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Situated on Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) between Navalur and Kelambakkam, Siruseri is 25 km South East of Chennai. [more]

Pammal offers the best of both worlds – the suburban charm, and connectivity to the city. Naturally, the area [more]

An extra hour of snooze seems too precious to give up for exercise, right? What if we told you fitness can, in fact [more]


Dec 2018

Buying a luxury home can seem ostentatious at first, but that sentiment is changing with the array of options curre [more]

Mosquitoes are definitely infuriating, but they pose a more serious threat as potential carriers of diseases. You d [more]


Dec 2018

A significant number of urban residents are opting out of the maddening city life, moving to more laid back areas. [more]

The southern Indian regions borrow aesthetics from each other but have adapted sensibilities unique to their partic [more]

Here’s a checklist to make sure your home is in a part of the city, that’s just right for you. Geography Take time [more]


Nov 2018

Many builders in Chennai are knocking down walls, and experimenting with different styles of creating spaces. The o [more]


Nov 2018

Summer holidays at our grandparents’ place not only meant being pampered and gorging on great food but also having [more]

Diwali is just around the corner, and November 6th is closer than you think! We know there is a certain excitement [more]

So, you are here either because you’re in the exciting process of giving shape to your new home, or you have decide [more]