilitarian feature, addressing water seasonality in the subcontinent. The deep stepwells provided people access to groundwater year-round, kept the building cool on the hottest days, and even doubled as a space for social and ceremonial gatherings. 

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Over the last few decades, as climate consciousness has become integral to urban living, water conservation has made a comeback in architectural design, namely as rainwater harvesting systems that draw inspiration from these ancient storage practices. 

Many other early building principles like large courtyards to encourage natural air ventilation and lighting, local stones for building materials that help with temperature control, and more green spaces, are finding a place in modern construction. Builders and buyers alike are eschewing carbon-dense construction choices like cement or other chic imported materials in favour of more sustainable choices.

Living the Altezza Way

Altezza, Appaswamy’s new apartments in OMR, has been designed at this intersection of traditional Indian design, principles of modern sustainable architecture, and urban lifestyle. It is constructed using locally-sourced stones that reduce the overall carbon footprint. Rainwater harvesting systems, solar-powered lights in common areas and a water softening plant ensure judicious use of all-natural resources.

New apartments in OMR

On the design front, vertical gardens on every level encourage fresh air for all families while inter-block courtyards provide cross ventilation and plenty of light. Taking a page out of stepwell culture, our rooftop gardens, swimming pool, children’s play area and fitness centres provide ample communal spaces for socialization. High-tech security systems, power backup and plush interiors, on the other hand, bring urban sophistication into your private spaces. 

With Altezza, we are taking a step into India’s evolving identity where ancient heritage, sustainable architectureand contemporary living converge to deliver a responsible urban living experience. Call +91 8056006033 for more about these brand new apartments in OMR.

Azure The Oceanic: A Fairytale Brought To Life

Properties in Chennai

There is a home in the clouds, where the cerulean sea meets the azure sky. 

Does this sound like the start of a fairytale to you? Well, we feel the same. But it’s not a tale of dreams and fantasy. In fact, this could be the start of your story at Azure The Oceanic. Here’s why these premium apartments in Chennai could be the best decision you ever make.

A Resplendent Facade

One look at the imposing facade of Azure The Oceanic and people can hardly contain their wonder. Every inch of this modern architectural masterpiece is an ode to the sea. The car concourse emulates lapping waves, while the Seashell Pavillion represents life on shore. 

Luxury homes in Chennai

Azure is expertly designed by renowned Singaporean WOW architects with two interlocking blocks that create an L-shaped structure. This layout, when paired with glass facades on two of the four sides of the building, results in residences that enjoy uninterrupted views of the ocean, river and cityscape.

Lavish Interiors

Premium apartments in Chennai

We’re bringing world-class sophistication to these premium apartments in Chennai. With Germany in the kitchen, Greece on the walls and Italy in every piece of wood, Azure homes are primed for entertaining. The smooth Volakas marble alludes to the grandeur of Grecian art and architecture, while the Masterchef-style wet and dry kitchens of Azure come furnished with German-made Miele appliances that make cooking an absolute breeze. 

Ready to move in apartments chennai

A wall of glazed Alumil windows from Greece proudly showcases the panoramic vistas of the Bay of Bengal, the eastern sky and Chennai’s striking skyline. Yet, these energy-efficient windows ensure that the living space remains cool even in the height of summer. 

An Exclusive Lifestyle

Aside from its breathtaking architecture and interiors, Azure is also designed to offer an unparalleled lifestyle. In a city that is getting exceedingly crowded, Azure offers three floors just for the car park and the clubhouse. The clubhouse gives residents access to luxurious amenities such as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a private theatre. 

Azure’s designs account for safety and utmost convenience by bringing every luxury imaginable to your fingertips. Access-controlled elevators lead straight to an exclusive elevator lounge within your apartment which then leads to a digitally locked main door. You can also control the security systems, lighting, temperature and other smart furnishings – all at the touch of a button!

Want one of these premium apartments in Chennai?

Azure homes will be ready for handover as early as March 2021. That’s less than 3 months away! So, are you ready to make your home in the sky?

