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Oct 2017

8 ways to beat the heat this summer

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Every summer, the heat rolls around and everyone agrees that this summer is going to be the hottest yet. Global warming is apparent every way you turn but there are simple countermeasures that you can take against the heat – measures that won’t dent your wallet and are nature-friendly.
Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when trying to cool off from the summer heat!
Sun reflecting paint: Take a page out of fashion magazines this summer. White is a cooling colour and reflects light. It’s why light coloured fabrics are so popular. Paint your terrace/roof a bright white and instantly notice your house getting cooler.
Store water in a clay pot: When you stick 4 bottles of water in your refrigerator, it has to work extra hard to maintain the cool temperature. You may not realize it, but you are unwittingly contributing to the already warm conditions in your house. Instead, store drinking water in a clay pot. The porous property of the pot will naturally cool the water.
Use light fabrics for bedding: Linen and cotton are just the materials you need to keep your bed feeling light and comfortable as you doze off in the night.
Keep your curtains closed: Even with the windows closed, latent heat tends to seep in through the glass. Alternately, you can look at replacing windows with reflective glass panels/UV sheets.
Terrace Garden: Plants are nature’s natural air conditioners. They are perfect for drawing in excess sunlight and heat and converting it into oxygen, making your home cooler and healthier! If you don’t have a terrace, you can even plant a small garden in your balcony.
Bamboo blinds/Vetiver blinds: Traditionally made window shades are perfect for natural cooling. They are incredibly easy to install too. Once they are up, spray them with water and enjoy a blissful day of coolness.
Electronic Upgrade: First off, remember to turn off all appliances when not in use as they contribute to the heat inside a room. Additionally, now is the best time to move from incandescent bulbs to LED/CFL bulbs. Not only are they energy-saving, they also don’t radiate as much heat.
DIY air conditioner: An A/C might cool down your room but you have to be eco-conscious and a responsible citizen. So in lieu of an actual air conditioner, you can place a bowl of ice in front of a table fan and watch the magic happen. The wind picks up the rising cool mist as the ice melts and circulates it through the room!
We bet these tips will be sure to keep the heat at bay. So, get cool before summer really comes to town!

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