2020 Christmas Checklist: How To Make Merry at Home

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Time to bid 2020 adieu at long last, but we have just enough time for one last send-off party – Christmas! Let’s be honest, we’ve never had a greater reason to be excited for the end of this year. So, even if we spend the day inside our apartments in Chennai, let’s celebrate with plenty of Christmas cheer. 

Here are a few ways to keep the Christmas spirit alive:

You deserve a de-light-ful space!

Get in the right spirit by giving your home a festive makeover. Bring out the Christmas tree, light up some candles, and switch on the tea lights. Deck your space in red, green and gold fabrics and decor. Don’t forget the windows and balconies. Let the world know you are celebrating by draping the curtains with stars and fairy lights.

Drink a mug full of positivi-Tea

Whether it’s a cup of hot tea, a spa night, or journaling every day of the week leading up to the 25th, make a positive change to your daily routine. Let your mind and body indulge in a bout of self-care. At our apartments in Chennai, you can use the fully-fitted gym and jogging tracks to your advantage.

Bake the world a better place

Sometimes, happiness is as simple as a freshly baked cake. Nothing spells joy quite like baked treats, no matter whether it’s a simple choco-chip cookie, a gateau with infinite layers of cream and fruit, or the seasonal favourite – rum-soaked plum cakes. (Ever tried one of those mouth-watering treats made every year by our team at The Residency?) 

Handmade gifts of love

Want this year’s Christmas gifts to be meaningful? Then, try making them yourself. Whether it’s a box of homemade treats or a piece of jewellery, your loved ones are sure to appreciate your effort.

All aboard the Christmas Express!

The Polar Express or the Hogwarts Express – which trip do you want to take? Either way, it’s that time of the year to get cosy, binge on popcorn and make time for our favourite Christmas movies of all time.

There you have it. The perfect recipe to make merry within our apartments in Chennai. Do you have a Christmas checklist? Let us know below.

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