Luxury By The River: A Home for The Elite

Luxury homes in Chennai

There are no compromises when it comes to choosing the right home for yourself, especially when our homes are slowly becoming our whole world. Step away from the congestion of the city and make your home in an oasis of luxury. At Clover By The River, we bring together nature’s serenity, timeless aesthetics, urban comforts and an unmatched ambience to give you the quality of life you deserve. These luxury homes in Chennai have something for everyone.

For The Creative

You don’t always need to retreat to a solitary destination for inspiration to strike. At Clover, simply step into the bay window and let the ever-changing panoramic river view tickle your imagination. Or, you could traverse the green lanes of Kotturpuram to kindle your creativity. When you live in a green world, inspiration is aplenty.

For The Athletic

Are you a gym enthusiast who’d enjoy Clover’s fabulously fitted gym, or a track athlete who’d prefer the jogging track, instead? Better yet, how about starting your Sunday mornings with a game of badminton or futsal? Staying fit is more important than ever before. But, there are many ways to a healthier lifestyle and Clover has something for everyone’s needs.

Futsal field

For The Ardent

Right from the stellar reception to the exquisitely designed banquet space, Clover makes an impression that’s bound to awe your guests. Yet, your address is more than a reflection of your net worth. Life at the right luxury homes in Chennai can fuel your passion and be the wind in your sails. Words like traffic and tardy lose their meaning with a home in Chennai’s most elite neighbourhood. After all, you are never more than a few minutes away from anywhere.

Bay windows

For The Naturalist

Everyone needs to find inner peace and zen in life, but you can’t always go to a mountain in search of peace and quiet. With 70% of the property covered in greenery, Clover boasts rich flora that creates a completely natural ambience. These luxury homes in Chennai also come with a plethora of outdoor amenities such as the game courts, kids play areas, jogging tracks and meditative spaces that bring the goodness of nature, right to your doorstep.

Want to live a life of luxury by September 2021? Come book your place in this urban paradise.

How 2020 Has Transformed The Housing Sector

Blog cover with our apartments in Chennai

A couple of decades back, gold and real estate topped most of our lists as safe investment options for our hard-earned money. However, in an increasingly globalised world, the convenience of renting proved to be the top choice for millennials and Gen Z. It allowed us to change cities or even countries in the blink of an eye. That is – until a global health crisis wrecked all plans. The current pandemic has reshaped the way we see our homes and apartments in Chennai.

Here are our three key takeaways from 2020:

Home is our most important asset

With people forced to stay indoors, the three months of lockdown inadvertently altered the course of Chennai’s housing sector. It has shown us the vital role of homes. While the quarantine period caused a sharp and unforeseeable slump in the market, it’s well on its way to recovery. In fact, it’s thriving like never before! On December 14th 2020, Tamil Nadu recorded the highest property registrations on a single day in three years.

IT/ITES sector fuels Chennai’s housing demand

As a tech-driven economy with sound public infrastructure, well-connected roadways, railways and metro systems, and a plethora of scenic neighbourhoods, Chennai remains attractive to a lot of homebuyers. In particular, the city’s IT/ITES hubs — one of the few industries untouched by the ill-effects of the pandemic — fuels the demand for apartments in Chennai. Of the total sales in the city, over 83% can be attributed to localities across OMR, Chennai West, and GST. Ready-to-move-in homes in these areas, such as our Splendour in Semmenchery, are some of the fastest moving inventory in the city.

Splendour living room

The home experience matters 

At Appaswamy, we’ve always believed that life’s best experiences happen at home. That’s why our apartments in Chennai come loaded with every feature a resident could possibly need. Over 50% of units priced above ₹5 Cr, and 59% of units priced between ₹2-5 Cr have been sold, proving that people are willing to go the extra mile for a home that makes staying indoors a joy.

