Be a Changemaker this World Earth Day 2021

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A trip down memory lane is bound to take you back to a time when picnics under the trees and the smell of petrichor filled your childhood. For most of us, our early years were entwined with nature. But as we grow older, we only occasionally escape into the lap of Mother Nature simply because we count ourselves too busy.

But with the happenings of the recent year, it’s time to rewind to a time when everything was simpler. And what better day to do it than World Earth Day? Recognised as the largest civic event in human history, this day helps us get back in touch with our roots, and reflect on the active role we play in the conservation of the environment 

It’s time to don our capes and be the Captain Planet the Earth deserves. Here’s how you can get started.

happy – Support Pollinators

While traditional grass is aesthetically alluring, unconventional wild grass is a far more eco-friendly alternative. This type of grass is perennial, low-maintenance and is home to a wide range of native flowering plants like poppies, corn marigolds, and cornflowers. These flowers attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, which play a pivotal role in encouraging cross-pollination and the widespread growth of flora. Which is why, while designing Altezza, one of our premium apartments in Chennai, we opted for native plants and wild grass landscaping!

Breathe in the greens

A small corner filled with plants or even a desk succulent is visually pleasing and can be a breath of fresh air! Alternately, you can jump on the farm-to-table bandwagon with your very own kitchen garden! Or, have a stunning view day-round with your exclusive home garden filled with a selection of beautiful native flowers.

If you don’t have a green thumb, simply take a walk or have a picnic at a nearby park. At Altezza, you don’t have to venture too far for this. We’ve made sure there is a park on each floor!

Keep the planet hydrated 

The shortage of clean and sustainable water is an ever-growing problem in the developing world. Our government, and organisations across the globe, are taking steps to help better this condition. For instance, rainwater harvesting plants are compulsory across all properties in Chennai. Nowadays, builders in Chennai have also started installing water treatment plants and recycling plants with an intention to get the most out of natural resources without exploiting them.

Aside from the mandatory regulations, here are a few simple things we can do from the comfort of our homes to keep our planet hydrated.

  • Replace hoses and pressure pumps with buckets and water cans wherever you can. This way you become more aware of the amount of water you use.
  • Use recycled water to wash your vehicles instead of treated water.

3R’s to the rescue

The concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is one of the most effective methods to optimally utilize natural resources. Thankfully, we live in an era where it has become easier to do so. For instance, 

  • Swap out singleuse plastic utensils – by opting for steel or glass alternatives you can reduce the non-biodegradable waste we create.
  • Make smart purchases – choose refill packets for sauces, powders, soaps, etc., instead of packaged bottles wherever you can.  
  • Recycle whatever you can – use food waste to make compost for your home gardens instead of investing in store-bought fertilizers, for instance.
  • Follow the rules – make segregating waste a habit! 

You also get brownie points if you choose to make your home in a community that is focussed on sustainable living – like Altezza, for example. With features such as dedicated urban farming zones, recycling and composting stations, and more, sustainable practices quickly become the way of life. 

So, this World Earth Day 2021,  make your home at one of Appaswamy’s elite apartments in Chennai, and join us in trying to bring about a change for a better and brighter future!

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