Luxury By The River: A Home for The Elite

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There are no compromises when it comes to choosing the right home for yourself, especially when our homes are slowly becoming our whole world. Step away from the congestion of the city and make your home in an oasis of luxury. At Clover By The River, we bring together nature’s serenity, timeless aesthetics, urban comforts and an unmatched ambience to give you the quality of life you deserve. These luxury homes in Chennai have something for everyone.

For The Creative

You don’t always need to retreat to a solitary destination for inspiration to strike. At Clover, simply step into the bay window and let the ever-changing panoramic river view tickle your imagination. Or, you could traverse the green lanes of Kotturpuram to kindle your creativity. When you live in a green world, inspiration is aplenty.

For The Athletic

Are you a gym enthusiast who’d enjoy Clover’s fabulously fitted gym, or a track athlete who’d prefer the jogging track, instead? Better yet, how about starting your Sunday mornings with a game of badminton or futsal? Staying fit is more important than ever before. But, there are many ways to a healthier lifestyle and Clover has something for everyone’s needs.

Futsal field

For The Ardent

Right from the stellar reception to the exquisitely designed banquet space, Clover makes an impression that’s bound to awe your guests. Yet, your address is more than a reflection of your net worth. Life at the right luxury homes in Chennai can fuel your passion and be the wind in your sails. Words like traffic and tardy lose their meaning with a home in Chennai’s most elite neighbourhood. After all, you are never more than a few minutes away from anywhere.

Bay windows

For The Naturalist

Everyone needs to find inner peace and zen in life, but you can’t always go to a mountain in search of peace and quiet. With 70% of the property covered in greenery, Clover boasts rich flora that creates a completely natural ambience. These luxury homes in Chennai also come with a plethora of outdoor amenities such as the game courts, kids play areas, jogging tracks and meditative spaces that bring the goodness of nature, right to your doorstep.

Want to live a life of luxury by September 2021? Come book your place in this urban paradise.

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