Azure Club House

With the reduction in reverse repo rate, an extension of the moratorium on EMIs, and deferring of working capital interest, the government has also eased the strain on the industry. Therefore, now’s the best time to consider investing in a brand new apartment in Chennai

2020 Christmas Checklist: How To Make Merry at Home

Time to bid 2020 adieu at long last, but we have just enough time for one last send-off party – Christmas! Let’s be honest, we’ve never had a greater reason to be excited for the end of this year. So, even if we spend the day inside our apartments in Chennai, let’s celebrate with plenty of Christmas cheer. 

Here are a few ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive:

You deserve a de-light-ful space!

Get in the right spirit by giving your home a festive makeover. Bring out the Christmas tree, light up some candles, and switch on the tea lights. Deck your space in red, green and gold fabrics and decor. Don’t forget the windows and balconies. Let the world know you are celebrating by draping the curtains with stars and fairy lights.

Drink a mug full of positivi-Tea

Whether it’s a cup of hot tea, a spa night, or journaling every day of the week leading up to the 25th, make a positive change to your daily routine. Let your mind and body indulge in a bout of self-care. At our apartments in Chennai, you can use the fully-fitted gym and jogging tracks to your advantage.

Bake the world a better place

Sometimes, happiness is as simple as a freshly baked cake. Nothing spells joy quite like baked treats, no matter whether it’s a simple choco-chip cookie, a gateau with infinite layers of cream and fruit, or the seasonal favourite – rum-soaked plum cakes. (Ever tried one of those mouth-watering treats made every year by our team at The Residency?) 

Handmade gifts of love

Want this year’s Christmas gifts to be meaningful? Then, try making them yourself. Whether it’s a box of homemade treats or a piece of jewellery, your loved ones are sure to appreciate your effort.

All aboard the Christmas Express!

The Polar Express or the Hogwarts Express – which trip do you want to take? Either way, it’s that time of the year to get cosy, binge on popcorn and make time for our favourite Christmas movies of all time.

There you have it. The perfect recipe to make merry within our apartments in Chennai. Do you have a Christmas checklist? Let us know below.

Everyone’s A Champ at Appaswamy

All work and no play makes us dull people. Never before has this proverb felt more true. Working from home has obliterated the boundaries between personal and work life. Sometimes, it feels like we’re constantly in ‘work mode’. This year has shown us the acute need for apartment amenities that encourage people to disconnect from the internet. And the best thing about it is, Appaswamy’s flats in Chennai always include one or more sports facilities.

  • Squash Your Stress

Apartments for sale in Chennai
Squash Court at Cerus

Got the mid-week blues? Are deadlines looming over you? Or has the weather got you down? Whatever the reason, take your stress out on the wall as much as you want. The squash courts at Cerus are always open for our residents.

  • Yoga En Plein Air

Properties in Chennai
Yoga Pavilion at The Bloomingdale

The open, airy gazebo at The Bloomingdale is the perfect spot to practice surya namaskars during sunrise, and pranayamas in the evening breeze. This outdoor space also makes you feel at one with the world even as you focus on your inner self.

  • Make a Racquet

If you ever wanted to test your stability, strength and agility, pick up a badminton racquet. Regular practice can burn away excess fat, tone your muscles and give you the lean body you’ve been working towards. At Clover, you have a tournament-sized court to play this ‘backyard’ sport.

  • Kick The Blues

Futsal Court at Clover By The River

While the game of football rules the world, it’s futsal that reigns supreme at our flats in Chennai. From ball control to tactics, the two sports have many similarities. Even die-hard football fans could test their game at the ‘micro’ level before playing in the big leagues. Not that the court at Clover could be called ‘micro’ by any stretch of the imagination.

  • It’s All Going Swimmingly!

Budget flats in Chennai
Swimming Pool at Cerus

Water, in all its form, brings a sense of tranquility. Today, most properties in Chennai include swimming pools as part of the apartment amenities. At Azure, you have the option of taking a relaxing evening in your private pool or using the Olympic-sized infinity pool at the clubhouse to train like a champion. Either way, plunge in and watch all your worries float away. 

