3 ways to make moving easier for kids

Milestone events like moving to a new home, fill us with a giddy sense of excitement. However, our children may experience it quite differently. For them, relocating can feel like being uprooted from their ecosystem.

This is why we must prepare kids for the move and turn a potentially disruptive experience into a positive one.

Communication is key 

Once you know you are moving, have a family sit-down to openly discuss the decision with everyone. Share your reasons for taking this big step, help your kids grasp your purpose for relocating and highlight the things the whole family can benefit from the move.

Be understanding if your children are not immediately thrilled by the news. Some may worry about losing their classmates and neighbourhood friends, while others will worry they’ll have to leave their toys behind. By knowing what upsets them, you can find the best way to comfort them, soothe their worries, and maybe offer a resolution as well!

New adventures and memories await

Before the move, try to visit the new house and neighbourhood. This can be done virtually too, through photos and videos of the house, and online maps of surrounding areas. This helps kids visualise their new life in a new home.

It can also be helpful to paint verbal pictures of the new memories and rituals you’ll be able to create. Share your ideas for some family downtime, like picnics in parks, drives to the beach, and potential weekend play dates at your new home with old friends.

Talk about the amenities available at your new place to create an air of excitement as well. For instance, our flats for sale in Chennai come with indoor games, playgrounds, rooftop swimming pools, mini home theatres, and a clubhouse. Your kids will never run out of things they’ll want to do!

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Whether it’s a couple of streets away or to a whole new city altogether, moving entails several different decisions. What items do you take and which ones do you throw away? Should you take this opportunity to upgrade your furniture and appliances?

Include your kids in all these decisions to declutter, reorganize, and redecorate the new house. It will give them a sense of control that they may not feel otherwise.

If you have teenagers, then consider brainstorming decor ideas with them. You can even have them create Pinterest boards for their bedroom and work together to bring their vision to life. It will get them to view the move as something to look forward to!

Start a new life, king-size

Your family and you deserve the best. With amenities abound and homes encased in greenery, you’ll settle right into the lap of luxury and comfort at our new flats for sale in Chennai! Contact us to know more.

Making sustainability a way of life

The swiftness with which we saw nature rebound during the pandemic has given us renewed hope. It showed us that changing our ways can have an almost immediate impact on the environment. Sustainable architecture is one such bold step in this direction. 

Using sustainable building materials, construction methods and land usage from the get-go can ensure minimal environmental impact. The final structure itself also empowers residents to lead an eco-friendly way of life for years to come.

Here are the top 5 ways to construct sustainable structures:

  • Environment-friendly material and practices

Green alternatives and recycled construction materials limit environmental damage. These work to reduce the depletion of natural resources and the release of pollutants into the environment. For example, our new apartments in OMR use aerocon blocks instead of conventional concrete ones! Using this reduces the consumption of cement, which excessively uses up or pollutes water, while also releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

Using a precast foundation, which factors the site’s soil type and past usage, is another good practice. This is more durable, and consequently easier to maintain.

  • Passive and active design

The world is ours for the taking, but we have to go about it responsibly. Passive tactics like designing structures to maximise natural lighting help cut down the energy consumption of a home. Large windows and spacious balconies enable cross-ventilation too. This can create pleasant indoor climates. 

Active design strategies involve coordinating with engineers to implement highly efficient plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems to reduce the usage of power-hungry appliances. This, in turn, reduces the carbon footprint of residents with minimal effort.

  • Energy efficiency

We can create more sustainable architecture by combining design strategies and renewable sources of power! LED lighting and well-insulated homes pave the path to greater energy efficiency. And, in cities like Chennai where the weather is almost perpetually sunny, harnessing solar energy is a given. 

  • Water conservation

Water scarcity is a troubling reality in these times. Installing effective systems, like dual piping, rainwater harvesting, and artificial groundwater recharge, can help collect and repurpose water. Altezza, one of our popular new projects in Chennai, uses recycled water for gardens and recreational parks as one of many environmentally conscious practices across the sprawling premises.

  • Green spaces

Living in a concrete jungle has become commonplace, but a city’s lack of green cover affects air quality and ecosystems around us. An abundance of green cover in and around buildings can reverse these effects. In fact, trees work to trap pollutants and toxins, filter out clean air, regulate temperature, improve soil quality, recharge groundwater levels, and nurture biodiversity! They are truly an essential organ for the environment.


