Deep clean your home

Dusty pinks may be in this season, but dust isn’t. While things may seem spanking clean to the naked eye, there might be a cobweb nightmare just lurking around the corner.

Here are some innovative and easy tips to a cleaner house.

Lazy Susan

A solution of equal parts vinegar and water is the key to a spotless kitchen. After scrubbing your refrigerator and before re-stacking the shelves, consider installing a Lazy Susan. Contrary to its name, a Lazy Susan is extremely handy to keep your spices at reach and significantly reduce spillage. This will make your next spring cleaning an easy task!

Citrus Twist

Do you have ugly stains on your bathroom fittings? Squeeze a few drops of lime and let it soak for a few minutes before wiping it away. Additionally, you can soak a cut lime, some salt and a few ice cubes to get rid of unwanted odor leaving your washroom looking new and smelling fresh.

Get clean walls

Your child’s doodles on your wall do not mean you have to get a new paint job! Sprinkle some baking soda on a damp sponge and gently scrub away the marks. After the baking soda, apply a layer of toothpaste on the area and let it soak for ten minutes before wiping it off. Voila, your walls are as good as new.

Recondition your wood

If someone forgets to use a coaster, your coffee table pays the price. Ugly white rings are not only unpleasant to the eye, but they also affect the quality of your wood. Give your furniture a good blast from a blow dryer to get rid of stains, and rub some olive oil to give it life.

When cleaning, it is easy to get distracted and take a trip down memory lane. One of the best ways to focus is to set a duration for every task and time yourself. Seeing how long each area of the house takes to get done will help you set up a system for cleaning in the future. Let us know which tip you found most useful!


Pool party in style

When you hear ‘pool-side’ party, you automatically conjure up images of inflated flamingoes and volleyball tournaments. But, the perfect laid back pool party does exist! We have rounded up some themes that are high class and low key as we bid adieu to the summer.

Go vintage

People in the 80’s and 90’s really knew how to party, and we are taking a leaf out of their book! Think big hair, neon colours (or the LMFAO video), a boom box by the pool, and you have yourself a theme for your next blow-out. Dust off your Halloween decorations, bring out the outrageous wigs and loud sunglasses, bust out the disco music and live it up – 80’s style!

If you are a beach bum, why not recreate your own, closer to home? Quirky Hawaiian shirts for your guests, surfboards as décor around the pool, and a surf and turf food table are a fun way to infuse a retro-beachy vibe to your pool party.  

Class it up

If P Diddy can throw a white party, so can we! Tea lights set up around the pool, an all-white décor, and white dress code sets the tone for an elegant evening. Floating white balloons that cut gracefully across the pool add a dramatic flair to your get together. Ask your guests to recreate some of the outfits in P. Diddy’s 2009 party and have the best outfit of the night prize.

A picnic brings back happy nostalgic memories, so why not add a contemporary twist to it? A picnic ‘basket’ with sandwiches, lemonade, chips and a chocolate for each guest will remind them of birthday parties and school excursions. Quilts spread across the floor and chairs are warm and inviting. Potted flowers in rustic cans, checkered tablecloth, mason jars, and LED candles around the pool are the perfect décor accents for a rustic evening.


An Olympic themed party for children facilitates healthy competition and is a great way to spend an evening. Swimming matches and in-pool games like Marco Polo or mermaid races are fun, especially if medals are being handed out at the end. Create your own international competition by encouraging kids to come dressed in the colours of their favorite country.

This is the perfect time to take advantage of the world-class pools at Appaswamy and ring in the monsoon in style!

Why is this the right time to invest on OMR

The Old Mahabalipuram Road is a hub for cultural and intellectual exchange and is ripe for real estate investment. If you are looking to buy a house, there are reasons why you should consider investing in this area!  


With the IT boom in Chennai, this area has seen a lot of growth and development! With well-planned drainage systems, clean roads, proximity to hospitals, malls, and schools, this area has been strategically planned for ease of residence. In fact, the government has placed special emphasis on this stretch, so you will not have any problems with water, electricity or sanitation problems like other parts of the city. There is great connectivity via public transport, and it is a mere 18 kilometers away from the airport, making it the perfect option for jet setters.

Hub for IT and Manufacturing

Spanning over 45 kilometers between Chennai and Mahabalipuram it most sought after by IT and manufacturing units. Labeled the ‘IT Corridor’, it is home to many prominent Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, research institutions, manufacturing units and government organizations. This means, your commute to work and back just got shorter! With new clusters of this road developing, it is also an investor hotspot with new organizations mushrooming every month.

Education and research

The Road is famed for its proximity to many educational institutions from Sathyabama to the American International School. It boasts the revered Roja Muthiah Research Library, the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, IIT Incubator and much more! Some of the best and brightest minds in the city travel this stretch every day.

Serene living

OMR has seen several gated communities popping up over the last few years. Take a turn off the main road, and you will see a new side to the locale, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The interiors are secluded and serene, giving you some much-needed privacy without compromising on amenities. There are also several water bodies in the area, and its proximity to the sea will give you access to plenty of greenery and clean, fresh air!

Community living

Most real estate players on the OMR, encourage the concept of community living. This is a great option for people that are looking for some company! You are also spoilt for choice – whether you are looking for a studio apartment or a 4 BHK, this stretch has it all.

Apartments are fast filling up, so book your dream home at Appaswamy Splendour today! For more information, visit: