New leaves, stronger roots

When buying a home, a good thumb rule to follow is to visualize yourself living in it for the next ten years. If you have kids or are planning to, you need to plan for how your home can cater to the needs of an infant, a rambunctious toddler or a moody teenager. Here are things you need to consider to make your next investment a kid-friendly one!

Outdoor space

Playtime outdoors is essential to the healthy development of your child. If your future home comes with a yard for supervised playtime, it is a big win! In the event the place you are looking at does not have a designated space of its own, a cul-de-sac does the trick as your kids can play safely on the street!


When you have kids, safety is paramount! Most gated communities come with 24/7 CCTV monitoring and security guards stationed at the entrance to ensure the safety of their residents. Check to see if common amenities like the pool or gym are fenced off to ensure accident-free fun!


Before buying a new home, meet a few neighbors to get a sense of the community. While people of all ages are great, having young couples around go a long way in creating a kid-friendly environment. Think long term – you have company for community activities and play dates!


Check the proximity of schools to your potential home. Researching on the availability of nannies or daycare centers in the neighborhood will also hold you in good stead. Additionally, having a store or pharmacy within walking distance can save you a lot of time and stress, so keep that in mind before signing on the dotted line.

Storage space

From strollers to sports equipment, kids of all ages come with different gear, so you will need a home with a lot of space! If you are unable to find a place with a large laundry room or a mudroom, a large closet in the foyer works just as well! Here are a few ideas to help maximize your storage!

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New age community living

The modern-day gated community comes with a slew of benefits. From having an uninterrupted power supply to a centralized gas line, here are a few things to consider when making a property upgrade.

Safe and secure

Residents in a gated community live in a controlled environment with stringent security measures. With personnel stationed at the entrance 24 hours a day, visitors are required to sign in and are closely monitored. Most communities also come with CCTV surveillance and intercom systems that guarantee a resident’s safety. Here some other ways to ensure the safety of a home.

In addition to safety measures, speed limits enforced within the compound, protect residents from vehicles and ensure the safety of pedestrians. This provides a carefree environment for children to play and the elderly to indulge in recreational activities. There is the added advantage of common services like plumbers, electricians or carpenters that are available around the clock.

Plethora of amenities

However, it is not just the security and convenience of services that motivate people to move into gated communities – it is the lifestyle that comes with it! The clubhouse offers some obvious conveniences. To host a party, residents no longer have to worry about the size of their house or guests spilling sauce on their furniture. Instead, they can hire out the hall and invite their friends and family over.

Relatives from out of town are no longer a problem for residents as most gated communities have guest rooms! They also have amenities such as a world-class pool, gym, yoga studio and a recreational center that give the guests things to do during their stay.

Rub shoulders with residents

In a gated community a resident gets to interact with people from different walks of life. There are classes like yoga, Zumba, painting or pottery that brings people of similar interests together.  

The building association usually organizes regular get-togethers and movie nights that allow residents to interact with each other. Be sure to check out our pool party blog for some inspiration!

For those that prefer a high standard of living, a gated community with manicured lawns and well-maintained parks has an aesthetic appeal. Community associations prevent neighbors from turning their properties into eyesores and ensure harmonious living. Due to proper maintenance and frequent checks, homes in gated communities also have a higher resale value than stand-alone buildings.



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Hello weekend, meet ECR!

While lazing around at home this weekend is awesome, it is gratifying to get outdoors and away from your phone. Now the question is, where do you go? We are here to make it easy for you with our list of places to try down the East Coast Road!

Seashell Museum

If you are a fan of marine life, this museum should be on your list! You will get a sneak peek of over 40,000 different types of seashells and over 10,000 types of pearls (both cultured and natural). The staff is knowledgeable, and learning about underwater life could be a great way to spend your day. The museum also houses an aquarium with over 1,000 types of tropical and freshwater fish. If you are lucky, you can even rendezvous with a starfish.

Bored of fish already? Create your very own Jurassic World sequel at the dinosaur park in the same complex. With life-size versions of over 14 types of popular dinosaurs, complete with movable parts, you will feel like a part of the movie! There is a ‘Funky Art’ exhibition with 3-D installations of paintings, giving you plenty of photo-ops.

Cool off in a swanky arcade with all the latest AR and VR games and dig into a scrumptious meal at their food court. At the end of a fun packed day, you can visit the gift shop for some souvenirs to give your friends.

Crocodile Bank

While this may be an obvious choice for anyone visiting Chennai, the Crocodile Bank is constantly adding things to do all the time! While the zoo itself has one of the largest collection of reptiles in the world, you can indulge in a night safari with the Irula tribe to acquaint yourself with the local flora and fauna. The safari ends with a snake catching workshop that shows you the right way to catch a snake and extract venom from it. Don’t forget to check out Jaws 3, their star attraction and the largest saltwater crocodile in the world.

Picahvaram Mangrove Forest

10 kilometers away from Chidambaram is Pichavaram, the second largest mangrove forest in the world. Sign up for a boat ride, and you can spend your day in the quiet backwaters amid the rare sight of mangroves rooted in water. The biotope is home to several rare species of birds, so grab your binoculars and get spotting!

What are your favorite spots? Let us know in the comments.


Make hay while it rains

A relentless downpour is an unwritten invitation to get snug at home with a piping hot cup of tea and a Netflix marathon. Why would anyone brave the elements and traffic to go looking for a house? The answer is simple. If you are willing to wade through puddles, you could bag the best deal!

The monsoon is a lean period for developers across the country. To boost sales, developers are more likely to offer monsoon deals. Even if there is there is no formal offer, a serious buyer will be able to drive a hard bargain with most builders. Banks and other financial institutions also sweeten the deal with special interest loans available to buyers.

Additionally, it is not just the discounts that make this the perfect time to invest in real estate! Whether it is partially constructed or fully built, visiting the construction site during what is considered the ‘worst’ period for buildings, allows a buyer to check for dampness or leakages before signing the dotted line. The beauty of rain is that is washes away everything to reveal the true nature of things. A couple of heavy downpours will give an investor an idea of the quality of construction in the home they are planning to buy.

While a popular locality might seem like a no-brainer to an investor, there are a number of other factors that should ideally drive a purchase decision. Traffic is at its worst during this time. And visiting the area during the monsoon will give a buyer a sense of the amount of time it would take to commute. It also gives them an opportunity to assess the facilities of the project.  Does the power go out at the slightest hint of thunder? Or is the property in a low-lying area?

While most home buyers are hesitant to step out during this time, this one strategic move can make their next investment a solid one!