A ‘Pisa’ Europe Finds Its Way To Azure

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Did you grow up knowing the London neighbourhoods in the monopoly game infinitely better than your street at home? Perhaps the book ‘Eat. Pray. Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert (or Julia Robert’s spectacular performance in the film version) kindled a lifelong yearning to spend your prime years in Rome. But then, nothing feels like home quite like our ‘Singara Chennai!’ That’s why we’ve decided to bring a piece of Europe’s splendour to our favourite city! From the Alps of France to the sprawling monuments of Italy, elements of this historic continent are scattered everywhere at our premium apartments in Chennai, Azure The Oceanic.

For instance, the glistening Volakas marble flooring brings forth memories of the ‘marble’-ous wonders of Athens. Reminders of the Acropolis and Parthenon echo with every footstep. Meanwhile, an Azurian ocean view through Alumil windows recreates Santorini’s picture-perfect glory, making life at Azure feel like an unending vacation. 

On the other hand, nights are an altogether different kind of beauty. When the sun goes down and the moon lights the sky, the romance of evenings at an Azure patio is only rivalled by a resplendent Parisian sunset. And nothing but the breathtaking aurora borealis could compete with our enchanting Swedish ABB lights.

Yet, one step onto the Boen wooden floors of Azure bedrooms takes you away from your sojourn in France and Greece, pulls you into Scandinavian warmth. You’ll unwind in a matter of minutes in this hygge space!

While Azure traverses many parts of Europe, its heart is truly Italian. From the doors and wardrobe, down to the central vacuuming system, this beautiful nation from southern Europe colours every part of Azure. The aroma of Italy also envelops the modular kitchens which marry materials from Poliform and Valcucine. Complementing this Italian masterpiece is the German artistry and craftsmanship that’s embedded in every appliance from Miele.

Every inch of Azure The Oceanic is carefully crafted to bring you a perfect blend of European beauty and bespoke luxury. So, brace yourself to lose ‘a Pisa your heart’ every time you step into these luxury flats in Chennai! To know more about the property, call +917358541160.

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