From Bloomberg to Harvard, numerous studies have proven the neurochemical benefits of physical activity. By offering these amenities in our properties, we ensure that our residents have everything they need to be happier versions of themselves. However, this list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the facilities in our flats in Chennai. Watch this space next week to know what else we left out.

Kollywood’s Tryst with Chennai

Movies that paint a beautiful vignette of Chennai

As one of India’s oldest cities, every nook and corner of Chennai has a story waiting to be told. Filmmakers and cinematographers have portrayed various streets and lanes in myriad ways. In this blog, let’s take a look at the movies that paint a beautiful vignette of our beloved city.


This gripping political thriller by Director PA Ranjith took us through the life of youngsters of Vyasarpadi. From dilapidated housing boards and ‘gana’ songs to league-worthy football skills, this movie captures the true essence of a neighbourhood that’s an integral part of everything quintessentially Chennai.


A little bit of thriller, action and dark humour sprinkled atop a romantic story, it is hard to box this film under one label. Just like the neighbourhood it is set in, this movie from Alphonse Puthuren has something for everybody. The movie paints a nostalgic picture of the tree-covered lanes of Mandaveli.


20 years ago, just a few metres from where Azure The Oceanic stands today, actor Madhavan rode his way to fame jamming to ‘endrendrum punnagai’. To date, Alaipayuthey remains the hallmark of romance in Chennai. With scenes that take us through suburban trains, beautiful temples and the Marina beach, the movie effortlessly captures the sights, sounds and spirit of Chennai in the early 90s’. 


In this film, we travel back in time to pre-Independence days when Chennai was Madras. The film shows us a time that few Chennaites today could remember. It shows an age when the Buckingham Canal and the Cooum river were not filthy and clogged up, but was a sight to behold. Art director Selva Kumar’s expertly laid set shows us how Chennai’s emblematic places like the Central station and Mount Road used to look. We also get a glimpse of the tram network prevalent in India’s metros back in the day.

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal

While this story takes place across multiple cities, the movie begins with a beautiful villa at OMR and moves on to a driving scene where the lead actor Dulquer Salman expertly navigates his way through the IT corridor. However, in real life, only a house at Altezza could help navigate through early morning traffic. 

Hope you enjoyed this view of the city we live and love. Did we miss any of your favourite films set in Chennai? Comment and let us know.

A Sneak Peek into 2021

2020 has been a rollercoaster with few peaks and plenty of deep valleys. However, through the ups and downs, we have understood the undeniable value of a home. In particular, we recognised the importance of having a space that brings the world to us even at a time when we cannot go outside.

In that vein, here are a few of our properties in Chennai to keep an eye out for in 2021.

Azure The Oceanic

Flats in Chennai
Azure The Oceanic, Santhome

(Ready in March 2021)

Ever wanted a castle in the clouds? Azure is a mansion in the sky overlooking the beautiful Bay of Bengal. It is a breathtaking ocean-front dwelling at Santhome designed by the renowned Singaporean WOW Architects. At Azure, we bring a whole new world of luxury to the heart of Chennai. Serene interiors, private lounges, expansive spaces and world-class clubhouse amenities are just the tip of the iceberg.

Clover By The River

Apartments for sale in Adyar
Clover By The River, Kotturpuram


(Ready in September 2021)

Are you tired of honking cars and forever busy lanes? Miss blissful mornings of quiet serenity? Then perhaps it’s time to consider a home at Clover. With over 80% of the property covered in greenery, this property at Kotturpuram can be the perfect place to calm your mind and soothe your soul. Luxury takes the form of subtle sophistication at Clover. The plush apartments come with amenities that help you savour the best of life. Plus, each apartment comes with bay windows that allow you to step into a scenic view and be one with nature. 


Apartments for sale in Adyar
Capella, Arcot Road, Vadapalani

(Ready in October 2021)

What is urban lifestyle? Is it access to endless work opportunities? Is it a hub of entertainment? Or is it life amidst a cultured community? However you define it, Capella is at its apex. This apartment complex at Vadapalani brings you to a place with excellent personal and social infrastructure as well as plenty of work opportunities. The thriving neighbourhood is a key part of Chennai’s rich cultural heritage, yet there’s still room for a plethora of dining options, shopping malls and entertainment centres. 

