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Clover By The River in Kotturpuram immerses you in an utterly quiescent world abundant with natural and man-made luxury. Allow us to show you a sneak peek of your future days at these verdant flats in Chennai.

Starting the day in tranquil repose

As the first rays of sunlight trickle into your apartment, you roll out from under the covers, ready to start the day. The marble floors feel cool beneath your bare feet as you make your way to the kitchen and brew yourself the first cup of coffee for the day. Today, your father beat you to it and has a mug ready for you.

4BHK, Clover By The River, Kotturpuram

Both of you settle down on the patio. For a brief moment, the world is painted in gold as the morning sun makes its way up the horizon. Birdsong fills the air and the world slowly wakes up. As you savour each sip and soak in the picturesque views of the Adyar estuary below. Your father flips open the morning newspaper. Soon after, both of you head downstairs to kickstart your morning with some exercise. 

4BHK, Clover By The River, Kotturpuram

You join your jogging buddies for a brisk walk around the track before heading to the fitness centre. Trees lined on either side of the jogging tracks provide ample shade during your lap around the property. But, you still can’t help relishing the cool air-conditioned air at the gym. 

After you sweat it out at the gym, it’s time to head back home. The sizzle of oil hitting the pan and the mouth-watering aroma of masala dosas invite you in. The rest of the family is up and the home is bustling in a rush to get the day started. But first, you need a shower. You step into the glass enclosure in your en-suite bathroom. The body jets and rain shower work like magic on your sore muscles. 

Maintain work-life balance

Once everyone wolfs down their breakfast and you clear the plates, it’s time to take the kids to school. Located at the heart of the city, your new Clover home is barely 15 mins away. As a bonus, you get to chat with the girls without the chaos of traffic. 

With the kids safely at school, you come home for a day packed with meetings. To avoid post-lunch drowsiness, you decide to have a walking meeting and head back down to the jogging track while still on your phone.

Returning to the embrace of comfort

During the evening school run, you stop by Ciclo Cafe to pick up your partner’s favourite dessert and continue home from there. Your parents have taken their regular spot by the balcony to enjoy the light sea breeze with a cup of chai and Ilayaraja’s golden hits. 

The girls squabble over their evening plans. The youngest wants to head to the clubhouse and play her new favourite game – table tennis. However, the older sister is keen to catch the sequel of her favourite Pixar movie at the private theatre. As a compromise, you propose a game of badminton between the family and book the theatre for the movie for the weekend. Then it’s time for homework and bed.

Booked for the Weekend

The weekend arrives with a flurry of invitations to local events. There is a futsal championship between the teenagers in the property, and the fitness group is hosting a yoga workshop at the fitness centre. Your neighbours are celebrating the success of their visa application to emigrate to Canada by throwing a party at the banquet halls.

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