An essential guide to throwing the perfect housewarming party

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Once you’ve moved into your brand new home and all your belongings have found their perfect spot, it’s time to celebrate! Invite your loved ones and show off this brand new space with a phenomenal housewarming party.

Here are a few ideas we’ve got to get you brainstorming!

Accommodating the new normal 

As the pandemic continues, it is best to take things slow. Be intentional with the guest list and invite just a handful of people at a time. If you are part of a large family or have an extended group of friends, consider spreading the joy across multiple days with different sets of people. For example, dedicate a weekend for your family members and the next one for friends and neighbours.

Make sure to invite everyone a few weeks in advance so guests can confirm their attendance. This way, you’ll have an exact headcount for D-day and prepare necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. 

If you’d like to go the extra mile, then schedule a video calling session with friends and family who live outside your city or abroad. You could even go with the trend and vlog your day for everyone to see.

Cooking up a menu

A smaller guest list gives you more scope to experiment with the food. A dinner party can be an elaborate buffet with multiple cuisines such as South Indian classics, well-loved continental flavours or even a few East Asian-inspired dishes. On the other hand, an afternoon soiree could be as simple as an assortment of appetizers and delicious mocktails. You could experiment with different cuisines here as well. The menu could have chaats like samosas and masala vada, or you could take the Mexican route with nachos, tortilla chips and ceviche. You could indulge your sweet tooth with an array of mini cupcakes, cheesecake bites, miniature tarts and dessert cups.

Are you not one for an elaborate meal? Fret not! A well-organized potluck never goes out of style. Assign categories of food to the guests, plan for smaller portions and have plenty of drinks to go around. Voila! Your housewarming meal is a resounding success.

Getting creative

Since get-togethers have become such a rarity, such celebrations are crucial bonding moments. Break out the craft supplies and start the DIY-a-thon. From dream-catchers to custom artworks, the possibilities are simply endless. You could even break away from the monotony of your four walls and attempt to paint Plein-air. In some apartments in Chennai, you can set up workstations in the gardens with prior permission from the apartment association. The artwork can also be a sweet souvenir for the guest to take home.

Making the most of the spaces

Even with a spacious home, hosting 10-20 guests can feel like a tight fit. So you might have to think beyond four walls. Take advantage of the recreational spaces such as rooftop or banquet halls available in your apartment complex. You could host a small picnic in the landscaped garden while any kids in your party could also enjoy the time at the playground. The Clubhouse would be perfect for an evening of board games. Appaswamy’s flats for sale in Chennai even come with private theatres where you could tailor the movie experience – a feel-good moment with your family or a haunted time with friends.

What are some of your quirky ideas for a housewarming party? DM and let us know.

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