Feb 2021

Altezza – A beacon of sustainability in the skyline

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Bliss, haven and paradise—all of these are often associated with nature. Yet in an urban metropolis like Chennai, its green cover fades away little by little each day. That’s why we need to do our best to incorporate sustainable practices into our lifestyle and preserve Nature for future generations. Therefore, Altezza, our brand new apartments in OMR, is built with the planet’s wellbeing in mind; to be the perfect haven for nature lovers.

What exactly makes Altezza a sustainable property?

Sustainable design

Sustainability efforts at Altezza are more than an afterthought – they’re at the very core of the design. That’s why you’ll see verdant sky parks at every level of the property. 

New projects in Chennai

We were mindful of environmental consequences in other areas as well. For instance, we designed the space to receive maximum natural sunlight and good ventilation, not just within the apartments, but also in common areas, such as the corridors. We’ve also ensured that these spaces mostly run on solar energy generated within the property.

Use of eco-friendly construction practices

At Altezza, we’ve opted for recycled materials wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint. For instance, concrete needs reinforced bars to withstand the tensile stress of the structure. We utilised recycled, cut-piece, reinforcement bars from demolished buildings, for the project. Likewise, we’ve also used salvaged Aerocon blocks that ensure excellent thermal and sound insulation within the space.

Space for urban farming

New apartments in OMR

We’ve taken home gardens to the next level in these new apartments at OMR. Here, you’re not restricted to growing a few herbs in your kitchen or maintaining a small balcony garden. The terrace garden and sky parks can nurture a thriving urban farm that can produce harvest enough for the whole community! Recycling and composting are also an easy and integral part of life at Altezza.

Sustainable landscaping

Manicured lawns consume tonnes of water every year to look green and fresh. That’s a lot of water wasted! It is also not a viable habitat for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. And due to the number of pesticides and insecticides it takes to maintain such lawns, the rainwater collected is often contaminated. At Altezza, we opted to use wild grass and plant species such as petunia, begonias, and verbena that are both beautiful, flourish all year long and are easy to maintain.

These are just a few ways in which we’ve turned Altezza into a sustainable oasis. If you’re interested in learning more about these new apartments in OMR, please check out our website or call +91 8056006033.

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