Be the change you want to see

If you care deeply for the environment, living in an eco-friendly home can effortlessly reduce your carbon footprint. Appaswamy’s new project, Altezza, checks off all the boxes from our list of above methods. Nestled in nature, living here makes sustainability a way of life without compromising on luxury.

Strike a balance with nature

We all know the struggles of trying to live a balanced life. While we expect that working from home would free up our time to spend doing the things we love, in reality our to-do lists are longer than ever before. The lines between personal and work life have blurred even more. Living this way cannot be sustainable though, and can cause burnout, taking a toll on mental health.

Spending time in nature can help. Not only is it therapeutic, but it serves as an antidote to stress. Simply imagining yourself walking barefoot in the grass or taking a stroll in the sun feels rejuvenating. But how do you incorporate some time outdoors when your schedule seems to be getting busier?

  • Keep that commute

Let’s be real, no one misses sitting in traffic while commuting to and from work each day. But, this shuttle helped us prepare for our day ahead and switch off from work afterwards. There’s no reason not to keep it going. Carve out 15 to 30 minutes to be outdoors at the start and close of each day. During this time, go for a jog or walk, practise yoga, or ride your bicycle in your neighbourhood park. Keeping this ritual will bring back structure to your day and allow you to soak up the beauty of nature all around you.

  • A new office, every day

Who said you have to sit behind a desk surrounded by four walls to get things done? Treat the great outdoors as your workspace instead! The best builders in Chennai incorporate outdoor recreational spaces into their designs. Use it to your advantage. Go ahead and take that Zoom call on your terrace garden. Or, work at your step count by taking a walking meeting around the verdant jogging tracks or lush courtyards within your gated community. 

  • Make lunch fun

A break for your midday meal often serves as a welcome breather from busy mornings. For those that are working from home, this is usually shortened from an hour to a quick 20 minutes when we can afford it. Set aside fixed break timings and make it a fun affair. Eating your lunch by the balcony and watching the great outdoors can itself be a stressbuster, especially if you have stayed cooped up indoors. If you have shaded outdoor spaces, then there’s nothing like a picnic to incorporate time outdoors in the workday for a balanced life.

  • Skip the gym

Fitness is crucial to our well-being, but time at the gym translates to more time surrounded by walls. Now, we spend most of our time indoors already. Why not expand your fitness regime beyond the four walls of the gym? Instead, you can run around the block, go cycling, or jump rope while getting some fresh air. If you live in one of the properties in Chennai with a pool, incorporate swimming into your workout too!

At Appaswamy, we make sure you never have to venture too far to find nature. Our apartments in Chennai come with green outdoor areas such as spacious balconies, tree-lined walking tracks, rooftop gardens, vertical parks and verdant courtyards for an enriched living experience every day of your life.

Are you ready to go back to normal?

The second wave of the pandemic is ebbing and society is slowly returning to normalcy. However, for many of us, the desperate search for oxygen cylinders and hospital beds still rings fresh in our minds, and we may not be ready to reenter society quite so soon. Especially because it is hard to unlearn the habits that have become almost second nature over the past year and a half. But, we cannot let our fears hold us back. This checklist with simple steps can help us ease out of our apartments in Chennai.

Get Jabbed

After undergoing myriad tests and being vetted by the world’s leading medical research institutions and scientists, the vaccines available to us today can drastically help reduce the impact of the virus. We recommend reading official medical research on the available vaccines, and choosing the one with the best results in your area or region. 

It is natural to worry more for the sake of others such as our elderly parents, relatives, or immuno-compromised friends than for ourselves. That is why we should also actively encourage the people in your life and your community to take the needle as well.

Stay Appropriately Masked

Our government still recommends keeping our facemasks on even after vaccination. Make sure to wear effective face masks like surgical masks or an N95 mask even when you are meeting other vaccinated people. 

Take It Slow

You don’t have to rush out just because the rest of the world is doing so. Instead, venture out at your own pace and take it as slow as you need to. Start by spending a few minutes walking around your flats in Chennai with a trusted apartment friend! This way, you can soak up some vitamin D and brush up your socializing skills at the same time. 

Intimate gatherings like a rooftop picnic with a few other neighbours who are also working their way out of self-isolation can also be a great way to reduce your fear of the outside world. Appaswamy residents at Trellis or Splendour can take advantage of the private theatres within your complex and catch a blockbuster movie with your friends.

Talk It Out

Sometimes all our problems fade away when we spell them out. Therefore, whether it is social anxiety or concerns about the possibility of a third wave of the pandemic, voice your concerns and apprehensions to the ones you trust. Make sure your friends and family are aware of your feelings, as they can help you navigate through them, and ease your issues.  

