May 2021

4 Practical Gruhapravesham Tips That Remain Unsaid

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With all the excitement of moving into a new home, and the rush to ensure your gruhapravesham goes off without a hitch, there might be a few things you overlook. This traditional function calls for more than just boiling milk and cracking a coconut open. Here are our top 4 gruhapravesham tips to help you ready your space for the ceremony and beyond.

Clean and Clear

While most homes are cleaned before a gruhapravesham, your home may need a bit of deep cleaning. In new constructed properties in Chennai, dust and debris could linger in hard to reach corners. A deep cleaning just before the big day is sure to set you up a great new living experience. 

Seal your walls 

Nobody likes a muddy handprint on a freshly painted wall. But when you have people coming over with furniture and pooja essentials, it’s hard to enforce any rules. Avoid the dirt patches and preserve your paint job by ensuring your walls are fully dried and coated with a paint sealant. If the paint or sealant has a strong smell, place a bowl full of baking soda in the room. This is known to absorb even the most pungent odours. 

Cut down the echo

Echoes can be a real downer when you have well-wishers over for the ceremony. Furniture can dampen them, but if you aren’t at that stage yet try this simple trick. Lay down fluffy rugs and carpets in every room and drape the windows with a temporary curtain. If you can bring in a few small pieces of furniture, use them in the corners of your room. Propping in a few chairs or a piece of decor along the corners and empty walls can do a lot to reduce echoes. 

Don’t be alarmed

Traditional functions like gruhapravesam usually involves doing a homam, burning of incense sticks, camphor, or all the above. This can trigger the smoke alarms that are now fitted in most new projects in Chennai, turning on the sprinklers and dousing all your things in water. So, speak to your builders or apartment managers to ensure these alarms are disabled for the duration of the function. 

Check these gruhapravesham tips off your list and get ready to welcome new beginnings in your apartments in Chennai


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