Jul 2020

Building Value with Each Property

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Most apartments sport a simple facade and have a boxy layout. At Appaswamy, we want to give our residents more than a cookie-cutter home. We build value and create distinct living spaces by incorporating a central theme for every property. The theme influences the design and adds a unique purpose to each project. It also encourages our team to go beyond the basics and stretch their creativity. It gives them the space to experiment and expand their own comfort zone as well.

Here are the distinct themes we’ve created across our properties in recent years.

Urban Living

Capella, our apartment in Vadapalani, gives our residents a quiet place to live while still reaping the benefits of life at the epicenter of the city. The property comes with a plethora of luxury amenities such as a fully-equipped gym, a bespoke banquet hall within the complex. The rooftop garden in Capella also serves city dwellers a much-needed slice of serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of life. 

Green Spaces

On the flip side, the design of Clover by the River, our luxury apartments in Kotturpuram, centers around living life amidst nature. This perfectly ties in with the serene, tree-covered segments in the neighborhood. Over 75% of the property is dedicated to the green outdoors so residents can take in the fresh air, go for long walks and just enjoy a quieter pace of life.

Sustainable community

With the growing demand for eco-conscious real estate, we wanted to take responsibility for contributing to a sustainable future. This led to the birth of Altezza, our eco-friendly apartment complex in OMR. With sky parks on every level, Altezza’s design brings nature to our residents’ doorstep. Aside from vertical garden, it’s design also includes environmentally-friendly raw materials and renewable energy sources that add to the sustainability quotient.

Ocean-front Living

It was all about that resplendent ocean view at Azure the Oceanic. Floor-to-ceiling, frameless, Alumil windows on both sides of the facade give residents an uninterrupted 360º vistas of Santhome. Each apartment also comes with a private patio to enjoy the beautiful view of the bay of Bengal.

These are just a few of the ways we ensure our properties remain distinct. The focus of each home depends on the location and provides a distinct value to the residents, far beyond those in standard apartment complexes.

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