Neighbourhood Transformation: Pammal

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As winter approaches, it is natural to feel a little nostalgic. This year marks our 60th anniversary of building properties in Chennai and we can’t help but think about how it all started. Delve back in time with us and take a look at Pammal, the place that kick started our journey as property builders in Chennai

When the Indian market opened its door to the rest of the world, Chennai became the Detroit of India. Manufacturing and automobile companies flocked to the city. Most of them set up shop on SEZ corridor on the GST road.

60 Years Ago

Plenty of suburban clusters cropped up along the GST road, the most popular being Pallavaram. However, as GST Road increased in popularity, the surrounding locale was slowly urbanised. At that time, Pammal was just another little known area on the outskirts of the city, 3 kms away from the highway and right next to the airport. 

A Leap of Faith

6 decades ago, one railway clerk took a big gambit and bought 100 acres of land here. The real estate project here became one of our first properties in Chennai and put the quiet lanes of Pammal on people’s radar. Customers were excited to be away from the cacophony of the city without making daily commute an unbearable chore. Soon the area transformed into a go-to place for residential dwellings. 

A Sustainable Community

The community in and around our property in Pammal were an eco-conscious group. A women’s association in this neighbourhood began a waste management initiative in 1994. This model is now replicated by all municipal corporations in Chennai as well as a few other cities.

A World at Your Door

While the allure of Pammal remains undiminished, there is still room for more. We’re ready to show the neighbourhood a whole new level of luxury with our latest property, Superette. The shopping mall opened just outside The Bloomingdale has everything from grocery shopping to retail therapy and gourmet dining options. 

As builders in Chennai, we’ve seen Pammal change from a small, indistinguishable area to a thriving residential hub within Chennai. And, we’re excited to keep contributing to this community of heart-warming people.


Interested in living at Pammal? Have a look at The Bloomingdale.

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