Oct 2018

5 Steps to take before you book your Interior Designer

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So, you are here either because you’re in the exciting process of giving shape to your new home, or you have decided that you are going to shuffle things up at the old roost. Nonetheless, you have important decisions to make. Choosing the right interior designer can give you much-needed clarity, and this goes without saying, determine the space you live in. Here is a quick checklist to get you started:

Research, research and then some

This holds true for any big decision related to home matters, and more so for space and design! Sit down with your family and analyze what exactly you want. Is it a minor remodeling or a complete overhaul of the space? Browse through ideas online, discover and narrow-down the aesthetics you’re after. It is also wise to consider building and housing regulations, the budget you have in mind and most importantly, the time you can set aside for this project. With this research as your tool, you can ask better questions and understand design scenarios clearly.

Testing waters


By now you’ve gotten your feet wet and have a rough idea of what you want. This is a good time to understand if you need an interior decorator or designer. While interior decorating is only part of the larger process of interior design, the latter can help you plan the space keeping in mind spatial concepts, building codes, and ergonomics. You can approach independent designers or enquire with architecture firms, to have a look at their portfolio and previous work. Create a shortlist, set up meetings, and ask as many questions as you need to. Keep in mind that they might want to physically visit the space before considering taking up the project.

God is in the details

Given the vastness of this field, there are a number of virtual designers, and therefore the cost aspect is a wide spectrum. The costs are usually calculated on the basis of square feet area and hours employed. The cost of the materials and services are transferred to the client, and some charge a commission on the value of the project. So get the details down to pat. Choose someone who understands your aesthetic and make sure you understand their working style.

Signing the dotted line

An interior designer should ideally be one who is aware of the social undertones of art, is willing to understand the nuances of your requirements and translate it into your space, keeping in mind maintenance, safety, law and spatial do’s and don’ts. Make sure both you and the designer understand the plan sketches, timeline and cost before signing the agreement.

Welcome the change

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No matter how detailed one’s plan and how neat the execution is, the reality is always slightly if not more different from the original sketches. Congratulate yourself on a project accomplished and welcome the proverbial change!

This is pretty much what you need to get started on the big project you’ve been thinking about all along.

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