Flats for sale in Vadapalani
An ever-increasing diversity in the urban workforce has utterly revamped the real estate space. Young professionals [more]
Flats for sale in Vadapalani
When you buy a house, you also make a subconscious choice about the lifestyle in store. In urban areas, choosing th [more]
Chennai is home to many iconic buildings and structures in India, from the colonial Victoria Public Hall to the Che [more]


Sep 2020

Chennai is a beautiful coastal city that offers its inhabitants the best urban lifestyle there is to find, replete [more]
Blog Cover - Take care of yourself
Home is where comfort is. It is a safe space to retreat after a hard day’s work. In an urban setting, where everyth [more]
Finding the perfect home is no easy feat. An apartment could tick all the boxes on your “ideal home” checklist but [more]
Gone are the days where home buyers settled for just another apartment in the city. Today, our home is an extension [more]


Aug 2020

Superette - AREL's Commercial Building
Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in our lives. We seek lofty lifestyles in fine buildings and y [more]
Luxury Home Image #1
Luxury, as a term, gets thrown around a lot. From face creams to sportscars, every segment offers a luxury product [more]


Jul 2020

In the central and southern states of India, where the summers are most unforgiving, the monsoon brings much needed [more]
As the whole world is coming to grips with the reality of working from home long term, some of us still struggle to [more]
Urbanization isn’t slowing down anytime soon and our lifestyles are the perfect indication of that. According to re [more]
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