Why you should go solar this year!

Summer is here which means longer days, bluer skies and a whole lot of sun. Summer can also mean there might be a lot of power failure. Solar panels will be your saviour by using the sun to provide energy for your home. Solar panels convert light from the sun a.k.a photons into electricity. Light from sun is renewable energy. This helps reduce household’s dependence on the electricity.

You might ask yourself, why you should switch to solar energy? In a couple of centuries, all fossil fuel resources on earth will be depleted quicker than they can be created. The demand for energy is only increasing with every passing year.This is why we need to switch to an alternative energy source. Using solar energy is the way to fight this problem.

Not convinced yet? Here are few interesting benefits of solar energy

  • Cheaper source of energy

Since you will meet some of your energy needs with the electricity your solar panels generate, probably the biggest advantage will be drop in your bills. How much money you save will depend on the size of the solar panel and your electricity usage.

  • Environmental friendly

The use of solar energy is truly renewable. This means clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels on your home helps tackle greenhouse gas and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Low maintenance cost

This system does not generally require a lot of maintenance. You only need to keep the panels fairly clean, cleaning them a couple of times per year will do the job. The inverter might be the only part that needs to be changed.


  • Can be expensive

One of the major disadvantage can be an expensive initial investment. This includes the purchase, wiring cost and setting up the panels

  • Weather dependent

Despite of the fact that solar energy can be used during cloudy and rainy days, the efficiency of the solar panel drops. Solar panels are dependent on the sun to effectively gather energy.

  • Roof considerations

The solar panels are not made for all roof types. If your roof does not have space to set it up then it becomes a problem to have solar power at home.

Few tips on buying a solar panel

  • Do your research

Before jumping into buying a solar panel, do your research on the type that fits your usage.

  • Decide on the type of panel

There are a range of panels that work for different roof types depending on the space. If you have limited space you can choose the mono-crystalline solar panels.

  • Warranty

Compare the warranties offered. You can expect a warranty period of 25-30 years. It is important to check the warrant period of the inverter also.

  • Uses

Solar panels can be used for outdoor lighting, Water heater, and for all your major home appliances like your light bulbs, fans, etc.

Add a little magic to your kids room

A kid’s surroundings can have a huge impact on how they grow and mature. Parents strive to give the best and make their living space as comfortable and fun as possible. So, unleash your creativity to create a space to dream, learn, grow and play.

Bunk bed for one, two or more!

For a shared room, bunk beds are an excellent option, it gives your kid a fun and playful vibe and it comes with space saving solutions. You can choose to have a colourful, monochrome or themed room and provide your kids with a stylish and lively atmosphere.

And who said a single child cannot have a bunk bed? With space being a crunch in some houses bunk beds can also be used as a comfortable bed that comes with a study cabinet and a play area.

Map it right

Turn a boring white wall into a map wall and tap into some intriguing pirate stories. It also adds to your kid’s interest to learn about a few countries, expand their knowledge and increase their natural curiosity about the world.

Bring out the picasso in them

Instead of collecting your kid’s artwork and putting them on the fridge, display it in their room. This will make them feel good about themselves. It adds color and provides a great look their room. Group together their favourite artwork in a gallery style or hang them up on a wireline and clip it. This way you can replace or add more pictures to the collection.

What’s in a name?

Personalise your kids room by putting up their name on the wall. This gives them a sense of belonging. You can put up large wooden letters in an uneven manner or hang the letters on a wall, or over their bed.

Sticker story

Do you have a boring wall, but can’t make the time to paint it? We’ve got you covered. You can spruce up the wall using carefully positioned stickers to break the monotony. It also presents an opportunity to recreate your child’s favourite story. Let your creativity flow through the walls!

Teach them young

Inspire your child to read more with a cute little reading corner. Put up a wallpaper to demarcate the library and add picture shelves to provide easy access to your little one’s favorite reads. You can also add a reading table in the shape of their favorite cartoon character or superhero.

Blackboard Wall

Kids love to scribble and play on their own, so an interesting corner with a blackboard wall is a necessity for them. These add an instant personality to your kid’s room, balancing other colors beautifully. They don’t just look cool but also encourage kids to express their creativity.

Starry Nights

Instead of buying glow-in-the-dark stickers, you can use paint to replicate the night sky in the bedroom. Use this teaching opportunity to get them to learn about space – the little dreamers need all the help they can get!

Doing up the kids room is an opportunity for parents to explore and experiment with their creativity. They can choose from geometric shaped bookshelf to patterned wallpaper or neon colored wall art. They can also go crazy with colors, patterns and themes to make the room stand out.

The best smart devices for your home

Want to turn your home into a “Smart Home”, but not sure if you can set it up in your apartment?

While everyone’s still getting used to the whole idea of making their home a little smarter, the number of devices that are coming up is rapidly growing. Now you can switch off the lights with the help of a voice command without having to physically be in a room, or when you want to get home to a cold room, you can do it with a push of a button! We kid you not, these are not scenes from a fictional movie but reality. Using the Internet, you can connect not only to your computers and smartphones but your daily devices as well.

Home automation may look like it is not affordable but that is not true. Setting up a lamp that turns on and off at your command is comparatively inexpensive to surveillance cameras that many people have. There are a couple of smart products that can help control stuff around your home within your budget.

Smart Bulb

Want to go completely wireless with lights in your home? Pick the Philips Hue light bulbs, it lets you control not only the intensity of the light but also the color. It works great with every other system out there like Alexa and Siri. You can enjoy both yellow and white lights according to your mood anywhere in your home. Apart from Philips smart bulbs, you can also choose LIFX bulbs. Smart light bulbs connect to the internet and allow you to control and monitor the lights from practically anywhere.