However, if the thought of returning to normal feels utterly dreadful and takes you to the verge of a panic attack, then consider getting professional help. Many mental health care professionals now offer one-on-one online sessions. There are also helplines and platforms like Sukh-Dukh* where you can connect with experienced grief counselors. 

If you know other ways to ease post-pandemic stress? DM and let us know.

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Experience the Cloverian life in the 4 BHK apartments in Chennai

Nestled in tranquil Kotturpuram, standing tall in the bustling city and shimmering like the river nearby, is Clover by the River. Like all our new flats for sale in Chennai, this complex offers you a blend of nature’s bliss and world-class style in a combination of 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK apartments in Chennai. 

Take a look at what a day in the life of a Cloverian looks like!

The first rays of the morning sun filter through the long, sleek windows, slowly ushering her awake.

Actual site images of Clover By The River

As she steps out onto the balcony, she can hear birds chirping – sounds that she never imagined she could hear in the city!  A fresh breeze from the lush neighbourhood welcomes her into nature’s cozy embrace.

Actual site images of Clover By The River

She takes a refreshing walk along the lanes that are enveloped by trees all around. Time spent amidst nature is indeed precious! Fully recharged, she is ready to conquer any challenge through the day. 

Her mornings are always busy, with everyone in the family getting ready for the day. She is thankful for the charming breakfast counter that gives her those brief, yet, intimate moments with her family, despite all the hustle and bustle. 

Actual site images of Clover By The River

Chennai may be a tropical city, but the Alumil windows keep her cool inside. She doesn’t have to pull up the curtains when it’s noon! Even while she’s working, she cannot resist watching the mesmerizing play of light and shadow in her living room.

When our Cloverian is done for the day, she leaves the humming world behind. The bay windows that extend just a little outside the wall enthrall her with panoramic views of the serene Kotturpuram neighborhood.

Actual site images of Clover By The River

Her dining space is the ideal setting for end-of-day chatter and comes alive with conversation. Right after dinner, she likes catching up on her favourite shows while snuggling on the couch and fighting for the blanket. 

Actual site images of Clover By The River

As she steps into the bedroom, the windows perfectly frame the night sky in all its glory while the city goes to sleep.

At Clover’s premium apartments in Chennai, you can experience a perfect balance of nature’s splendor and sophisticated luxury. Choose from any of the 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK apartments in Chennai spread out into four blocks – Jade, Sea, Mint, and Pine, to delight in the highs of a Cloverian life! To know more about this stunning property, schedule a walkthrough today!

Ms. Rajeshwari – A Testament To The Appaswamy Experience

Ms.Rajeshwari, the newest homeowner at Splendour, has come full circle as a multi-homeowner of the Appaswamy family. Over the past decade, she has moved between Chennai and Coimbatore, always living at one of our properties.

We were curious to know the reason behind her affinity for the brand. Here’s what she had to say when asked about it – “At Prime Terrace, we had a beautiful and like-minded community as dear to us as our own family. Everybody had a gala time, particularly during festivals like Diwali and Navratri when people came together to participate in skits and dance parties. I didn’t want to miss out on this wonderful environment when our family had to move to Coimbatore.”

She also emphasises her appreciation for her children to have had the chance to fully enjoy their childhood at every Appaswamy property, as every property includes a playground outfitted with swings and monkey bars. But, aside from this, Rajeshwari’s son also made use of the clubhouse that was always stocked with chess and carrom boards. The space even came with a table tennis table and a coach who nurtured a sporting spirit in the young one.

When asked how she thinks living at Splendour would compare to her previous homes, she says, “I want my children and grandchildren to have the same experiences we had when we lived at Prime Terrace. In fact, with amenities such as a theatre, squash court and more, I’m sure they’re all set to live their best life, especially when Superette, the shopping mall, is right in front of their home to make things all the more accessible.”

When we say community is the best part of the experience we curate within every property that bears our brand name, we are not exaggerating in the slightest. Ms. Rajeshwari, our newest homeowner at Splendour, our recently completed apartment complex in OMR, is a living testament to this fact.

