Luxury is in the little things

If you want to spot a person who really enjoys the finer things that life has to offer, look at the small, infinitesimal, everyday objects in their home. It’s the little things that truly offer the most joy. If your ardent love for luxury is combined with a passion to find it in the smaller things, then this blog is just for you!

Goodearth, for a home that speaks for itself

A Goodearth living room is ALL that you need to make a statement. Start by lighting up the side tables with the gorgeously designed Ziya Votives, to set the mood just right. The Aria Gallery Tray makes for the perfect centerpiece to your coffee table.

Line your plush couch with the Hajjra Dupion Silk Cushion, and complement it by draping the walls with the intricate designs of the Charbagh Bagh E Fiza wallcovering. The perfect cherry to top it all off? The Fergana Hanging Lantern. There you have it – your hall of fame!

Nicobar, for a decked up dining experience

With Nicobar’s dining collection, your dinner party will certainly be the talk of the town. Russian salads will find their home in gorgeously set Dot Shallow Bowls, served using Sitara Salad servers. Tumble hors d’oeuvres into the Mirage Chip & Dip Platter, and place it on the coffee table, along with dainty napkins.

The Diamantina Glass, filled with your signature fruit punch, will surely elevate the flavours of the drink. Once you’ve picked out your favourite dining pieces, tie it all in with this Banana Fibre Runner, to make for a wholesome experience!

If you are looking to curate your dream luxury home from scratch, check out these exciting new projects in Chennai to find the perfect canvas.

Cottons and Satins, for the boudoir

Infuse your bedroom with a splash of living coral toned accessories. This Pantone’s Colour of the Year is all about intimacy and connection. Cottons and Satins’ Santorini bedding set, with its soft pastel hues and candy stripes, will have you achieve this.

Underscore the cool shades of your cushions and throw pillows with the neutral colour and minimalistic style of the Mojave rug. Go the distance and top it off with the evocative fragrance of the Mediterranean Blue Reed Diffuser, which bottles up the sweet scents of seaside getaways and warm spring days, to bring a playful vibe into your bedroom.

Nappadori, for trips that mix both work and travel

Travel opens up whole new worlds, and along with it, your imagination. What better way to capture your thoughts, and cherish the beauty of your travel experience than to pen it down? Nappa Dori’s Organiser – Tan, in elegant beige, with soft genuine leather, is the perfect handy cover for your cards, pens, and paper. And it comes with a log book, of course.

Then, there is the Orbit Pouch – Tan for all your pocket sized necessities. What we love the most though, is the popping green and antique feel of the versatile Grenadier II – Forest Green, which screams suitable for both work and play.

There may be a handful options for you when it comes to luxury flats in Chennai, but it is only when you pay attention to such little details, do you create a home that is truly yours. If you are curious about what’s new in luxury in the city, check out Clover By The River, premium residences at Kotturpuram. You can now kickstart your “Kottur Kingdom” in this Chennai’s posh locality.

Putting the whole in Holi

Wood has been gathered to light the bonfire. Oil has been brought to the perfect temperature to fry gujiyas, and children are queuing-up to gorge on delectable papri chaat. Holi is all this, but a lot more, as well. The colours, fun, and frolic are just part of this wonderous festival!

This year, let’s celebrate Holi with a difference – one that bears more meaning, soul, and responsibility. Whether you live in premium apartments or budget flats in Chennai, these simple tips are for everyone!

Random act of colour

What’s Holi without colours, right? Holi pichkaris are filled with fiery shades and flamboyant hues, ready to be squirted at the unsuspecting stranger. But, what if ‘throwing colors’ represented much more? Life is full of colourful emotions and memories. By visiting an old age home or a children’s orphanage, you will be adding colour to the lives of those who really need it! This Holi, colour more than just the outside, painting someone’s soul bright!

Pick up the phone and make that call

Holi is the celebration of good over evil, the victory of love over hatred. Stuck in a rut with someone? Haven’t caught up with a close friend in a long time? Lay those bitter emotions aside and spread a little holiday cheer. The festival is about commemorating the period of peace after a war. So do whatever it takes – send a bouquet with a handwritten note, surprise a special someone at their door, pick up the phone and make that call. It’s Holi, afterall!

