2019 Resolutions: Fitness Tops the List

An extra hour of snooze seems too precious to give up for exercise, right? What if we told you fitness can, in fact, be fun. You just need to find the right workout and the right place.


Walking track at Banyan House, Appaswamy

Walking tracks are great if you like to workout with some company. Brisk walking is a good way to begin the day energetically, and a stroll is an almost perfect way to close the evening. Appaswamy’s Trellis, in Vadapalani, has a beautiful walking track, that is especially perfect if you have to plan your fitness around work.


Yoga Pavilion at The Bloomingdale, Appaswamy

These wellness centers offer a refuge from the bustle of city life. Yoga routines can improve breathing patterns, and help have a balanced, peaceful mind. The Bloomingdale has a sprawling yoga room in the outdoors, so you can soak in the sun and fresh air.


Fitness Centre at Platina, Appaswamy

If you’re looking to take the fitness quotient up a notch, training in a gym can help you develop your core strength. No more paying for idling gym memberships, or complaining that your neighborhood doesn’t have a fitness center. Appaswamy’s Habitat in Siruseri and Platina in Porur offer gym facilities that have the best of training equipment.

Fitness Centre at Habitat, Appaswamy


Swimming Pool at Platina, Appaswamy

It is scientifically established that swimming both relaxes and strengthens the muscles. Properties like Capella, Platina and Bloomingdale are ideal, if you want to integrate swimming into your lifestyle. What’s more, these pools are a sight for sore eyes, and perfect for a relaxing sunbath.  

Swimming Pool at Capella, Appaswamy

Kids’ play

Kids Play Area at Platina, Appaswamy

We’re convinced that every parent wants a safe play area for their kids, so they can stop helicoptering them around. Platina has a compound that’s dedicated entirely for kids to have fun. Safe to say, this place will leave them with a fair share of good memories.

Kids Play Area at Platina, Appaswamy

What are your fitness resolutions for 2019? Tell us in the comments below.

5 reasons to invest in a luxury home

Buying a luxury home can seem ostentatious at first, but that sentiment is changing with the array of options currently available in the market. The present generation of Indians who buy luxury homes are not just High Networth Individuals (HNI’s), but also globetrotters and discerning individuals, looking for a home that is unique.

1. Investment

Real estate properties are ‘performing assets’ – they can be used practically, while the value appreciates. There are a number of reasonably priced luxury apartments in Chennai, which break the notion that luxury is expensive. What’s more? As a considerable number of young Indians want to indulge in unique vacation experiences, holiday home rentals are also a lucrative option that you can cash in on.


2. Individuality


The appeal of living in an environment that is built according to one’s personal tastes is seeing takers. In today’s experience economy, people are looking to make sure that their money can bring them something that they can truly enjoy and call their own.


3. Amenities

Swimming Pool at Capella, Appaswamy

These residences offer world class facilities, and you can be sure that only the best of amenities are installed. Swimming pools, health centres and gyms are just the tip of the iceberg. Private theatres, shopping centres and other lifestyle hubs are built, and more importantly, maintained regularly for your entertainment and comfort.


4. Technology

Another feature is that technology is integrated in most of these facilities, which makes life hassle free. Touch-sensitive sensors, solar generators and state-of-the-art security systems are typical of these homes. Children and the elderly can go about their day, without you having to worry about their safety.


5. Lifestyle

These communities often attract like-minded people, so you can meet and connect with interesting folks of similar wavelength. The prospect of close gatherings and events, can contribute to a healthy social and emotional life, as well.


What do you look for in a luxury home? Tell us in the comments below.

5 easy steps to keep mosquitoes at bay

Mosquitoes are definitely infuriating, but they pose a more serious threat as potential carriers of diseases. You don’t have to be paranoid, but it is critical to take measures to keep these insects at bay. Plus, you won’t have to play an angry athlete, swatting away these flying pests.

Window screens

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Installing mesh screens on window and door frames is one of the best steps you can take to curtail the inflow of mosquitoes. This way, you don’t have to keep your doors shut all the time, and can enjoy some fresh air. By affixing these nets in your balcony, you can relish a hot cuppa without the nagging bites. Make sure to check the nets regularly for tears, and close any gaping holes that might let the tiny creatures sneak in.

Trimming gardens

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

These are hotspots for mosquito breeding, as they thrive in cool, damp spots. Tall overgrown bushes cast shadows and must be trimmed regularly, to allow more sunlight to reach the soil. If you are on the lookout for flats in Chennai, make sure the gardens in the property are properly maintained.

Drying surfaces

Popular belief is that stagnant water the size of a bottle cap is enough for mosquitoes to breed. Water puddles are commonplace during monsoon, more so in independent houses. Ensure that the verandahs are kept dry, and there is an efficient drainage system in place.


These nasty bugs are big fans of cluttered corners. Messy open shelves and laundry piles are safe hiding spots. To avoid hoarding items, and get your home regularly dusted and cleaned.

Pro-tip: Mark off a particular day every month to deep clean your home. With a space designated for each member, this could also be a great bonding activity for your family.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

There are a host of mosquito repellents available in the market. However, it’s high time you shift to natural solutions. Burning camphor tablets, and sealing the vapour stay shut in a closed room can drive away the pests. Applying a mix of citronella and eucalyptus oil on windows panes and wall corners is also an effective remedy.


What are your tips for a mosquito-free home? Let us know in the comments below.


5 reasons to buy a home in Coimbatore

A significant number of urban residents are opting out of the maddening city life, moving to more laid back areas. There’s never been a better time to buy a home in a developed town, like Coimbatore. Why? Read on to know

        1. Climate

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Both visitors and locals can’t stop fawning over the pleasant Coimbatore weather, that remains so throughout the year. The average temperature is 28°C, with April being the hottest month. Temperatures start to cool down by month-end and drop to a minimum in December.

       2. Infrastructure

The city has a flourishing landscape of transport, healthcare, malls, and IT infrastructure. The Coimbatore airport serves as a hub for domestic and international flights and is accessible by public transport and private cabs.

      3. Affordable housing

Buying a home in a Tier 2 city like Coimbatore is sensible, considering the escalating real estate prices in other metro cities. One can indulge in a spacious home, without sweating over the cost per square foot. Appaswamy’s Delmar is an exclusive villa project located in a lusciously green part of Coimbatore, Cheran Nagar. The vicinity houses all the necessary amenities and is a big plus when it comes to the connectivity factor.

      4. Job opportunities

Coimbatore has always been a lucrative hub for textile and allied industries. The enterprising nature of the city has fostered a thriving job market, that has opened up opportunities across domains, such as IT, hospitality and B2B services.

       5. Lifestyle

Coimbatore fits the ideal narrative of a town that offers a healthy lifestyle, well within an affordable cost of living – a battle that large metro cities have lost over time. The best educational institutions and recreational facilities are here. What’s more is that you find yourself having more time for the finer things in life – your hobbies, social life, and family.

Oftentimes, what makes a good home investment is buying property at the right time. When it comes to Delmar, now is the right time.