Bright & Airy: All about natural lighting and ventilation in our properties.

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We’ve all come across homes that are dark, damp and dingy to the extent that all other qualities fall by the wayside. We intuitively understand the importance of light and air in making a space feel comfortable and welcoming.

While sunlight increases our focus and improves our mood and mental health, good ventilation ensures the building is naturally cool and reduces the need for air conditioning. This leads to decreased energy bills and emission of greenhouse gases. Even in landlocked areas, successful ventilation can transform a home into an airy haven by mapping the airflow with strategically-placed vents and openings that funnel air through the building. This is why, from our older projects to the brand new apartment in OMR, our architects ensure great cross-ventilation in all parts of the building. 

Here is how our architects focus on lighting and ventilation in our architecture.


Altezza, our latest flagship on OMR, is an up and coming beacon of sustainable living. We divided the property into three complexes with a spacious courtyard between them to ensure movement of air through the space. Each apartment is also fitted with large windows that flood the homes with natural light. A long and tall vertical veranda runs across every level to increase ventilation in the common spaces. 

New apartments in OMR
Altezza, OMR

Aside from the architectural details, we have carefully curated perennial plants that keep the air around the property fresh and clean every single day. By strategically placing a few water bodies alongside these plant walls, we maintain a pleasant microclimate within Altezza irrespective of the weather outside.

Azure The Oceanic

At Azure, our ultra-luxe property in Chennai, our architects designed the facade as L-shaped interlocking blocks to ensure every apartment gets its fair share of sunlight and breathtaking views of the city and the ocean. The concealed sash and fittings of the floor-to-ceiling Alumil windows reduce the need for a frame, thereby maximising natural light within the space. Usually, glass facades tend to heat up the complex, however, these windows offer high thermal insulation that maintains a pleasant indoor climate. 

Luxury homes in Chennai
Azure The Oceanic, Santhome High Road

Additionally, the first three levels of the building are dedicated to the car park. Since the apartments are at an elevated height, they are not overshadowed by other towering buildings in the neighbourhood and receive plenty of natural light at all hours of the day.

Whether it’s world-class luxuries or something as simple as a breezy home, at Appaswamy, we remain mindful of every little aspect of your life at home.

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