A ‘Pisa’ Europe Finds Its Way To Azure

Did you grow up knowing the London neighbourhoods in the monopoly game infinitely better than your street at home? Perhaps the book ‘Eat. Pray. Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert (or Julia Robert’s spectacular performance in the film version) kindled a lifelong yearning to spend your prime years in Rome. But then, nothing feels like home quite like our ‘Singara Chennai!’ That’s why we’ve decided to bring a piece of Europe’s splendour to our favourite city! From the Alps of France to the sprawling monuments of Italy, elements of this historic continent are scattered everywhere at our premium apartments in Chennai, Azure The Oceanic.

For instance, the glistening Volakas marble flooring brings forth memories of the ‘marble’-ous wonders of Athens. Reminders of the Acropolis and Parthenon echo with every footstep. Meanwhile, an Azurian ocean view through Alumil windows recreates Santorini’s picture-perfect glory, making life at Azure feel like an unending vacation. 

On the other hand, nights are an altogether different kind of beauty. When the sun goes down and the moon lights the sky, the romance of evenings at an Azure patio is only rivalled by a resplendent Parisian sunset. And nothing but the breathtaking aurora borealis could compete with our enchanting Swedish ABB lights.

Yet, one step onto the Boen wooden floors of Azure bedrooms takes you away from your sojourn in France and Greece, pulls you into Scandinavian warmth. You’ll unwind in a matter of minutes in this hygge space!

While Azure traverses many parts of Europe, its heart is truly Italian. From the doors and wardrobe, down to the central vacuuming system, this beautiful nation from southern Europe colours every part of Azure. The aroma of Italy also envelops the modular kitchens which marry materials from Poliform and Valcucine. Complementing this Italian masterpiece is the German artistry and craftsmanship that’s embedded in every appliance from Miele.

Every inch of Azure The Oceanic is carefully crafted to bring you a perfect blend of European beauty and bespoke luxury. So, brace yourself to lose ‘a Pisa your heart’ every time you step into these luxury flats in Chennai! To know more about the property, call +917358541160.

How strong is your home against natural disasters?

Through the ages, Nature has taught us that she is unpredictable at best, and can be furious at worst! Therefore, we must always ensure safety and security are at the forefront of our decision-making when it comes to buying a home. While we can never fully insulate our homes to withstand natural disasters, there are some basic measures one can take. 

Keep your head high 

Heavy rain can escalate to flooding in the blink of an eye. How do you check if your property is protected from it? A good rule of thumb is to check the distance between the front gate and your home itself. The farther apart they are, the better it is for you! Additionally, check to see if there is an elevation from the gate to your home. This would indicate that the property itself is raised above road level. For instance, the blocks at Clover by The River, premium apartments in Chennai, are raised by 9 feet from the ground as a precaution in case the river right next to the property floods its banks.

Find your knight in shining armor

The steel wire mesh inside reinforced glass makes it a widely used material by most builders in their properties. Think of it as Gorilla Glass (popular, unbreakable smartphone screens) for your home. Not only are they fireproof, neither do they break into shards in case of cyclonic winds. It is good practice to cross-check with your builders on the type of windows that have been used in the property. 

At Appaswamy, we make sure your homes are fitted with the best quality reinforced glass that is specially designed and vetted by our structural consultants.

 And finally, the general checklist 

Apart from these, also pay attention to a few things like fire exits, storm drains, emergency numbers, and point of contact (the national Natural Disaster helpline is 1070).

Come monsoon time, it is time to reinforce your home to ensure it is weatherproof! Make sure any cracks or seepage in your home are sealed with caulk or sealant. Additionally, coat the exterior walls with weatherproof paint to protect the interiors from the harsh climate.

While you cannot run away from a disaster, you can ensure you have enough artillery to make it to the other side. And if you are on a house-hunt looking for a property that takes safety into account right at the design stage, head to Appaswamy builders in Chennai.

Clover by The River – an inside look through the Architect’s eyes

There is a new ‘golden ratio’ in town, and its address is Clover by The River! With the green cover to building ratio at 71:29, this property breaks the illusion that towering apartment complexes necessarily ruin picturesque views. In some cases, they are the view. 

In this blog, we get candid with architect Siddarth Money, the Executive Director of KSM Architecture, and the man behind Clover, premium apartments in Chennai. His design ideology is driven by his belief that architecture and landscape are two sides of the same coin. They can’t be separated but should be intelligently integrated for a better experience. 

Let’s take a closer look at Clover, through the architect’s eyes!

Clover – by the city

When you think of high energy places like the Madras Club, Boat Club, stunning art cafes, or a bustling main road, you don’t imagine greenery and tranquillity. But Siddarth has managed to expertly blend the two.” We have worked carefully on how the building meets the ground with large landscaped community areas, open double-height veranda spaces and amenities dominating the foreground,” he says.

