Feb 2021

Behind The Building: The Architects Of Our Properties Across Chennai

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This time, we’re taking you behind the curtains for an exclusive peek at the masterminds behind our structural masterpieces. This blog features two of the esteemed architects we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with at our properties in Chennai.

Mr. Wong Chiu Man
(Co-Founder of WOW Architects)

Mr. Wong Chiu Man — co-founder of Singapore-based architectural company WOW Architects — has worked with the Appaswamy Group on multiple projects including the St. Regis Hotel in the Maldives, Azure The Oceanic, and Altezza, our new apartments in OMR.

With 30 years of international industry experience, he has worked on properties such as the gorgeous Vivanta by Taj in Whitefield Bengaluru and Yalong Bay in China, he has been lauded across the world. His firm has received multiple awards for his work on the St. Regis Hotel, our luxury resort in the Maldives.

Today, the architectural firm focuses its efforts on creating extraordinary sensory experiences that are rooted in place and culture. That’s exactly why they were the perfect fit for Altezza, where the focus was on green architecture and reintroducing sustainability into urban living.

Mr. Pramod Balakrishnan
(Founder of Edifice Pramod)

From Polaris, Chennai’s first IT complex, to Appaswamy’s Trellis and Capella at Vadapalani, Pramod Balakrishnan has given shape to many properties in Chennai’s skyline. Him and his team at Edifice believe that, “the intangibles are just as important as the tangibles when it comes to creating lasting architecture. They must be rooted in culture and society’s aspirations.” 

Pramod Balakrishnan believes that human interaction matters, and keeps this in mind when designing a space. It is this approach to architecture that made him and his team the perfect fit for our projects Trellis and Capella, where we hoped to create a nature-loving community without compromising on a luxurious way of life.

Did you like this look at the brains behind our buildings? Let us know if you’d like us to read more such features.

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