The Investment Sentiment

While commercial real estate buying is all about numbers and snagging the best deal, residential real estate purchases are heavily influenced by one’s feelings. A recent study estimates that a little over 44% of home buyers purchase a particular house because it ‘feels’ right. Therefore, we cannot discount the role our sentiments play in our real estate investment. Furthermore, ‘The New Science of Customer Emotions’ report, produced by the Harvard Business Review, listed ten emotional motivators that drive a consumer to make a purchase. They can be summed up as:

Peace of mind

Living in a rental house means being at the mercy of your landlord. If you are lucky, you will have a no-fuss one, but there is always the lease agreement that needs to be reviewed periodically. Having a house of your own guarantees you peace of mind. You are also free to make the alterations you would like and have fittings of your choice. The initial investment may be higher than your rental home, but in the long run, the payoff is well worth it!


There are several milestones by which one measures success in life – graduating from a reputable college, landing the dream job, settling down with a family of your own or buying a house. People, especially first-time buyers, often believe that their status in society is alleviated, and feel a great sense of pride and self-respect with a home purchase.


More often than not, it is not the house that homeowners are after, it is the lifestyle it offers. Whether it is a big garden to play with your dog or a quiet balcony to unwind after a long day, a home means different things to different people. Your house comprises of four walls that will hold countless memories and see you through your highs and lows. The word ‘home’ invokes such strong emotions that no other product or service can.


The appreciating value of real estate makes it an exceptional investment option. It can generate passive income and be the first step in your overall wealth strategy. Having property in your investment portfolio enhances the feeling of financial security.

While emotions play a big part in buying a home, there are other factors to consider before finalising the sale. If you are scouting the market for your next home, schedule a site visit for any of our upcoming projects today.

Our safety culture, upped and benchmarked

At Appaswamy, the safety of our workers and personnel is paramount! We are proud to announce that Trellis South, Vadapalani has been completed with a 100% safety benchmark. With over 30 lakh (3 million) man-hours spent, we have had zero fatalities or injuries to our personnel working on this project. And how have we achieved this stupendous feat, you ask?

Safety orientation

Our workers come from all over the country. Before engaging them on one of our sites, we conduct an intense training program where we orient them on the necessary safety safeguard measures and procedures. It is also important to note that all on-ground personnel must get a complete medical examination done before they are fit for work. For those that are required to work at heights, further evaluation is done to make sure they are fit to work at an elevation.

Basic safety

Each team is assigned a specific task, and the required basic training is given to individual teams. We ensure that all our workers use helmets and safety shoes on site, there are nets in place in the event of a fall, harnesses are at hand for those that must work at heights, and much more. It is heartening to note that these safety measures were welcomed by our staff across various levels and they have been quick in adopting any new measures and technologies we introduce. 

Specialized training

For tasks that require a special skill set, we conduct niche training to acquaint the workers with the required procedures. They are also given additional equipment to ensure their safety. Every site has weekly meetings – one for all workers, and one for individual teams to discuss any challenges they face in implementing the safety procedures.

Regular checks

On a periodic basis, checks are done on all construction equipment to ensure they are working at optimum efficiency. These checks often go through multiple levels of inspection – Team Leader, Engineer, Project Manager, Safety Head and the Head of Engineering. In case any part of the site is non-compliant with our stringent safety measures, a report is generated by the Project Manager and it is resolved within 48 hours.

With the overwhelming success we have seen with Trellis South, our revised safety safeguards are being emulated and implemented in all our upcoming properties. Further, safety implementation on our project, Bloomingdale Phase-II has also been a stupendous achievement.

Our aim is to create properties that are safely made for you.

The green way

From manicured lawns to babbling brooks, residents are looking for more greenery in their homes than ever before! While it may be difficult to make changes to the common areas of your gated community, here are a few ways you can steal moments of tranquillity within the comfort of your home.

A kitchen garden


Why buy spices from the store when you can grow your own? If you are in the mood to whip up some delectable pasta, you can pluck fresh rosemary, thyme or basil from your herb garden. Enhance the flavours of Indian cooking with homegrown coriander or unwind your day with lemongrass tea. A kitchen garden is a great way to hone your green thumb – not to mention, the added benefit of having effortless access to fresh spices and vegetables.

A fountain

If you don’t have a water body near your house, you can create your own with a serene water fountain. The best part? Almost any household ornament can be converted into a fountain with these simple steps. Whether it is a tabletop fountain or a garden fountain, it lends character to your room and can be used as a focal point in your decor.

A compost pit

While your building or homeowner’s association may have a recycling program, there is nothing like the satisfaction of having your waste work for you. It can aid your thriving garden and it is remarkably simple to make. This is an eco-friendly way to dispose of vegetable and fruit scraps and leftover food, and use it to enrich the soil.

The outdoors


Pencil in a little time every day to spend outdoors. Whether it is a cup of coffee on your balcony every morning or a stroll around the park in the evening, a daily dose of Vitamin D has health benefits like enhancing your mood, lowering blood pressure and reducing depression. Whenever possible, opt for natural lighting over artificial lights. It will cut down on your electricity bill and decrease your carbon footprint.



To know more about our properties, schedule a consultation for a visit today!

Vadapalani – Where dreams come alive

Once lauded as the Hollywood of Chennai, Vadapalani has become a prime residential hub over the last 50 years. With top pharmacies, hospitals, schools, malls and more within handshaking distance, there are plenty of reasons why this area is considered the heart of the city.

Better infrastructure

Vadapalani is home to some of the best schools in Chennai – Kendra Vidyalaya and Vadapalani Matriculation School, to name a few. People come from all over the world to receive treatment at Vijaya Hospital, an establishment with world-class specialists in the field of medicine. For those who enjoy window shopping during the weekends, malls like Forum, Maya Plaza or Matrix to offer plenty of stores to choose from. With rising property value and an ever increasing number of flats for sale in Vadapalani, it is one residential area you should look out for in the near future.

Increased connectivity

Aside from the obvious attractions, Vadapalani is arguably one of the best-connected areas in Chennai. With the metro running through, you can now beat the traffic and get to any area in a matter of minutes. This area is also in close proximity to Poonamallee High Road, Sivaji Ganesan Road, Sardar Patel Road and Arcot Road, prominent main roads with great connectivity. Within 7 kilometers of Koyambedu Bus Terminal and 9 kilometers away from Chennai Central Railway Station, traveling cannot get easier.

Reel Life

For all film buffs out there, this is the place to be. You can watch your favourite actors come to life on the IMAX screen at Palazzo Cinemas. With its plush interiors and surround sound theatres, it offers a stellar viewing experience. If you are looking for some behind-the-scenes magic, this area is home to the oldest studios in Chennai and has seen the filming of some of the biggest productions in South India like Kaala, Leader, and Vettaikaran. You can even book a tour at

Closer to God

Built first in 1890 as a thatched roof temple and later renovated in 1920 is Vadapalani Andavar Temple. Popular lore suggests that a devotee kept a Murugan painting in his shed, and experienced some divine powers over time. Through statements uttered by this devotee, diseases were cured, marriages were solemnized and much more. It is estimated that over 7000 couples get married in this temple each year. There are also several prominent mosques and churches in the area.

Over the years, Vadapalani has evolved into a cosmopolitan locale, making it the ideal choice for a real estate investment. If you are looking for flats for sale in Vadapalani, don’t think twice. The impeccable social infrastructure and the popping entertainment scene make living here a fun affair.

It’s because of these compelling reasons that Appaswamy has two of it’s properties on Arcot Road, in Vadapalani – Trellis and Capella. Call us on 044-24346333 to schedule a visit to the model apartment.