Green Neighbourhoods: Clover balcony
Less concrete, more green – that is the right way forward. If there has ever been any doubt about it, the fin [more]
For people looking into apartments for sale in Chennai, OMR is often the very first preference. Why? Is it because [more]


Jun 2020

Pest control at home
Isn’t it frustrating when you regularly clean your home, but find that the pesky ants, rats, mosquitoes and f [more]
Virtual Home Staging
Virtual home staging is a digital do-over of the classic physical staging. Conventionally, a prospective buyer is l [more]
Altezza's Front-Facing Facade
There is a new and refreshing entry amongst the apartments in Chennai. Altezza, a three-tower, high-rise township, [more]
A green and sustainable apartment in Chennai
In 2020, all of us, particularly the younger generation, are becoming a more socially and environmentally conscious [more]
A happy and positive family
Your home and apartments in Chennai are spaces that are uniquely your own. After a long day of work, there’s nothin [more]


May 2020

The current pandemic has hurled order out of lives and plunged us into fear and uncertainty.  After remaining indoo [more]
Your home tells the story of who you are—it is a place of love and adventures, it is where memories are made. Inter [more]
The current pandemic situation has demonstrated that an owned house can save us from the uncertainties of rented ap [more]


Apr 2020

The coastline is not just a weekend getaway for the residents of Azure The Oceanic, as it is for most. With an impr [more]
Over the millenia, humans have always looked at beginnings with hope – a new year, a birthday, a new job, and [more]
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