Share sweets, share sunshine

Festivals are the time for sweets and desserts in every colour and flavour. Be it juicy ras malais, or honey glazed malpuas, it always feels good to give than to receive. Share some, not just with your family, but go the extra mile this Holi. Your old neighbour who lives all alone, the vendor at the grocery shop down your street…count them in your celebration. Share sweets, share sunshine!

Try dry

It is an unsaid rule that one must be drenched to the toe in colors, on Holi Day. But with rising concerns of water scarcity and contamination, why not compromise on a wet Holi, and opt for a dry one instead? It sure would go a long way in preserving the Earth for our children, to live and enjoy. This year, let’s try dry!

Back to the basics

Now that you have decided to give dry Holi a shot, getting hold of eco-friendly colours can be a major hassle. Store bought colors bring with them a plethora of chemicals that severely damage the skin. What’s more is that they are harmful if inhaled, as well. The solution is to go back to the basics. Homemade colors can be made easily, by mixing ingredients found within the confines of your abode. You can learn how to make simple homemade colours here.

The Festival of Colours can truly be vibrant in its own way. Let’s join hands to make this Holi whole!

Getting your child to play is now child’s play

Remember the time when cricket was played on a field, instead of on your tablet? Gone are the days when frolicking under trees and playing hide-and-seek were the ultimate childhood dreams. Today, thanks to technology, kids can play hopscotch, jumping jacks, tag and what not, without sweating a single bullet – right on their gadgets!

Let’s go back in time, and bring kids back to the basics. Here are a few activities around the city that will help your child explore the ‘outdoor’ for real!

S.T.E.P 126

Step into Sithalapakkam, step into S.T.E.P!

“Addicted to outdoors. Not video games!”

“Prefer the tree shade to the air-conditioned indoors!”

“Love to play than watch TV!”

These are true testimonials from kids who experience S.T.E.P 126, an exposé cum learning experience that encourages children to participate in community-driven activities such as field trips, picnics, play dates, kindergarten outings, and workshops on relevant topics.

Proponents of the idea that playing is the new learning, S.T.E.P 126 lets the world be your child’s laboratory!

Not a box!

An experimental center in Nungambakkam

Source: LBB

Located in Rutland Gate, Not A Box literally thinks out of the box to keep kids occupied with activities. Ranging from ziplining and monkey climbing, to shoulder-high wall ascents and obstacle courses, Not A Box has got it all!  

With fairies to guide them through a variety of exercises, kids can paint, explore, and read in quiet corners, while parents can observe, experiment, and engage in activities too. Not A Box might be the place, not just for your kids but for you as well!


The place for fun and fitness is now here at Adyar

QuadPlay is a fun fitness experience designed for kids of ages 7 – 14 years, that helps them become stronger, smarter, and happier adults. The programme is designed to improve your child’s movement patterns, build stronger bones and muscles, improve athletic performance, and help them enjoy the pursuit of an active body and mind without compromising on fun.

The Quadplay Summer Camp begins this April 3rd. Hurry and enroll your kids today!


The best indoor play area, now in Abiramipuram

Source: LLB

The word utopia exudes all things ideal. True to its name, Utopia, in Abiramapuram, is an ideal ecosystem not just for kids but for parents as well.

You can explore mini art corners that bring out the budding artist in your child, and media zones with fitness and dance sessions. Utopia is a place where your child can crawl, play, climb, or swing, while you sing-along at a karaoke, or simply binge watch your favorite shows.

With patisseries and cafes, Zumba sessions and fitness boot camps, Utopia is just as ‘ideal’ as it sounds. In a nutshell, Utopia is for adults who have a child in them, and with them!


An all-in-one children’s center in Alwarpet


To create. To imagine. To play. That’s the anthem of Tugbug, a public space initiative that draws children from phone and tablet screens, to let their imaginations run wild and free. With activities such as self-directed creative play, indoor gardening, vase work, and storytelling using oral traditions, Tugbug brings children back to the basics.

