Azure The Oceanic: A Fairytale Brought To Life

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There is a home in the clouds, where the cerulean sea meets the azure sky. 

Does this sound like the start of a fairytale to you? Well, we feel the same. But it’s not a tale of dreams and fantasy. In fact, this could be the start of your story at Azure The Oceanic. Here’s why these premium apartments in Chennai could be the best decision you ever make.

A Resplendent Facade

One look at the imposing facade of Azure The Oceanic and people can hardly contain their wonder. Every inch of this modern architectural masterpiece is an ode to the sea. The car concourse emulates lapping waves, while the Seashell Pavillion represents life on shore. 

Luxury homes in Chennai

Azure is expertly designed by renowned Singaporean WOW architects with two interlocking blocks that create an L-shaped structure. This layout, when paired with glass facades on two of the four sides of the building, results in residences that enjoy uninterrupted views of the ocean, river and cityscape.

Lavish Interiors

Premium apartments in Chennai

We’re bringing world-class sophistication to these premium apartments in Chennai. With Germany in the kitchen, Greece on the walls and Italy in every piece of wood, Azure homes are primed for entertaining. The smooth Volakas marble alludes to the grandeur of Grecian art and architecture, while the Masterchef-style wet and dry kitchens of Azure come furnished with German-made Miele appliances that make cooking an absolute breeze. 

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A wall of glazed Alumil windows from Greece proudly showcases the panoramic vistas of the Bay of Bengal, the eastern sky and Chennai’s striking skyline. Yet, these energy-efficient windows ensure that the living space remains cool even in the height of summer. 

An Exclusive Lifestyle

Aside from its breathtaking architecture and interiors, Azure is also designed to offer an unparalleled lifestyle. In a city that is getting exceedingly crowded, Azure offers three floors just for the car park and the clubhouse. The clubhouse gives residents access to luxurious amenities such as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a private theatre. 

Azure’s designs account for safety and utmost convenience by bringing every luxury imaginable to your fingertips. Access-controlled elevators lead straight to an exclusive elevator lounge within your apartment which then leads to a digitally locked main door. You can also control the security systems, lighting, temperature and other smart furnishings – all at the touch of a button!

Want one of these premium apartments in Chennai?

Azure homes will be ready for handover as early as March 2021. That’s less than 3 months away! So, are you ready to make your home in the sky?

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