Dec 2018

2019 Resolutions: Fitness Tops the List

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An extra hour of snooze seems too precious to give up for exercise, right? What if we told you fitness can, in fact, be fun. You just need to find the right workout and the right place.


Walking track at Banyan House, Appaswamy

Walking tracks are great if you like to workout with some company. Brisk walking is a good way to begin the day energetically, and a stroll is an almost perfect way to close the evening. Appaswamy’s Trellis, in Vadapalani, has a beautiful walking track, that is especially perfect if you have to plan your fitness around work.


Yoga Pavilion at The Bloomingdale, Appaswamy

These wellness centers offer a refuge from the bustle of city life. Yoga routines can improve breathing patterns, and help have a balanced, peaceful mind. The Bloomingdale has a sprawling yoga room in the outdoors, so you can soak in the sun and fresh air.


Fitness Centre at Platina, Appaswamy

If you’re looking to take the fitness quotient up a notch, training in a gym can help you develop your core strength. No more paying for idling gym memberships, or complaining that your neighborhood doesn’t have a fitness center. Appaswamy’s Habitat in Siruseri and Platina in Porur offer gym facilities that have the best of training equipment.

Fitness Centre at Habitat, Appaswamy


Swimming Pool at Platina, Appaswamy

It is scientifically established that swimming both relaxes and strengthens the muscles. Properties like Capella, Platina and Bloomingdale are ideal, if you want to integrate swimming into your lifestyle. What’s more, these pools are a sight for sore eyes, and perfect for a relaxing sunbath.  

Swimming Pool at Capella, Appaswamy

Kids’ play

Kids Play Area at Platina, Appaswamy

We’re convinced that every parent wants a safe play area for their kids, so they can stop helicoptering them around. Platina has a compound that’s dedicated entirely for kids to have fun. Safe to say, this place will leave them with a fair share of good memories.

Kids Play Area at Platina, Appaswamy

What are your fitness resolutions for 2019? Tell us in the comments below.

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