Mar 2021

Altezza – Re-defining skylines blanketed in wild grass

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Remember the smell of a freshly watered lawn? The droplets at the tip of the grass after the odd summer rain? When we look for a home, we look at something that evokes a sense of calm and serenity – a place that reminds us of the little joys in life. But finding the space for such a lifestyle in Chennai is nothing short of a challenge! With Altezza, our brand new apartments in OMR, we wanted to take on this challenge by giving you a modern Eden.

Creating a Green Paradise 

Altezza is designed to surround you with lush greenery that is both serene and sustainable. That’s why, there are courtyards, vertical parks and terrace gardens that incorporate features of sustainable landscaping and facilities for urban farming. 

New apartments in OMR

Rather than opting for traditional grass, wild grass envelops the exteriors at Altezza like a green blanket, making the whole place cooler than the neighbouring regions. This wild grass consists of handpicked varieties of Petunia, Sweet Alyssum, Begonia, Verbena, and Rudbeckia that turn Altezza into a colourful tropical paradise. These types of flora help the local ecology too! Bees, butterflies and little birds thrive here, making these new apartments at OMR a home for all. 

But, will it survive the heat?

As nice as a tropical paradise sounds, these gardens need to take on the famous Chennai climate – 365 days of summer! But, worry not. The wild grass landscaping is flexible, adapts easily, and consumes less water in comparison to a traditional lawn. This taller variant of grass grows on most surfaces and thrives in the temperature range of 20° to 30°C. Being perennial plants, they stay green through seasons and thrive for multiple years.

New projects in Chennai

As the saying goes, “it’s the little things that make a house a home.” Incorporating an easy-to-maintain landscape at Altezza helped us to take a step towards giving you a luxurious yet sustainable lifestyle in Chennai and eventually creating a crack in the “concrete” (pun intended!) That’s why we designed Altezza to be your very own ‘green paradise’ amidst all the hustle and bustle of the city.

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