5 Reasons Why Appaswamy Altezza Is Like No Other Apartment In The City

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With the growing pace of life and hustle culture, our homes are the one place where we pause, unwind and spend time on ourselves. At one of our latest premium properties in Chennai, Appaswamy Altezza, we bring you a home that’s primed for you to live your best life. 

Here’s what topped our list! 

Fresh ‘green’ air in the midst of the city

Within the grey, concrete jungle, people miss feeling surrounded by lush greenery, especially when considering apartment life. But what if we told you, you can now enjoy a morning cuppa from a long stretched balcony of a high rise surrounded by greenery? This is what mornings look like at Altezza – enjoy your flat without a compromise! Surrounded by green courtyards, sky parks, terrace gardens and much more, your home here is truly nestled in nature.

Adios to long hours of commute

Long drives are fun, but long hours in traffic – not really! That’s why Altezza is conveniently located close to the heritage sites of Adyar on one side, the tech parks of the IT corridor on another, and the beach just a few kilometres away. These new apartments in Chennai bring you closer to everywhere.

Sustainability all the way

We all look for ways or opportunities to switch to a more responsible lifestyle but are often faced with roadblocks like lack of time or resources. Appaswamy Altezza is designed to help you take the leap and choose a sustainable way of life. A recycling plant, urban farming facilities (to grow your produce), a watering treatment plant (to irrigate the gardens), are just the tip of the iceberg! Here, you can embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle without a second thought. 

Open your hearts and embrace a new community

With the rise in apartment culture and our fast-paced lives, a healthy social life is almost non-existent for many city dwellers. But, from spending weekends at the party hall and joining a table tennis tournament at the clubhouse, our gated communities create many avenues for socialising. Altezza is no exception! The sky parks on every floor encourage neighbours to spend a few moments catching up in a tranquil spot, while the carefully located amenities encourage families to mingle between each block as well!  

Stay in the light

Apartments in the city are often notorious for being dark, thanks to poor planning and windows facing another wall. However, each tower of Appaswamy Altezza – Stratos, Parco, and Giardino – is carefully designed for maximum cross-ventilation and natural light. For instance, there are large french windows in the apartments, a wonderful balcony area, open corridors at each level and many more. With a home here, you will never feel locked in. 

While every home is a special place, we’ve made Altezza exceptional. Here, the world will aspire to be you! So, come make your home at Appaswamy Altezza – your heaven on Earth!

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