There are our top three properties in Chennai to keep an eye out in 2021. Each apartment has its own unique attraction, yet they all have one thing in common. And that’s our dedication to creating a whole world within your home so you have everything you need even when you can’t go out to meet the world. 

Neighbourhood Transformation: Pammal

Pammal's transformation through the lens of builders in Chennai

As winter approaches, it is natural to feel a little nostalgic. This year marks our 60th anniversary of building properties in Chennai and we can’t help but think about how it all started. Delve back in time with us and take a look at Pammal, the place that kick started our journey as property builders in Chennai

When the Indian market opened its door to the rest of the world, Chennai became the Detroit of India. Manufacturing and automobile companies flocked to the city. Most of them set up shop on SEZ corridor on the GST road.

60 Years Ago

Plenty of suburban clusters cropped up along the GST road, the most popular being Pallavaram. However, as GST Road increased in popularity, the surrounding locale was slowly urbanised. At that time, Pammal was just another little known area on the outskirts of the city, 3 kms away from the highway and right next to the airport. 

A Leap of Faith

6 decades ago, one railway clerk took a big gambit and bought 100 acres of land here. The real estate project here became one of our first properties in Chennai and put the quiet lanes of Pammal on people’s radar. Customers were excited to be away from the cacophony of the city without making daily commute an unbearable chore. Soon the area transformed into a go-to place for residential dwellings. 

A Sustainable Community

The community in and around our property in Pammal were an eco-conscious group. A women’s association in this neighbourhood began a waste management initiative in 1994. This model is now replicated by all municipal corporations in Chennai as well as a few other cities.

A World at Your Door

While the allure of Pammal remains undiminished, there is still room for more. We’re ready to show the neighbourhood a whole new level of luxury with our latest property, Superette. The shopping mall opened just outside The Bloomingdale has everything from grocery shopping to retail therapy and gourmet dining options. 

As builders in Chennai, we’ve seen Pammal change from a small, indistinguishable area to a thriving residential hub within Chennai. And, we’re excited to keep contributing to this community of heart-warming people.


Interested in living at Pammal? Have a look at The Bloomingdale.

Life Made Fun at Pammal

Builders in Chennai

Pammal is one of the few pockets in the city that is close enough to everywhere, yet still far away from the cacophony that comes with urban life. Its tree-lined streets are the relaxing welcome most people need at the end of a long day, but with enough room to have a little more fun. That’s where we, the best builders in Chennai, come in.

Here’s how The Bloomingdale elevates life at Pammal to the next level.

An amalgamation of the finest luxuries

These apartments in Chennai come with luxurious amenities available exclusively for our homeowners. While the enchanting banquet halls are perfect for celebrations, the fully-equipped fitness centres are readily available for all your wellness needs. You can also catch the latest blockbuster films at your convenience at the mini private theatre. The clubhouse is the best spot to practice your carrom backshot and compete against the neighbourhood chess champions.

The world comes to you

Why do we step out of our homes? For work, to hit the gym, to hang out with friends, to shop, to buy our essentials? What if we said you can do all this right at home? Aside from the gym and the movie theatre, these are one of the few apartments in Chennai where you have a grocery store, supermarket, pharmacy as well as a luxury shopping mall right outside your door. 


Where happy equals healthy

The landscaped grounds of The Bloomingdale are the perfect place to get some fresh air and rejuvenate the mind. Destress yourself with a few trips around the walking tracks or find inner peace by meditating on one of the nearby park benches. The exquisite yoga space helps balance our chaotic daily routine and savour a few moments of tranquillity. Swimming is another fun way to stay in shape and improve your endurance. 

New flats for sale in Chennai
The Bloomingdale, Pammal

With every property, Appaswamy strives to add value to the lives of our homeowners. The above points are just a few ways in which, as leading builders in Chennai, add colour to your life at Pammal.