Designed to help children nurture their inner creativity, Tugbug strives to inculcate the need to be creatively energized, with activities related to rhythm, music, and dance as well! Tugbug also explores the environmental implications of modern toys, and tries to replace them with indigenous playing methods.

Being outdoor is livelier and healthier. With these co-curricular activities, let’s put the focus not just on kids, but on the environment as a whole!

Who run the world? Girls!

Dainty. Bella Donna. Passive. Sensuous. Those were the heavy stereotypes thrown at her. But gone are the days when people associated these words with women.

Fearless. Enterprising. Resilient. Ingenious. Dynamic. She’s the successful entrepreneur who’s making history. With International Women’s Day just around the corner, here are a few women entrepreneurs excelling in a plethora of fields, ranging from self-made bakers, and flamboyant fashionistas, to social workers – these women are changing the world!

Shivani Patel, Arture Design

Unfazed, unflappable, calm, and collected…that is Shivani Patel, Founder of Arture Design, a sustainable vegan fashion brand that deals with merchandising bags and accessories, made from the best quality cork and cultivated straight from the Mediterranean.

A melange of sustainability and fashion, the brand produces a range of beautifully crafted accessories that are the perfect companion for anyone who wants to blend their sense of style and their passion to conserve Mother Earth.

Anuradha Krishnamoorthy & Namrata Sundaresan, Käse Cheese

There is nowhere else you would find fluffy ricotta, smooth cream cheese, soft mozzarella, and crumbly feta alongside cheese rubbed with milagai podi, cheddar with Malabar peppercorns, and gouda aged with sumac and qatar. You name it, they have it. Käse Cheese is an artisanal cheese company started by Anuradha and Namrata, and is an initiative to locally produce ‘clean’ (unprocessed, and without preservatives) fresh cheese.

What began as a way to address the lack of fresh, affordable, healthy cheese in local supermarkets, has become a household name in Chennai today. The company also trains people with disabilities in the art of cheese making, thereby combining fabricating food and fighting for a cause at the same time.

Sahar Mansoor, Bare Necessities

Devoted environmentalist and Founder of Bare Necessities is Sahar Mansoor, a vibrant woman with a conscious lifestyle. Currently living a zero-waste lifestyle, Sahar believes in sticking to the goal of sustainability.

Bare Necessities creates products that care for the environment as much as they care for you. Sahar not only promotes this, but also makes it a point to run an all-women enterprise, which serves as a platform for growth and empowerment.

Neelam Jain, Periferry

Striving for a social cause is Neelam Jain of Periferry, a social inclusion start-up, working for the upliftment of the transgender community. With the help of Periferry, transgenders and women, belonging to the minorities, get a chance to have their voices heard, and benefit from employment opportunities where they not only find an identity, but also a workplace with empathy and emotional intelligence.

“I see a world of endless possibilities and truly believe that we can do well and do good at the same time” says Neelam, who (true to her company’s name) fishes out those pushed to the periphery and brings them to the limelight.

Vandhana Ramanathan & Jinal Patel, W Square

Introducing India’s first ever co-working and incubation center for women, are Vandhana and Jinal, Founders of W Square. The center is a collaborative workspace that provides a space for women who want to work independently, or are looking for an alternative to working from home.

Fully equipped with the basic necessities required for women from all walks of life, W Square provides the ideal work environment for budding entrepreneurs, pregnant women, and even new mothers.

Ritika Ravi, IVAR

It’s true when they say – diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And, diamonds are definitely this girl’s best friend. The charming and cosmopolitan Ritika Ravi is the founder of IVAR, a jewelry brand that was ‘born in India and launched in the Maldives’.

She combines her knowledge of fashion from the London College of Fashion with that of her innate lifestyle, and brings to life the most exotic blend of dazzle and diva. IVAR specializes in handcrafted customized jewellery that leaves one spellbound and wanting for more.

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.