A Home in The Clouds, An Ode to The Sea

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Don’t we all have a penchant for a home in the clouds, a yearning for everything grand and beautiful? A magazine-worthy home in a thoughtfully designed high-rise is the modern epitome of luxury. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Azure The Oceanic. This high-rise at Santhome is the most luxurious apartments in Chennai.

Azure is a calm, sophisticated oasis at the heart of a bustling metropolis. With the help of WOW architects from Singapore, Appaswamy is crafting Azure to be the perfect symphony of the three indispensable aspects of luxury – location, exclusivity and intelligent design.

Stellar Neighbourhood

The quiet lanes of Santhome fuse history and contemporary lifestyle seamlessly into the fabric of everyday life. The exotic birds visiting the Tholkappiar Ecological Park are your immediate neighbours. As the seasons fly by, so do they. The old monuments, churches and temples hold a charm steeped in history and untouched by time. However, it truly is the heart of Chennai as most neighbourhoods in the city are just a stone’s throw away. 

A Peerless Paradise

Poised on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, these luxurious apartments in Chennai are a space for dreamers, stargazers and superachievers alike. The panoramic vistas are a perfect muse for all artistic endeavours. 

Classic material luxuries such as beautiful Athenian Volakas marble to the more experiential elements such as the ultra-smart security system, access-controlled private elevator and smart furnishings, the luxuries of life surround you at every waking moment. The charming Seashell Pavilion provides plenty of space for poignant moments amidst the sea and the sky. With a lounge cafe, an Olympic-sized infinity pool, a swanky gaming arena for the snooker and foosball addicts, the clubhouse at Azure is a truly five-star experience. 

Intelligent design

Azure is also designed as a celebration of smart architectural design. The facade, L-shaped blocks, help maximise the unparalleled view in every corner of the apartment. These apartments are also meticulously planned to allow for large living and dining spaces. The layout also ensures minimal corridors within each unit and reduces any wasted space. Access-controlled private elevators and high-tech security systems provide the utmost privacy. Meanwhile, the DigiValet allows you to control the blinds, the lighting and set the temperature to create the ideal indoor climate for you. 

Frameless, floor-to-ceiling windows flood the units with bright, natural light, without interrupting the view, while the energy-efficient Alumil glass windows provide an uninterrupted view of the sea and cityscape without heating up the apartment. After all, to truly live in luxury is to live in intelligent homes that merge sustainability and technology. 

Check out the website linked here for more information about Azure The Oceanic.

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