The specifications promote clean and uncluttered spatial design, views of the various landmarks that make Chennai unique. Framing these views with the staggered bay windows and the balconies is one of the features that gives Clover an interesting visual play,” he adds.

Clover – by the river 

The banks of the Adyar offer more than just a pretty view! It is home to some indigenous species of birds and is an ecosystem by itself. Siddarth Money wanted to give you an experience where you might wake up to the dulcet sounds of a hummingbird or enjoy a hot cuppa with a deer! 

A location that faces the river with long-range views and vistas in all directions is a rarity in the heart of the city. This is definitely one of the things that make Clover special,says Siddarth. 

However, with the alluring river view, comes the challenge of keeping the building safe from flooding. But Siddarth Money has ensured that this won’t be a concern. “As we have 4 basement levels, we have raised the overall site level to 9 feet above the road level ensuring there is no risk in case the river were to flood its banks,” he states. 

Clover – by your side 

Enjoy a brisk morning walk with your friend, a relaxing swim in the pool with the fam, or even party in style at the banquet hall – our architect has made sure that you can do all this and much more with world-class amenities at Clover by The River. “The objective has always been to have a cheerful and well-balanced home that is well ventilated and well lit with natural light,” adds Mr. Money.  

These new apartments for sale in Adyar offer you a home with a unique blend of nature’s splendour and sophisticated luxury. 

Things to do at home in lockdown to stay safe & entertained!

Lockdown has been imposed. and we are back to sitting in front of our screens longer than ever before! While you are doing your duty to stay home to break the chain, we want to do ours to keep you entertained in your apartments in Chennai. Here is a round-up of things to do when bored at home for a refreshing break from the bleak news outside. 

Sweat it out 

Gyms and fitness centers are shut, but that is no reason to put your beach body dreams in a box just yet. Let’s take cues from these celebrities and fitness enthusiasts who have made the best use of their time indoors.

– Stay zen with a virtual yoga and meditation class. But with zillions of yogis on the gram, how do you find a class that is the perfect fit for you? Head down to @yogatips. This page is a compilation of the best from all the pages out there.

– If you crave structure and routine, why not take part in a daily fitness challenge with #getfitwithkrish? Krish’s well-curated fitness routines are short, simple, and easy to follow. The intense workout routines don’t require gym equipment and have been broken down into two-minute sessions, so you can burn off last night’s Netflix n chips segment without an excuse! 

A hobby a day keeps boredom at bay

If you haven’t baked sourdough bread or thought of learning at least one Tiktok dance, were you even in a lockdown? Here are some other ways you can unleash your creativity and maybe even discover a hidden passion or two! 

– If you are looking for some #foodinspo @chefkunal is the page for you! His page features mouth-watering Indian recipes broken down into easy-to-follow steps. Be sure to attempt his signature crunchy masala pasta recipe

– Which meal is complete without dessert? @shivesh17’s page is a treasure trove of delectable treats! Most of his recipes can be executed without an oven or high-end appliances. He also has a diverse range of vegan recipes. 

Psst – food is best enjoyed when shared. When posting on social media, make sure to tag us at #TheFunMustGoOn #StayHomeStayAmazing. 

– When they said dance like no one is watching, we are sure they didn’t have the lockdown in mind. But why not use this time to unleash your hidden talents @dancewithmadhuri and @shufflewithakanksha They put out simple dance-along videos often so you can dance to your heart’s content irrespective of experience, practice, or style. Tune in and have fun!

Picture to abhi baaki hai mere dost…

Finished re-watching your favourite movie or show for the nth time? Our talented celebrities and content creators are here to the rescue!

  Gautham Vasudev Menon stirred all our emotions with the very unexpected sequel of the famous VTV (Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya). If you haven’t watched it yet, grab a tissue box and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. 

–     The whole cast and crew of C U Soon used the lockdown to flesh out a complete feature film, shooting the entire movie from their homes. Produced by Fahadh Fasil and Friends, catch this thriller on Amazon Prime. 

  Keep stress at bay and tune into live comedy sessions with Vir Das. Follow the hashtag #VirDasAtHome to know about all upcoming shows. 

So let’s make the best out of our time with these fun things to do when bored at home. Show us snippets from your quarantine life using the hashtag #TheFunMustGoOn #StayHomeStayAmazing and tag us to get featured on our social profiles.