You can start by setting schedules for your light. Some Smart Lights detect your presence in a room and will turn on (by detecting your smartphone), or even when you are walking up the driveway. You can also use your Smart Lighting as an alarm. Imagine waking up to soft light, rather than a blaring alarm tone.

Smart Switches

With smart switches, your home becomes a lot more fun! They can work with conventional light fixtures and bulbs. These switches connect to the Wi-Fi network and have a wide range of functions like automating lights, sleep timer, making lights warmer or cooler throughout the day, etc.

Smart Plugs

A really good place to start when it comes to Smart Home technology is with a Smart Plug. These little devices are a similar to the timer plugs that existed in bygone days. Those old school plugs simply went into an electrical socket and allowed you to set a timer. The new Smart Plugs, sync with your home network, so you can not only set a schedule for when something turns on and off, but you can now also control and monitor it from your smartphone and other connected devices.

Smart Door Locks

An excellent security option for your home is a smart door lock. There are two types, one that goes over your existing deadbolt so it can be easily removed, while the other replaces your existing deadbolt. The main advantage of a smart door lock is the ability to let someone in remotely, which means you don’t have to go open the door every time you hear a knock. You can give people unique codes that only let them in once, or you can only allow them to enter during certain times. Additionally, some smart door locks will unlock themselves as you approach, using your phone’s Bluetooth as the Key, which means goodbye to fumbling for your keys in your pockets, when juggling bags of groceries.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats not only help you remotely switch on and off these devices, but also allow you to control the temperature. Some of these devices help you save a ton on your electricity bill

By monitoring its use, the thermostat will detect which rooms are used most, and when, and adjust temperatures to keep you comfortable at home, and at the same time minimize energy use. You can control the temperature from practically anywhere which means you can switch it on before you reach home and get to a cozy room.

When technology is combined with smart home devices your day to day life becomes easy. So tell us, what’s stopping you from turning your home into a Smart Home?

Make the best use of space in your studio apartment

In every home, clutter accumulates from nowhere. One minute there is nothing on the table and the next you can see magazines pile up, shoes multiply and clothes add up. In a large home, these new additions get tucked away or let’s say they go unnoticed. But in a studio apartment, they can quickly fill up the space. Next thing you know, your home is filled with hundreds of small items that have nowhere to go, and your closets are filled to the brim. Regardless of your storage situation, these tips will help decorate your apartment into the most stylish one in your building!


Get creative when it comes to finding storage. Use the areas above your cabinets and doors. Look in your closet, and see if you can line up a few racks and use that space. There’s just almost always some high spot you can take advantage of if you really take a look at your apartment. You can also explore this idea with simple-to-install wall hooks. And yes, you can use the walls and high ceilings too to expand your options.

Room dividers

When the goal is to maximize space, set up room dividers. Instead of just a thin divider, consider a bookshelf or other storage solutions that help tame the mess, as well as visually divide the space. Set bookshelves perpendicular to a wall to divide living areas. It does not have to stretch to the ceiling, but to accomplish a classy look and make it look like two separate rooms, go tall.

Set your sights high

A simple trick that will make your studio feel taller is to introduce elements that draw the eye upwards to the ceiling and boost the height of the tight space. Try installing a tall floor lamp, a cluster of framed artwork or masks that sit high on the wall. These elements will elevate the look of your cosy living room and make it feel more open and spacious.

Be a Minimalist

Maybe the problem with studio apartments isn’t that they’re too small or stuffy, but that you want more-furniture and space. Buying lot of new things for your house might seem exciting but they will only take up space. Being a minimalist can make life simpler and allows you save on unnecessary purchases.

Bed, to sleep or to store?

Beds on the other hand take up a lot of floor space, but that’s something you cannot compromise on. So, the next best thing is to maximize that space by raising your bed for extra storage. You can simply do this by adding risers that give you a few more inches of usable space under your bed.

Blend it together

How to make your studio feel less like a closet? Work on camouflaging your storage. You can do this by using double duty furniture that looks like something like a trunk for a coffee table or ottomans with hidden storage inside, or by painting or buying storage in the same color as your walls so that it blends into your studio.

Instead of worrying about how small a studio apartment is, try to embrace the fact that it’s less to take care of, and comes at a lower cost than a bigger space. If you can get into the minimalist mindset, your studio apartment will seem instantly more enjoyable.

Time to check all the new flats for sale in Chennai

The constant influx of individuals into metropolitan cities is an expected phenomenon. And when it comes to Chennai, people are especially eager to make their mark. They want to find a little corner to call their own. However, space is always a delimiting factor when cities grow.

The apartment culture was first introduced in the 80’s, and it has only been a winning proposition since. It’s no surprise then that many flats in Chennai are within city limits. Stacking homes have not only saved space but have also revitalized social lives.

With both major and minor developers putting their hat in the ring, the average consumer has an excellent array of options to choose from when seeking flats for sale in Chennai. A serious buyer can choose a 1BHK flat in a standalone project as a stopgap until they find their bearings. However, if they purchase a luxury property, it will pay off in the long run.

But how do you choose out of the many new flats for sale in Chennai?

With the number of apartments for sale in Chennai, buying a house within your budget is no longer a problem. When you are looking for property, you are flooded with options from modern amenities to developers that offer exclusive deals. The kinds of amenities new projects provide are too good to resist. Today residential projects function like a city within a city, these townships include amenities such as a clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, sports complexes, gardens, children’s play area, security and more. When you look for flats in Chennai you are not just offered a house, you are offered a lifestyle. The chances of enjoying these amenities in a resale flat are too less.

The increased number of new flats for sale in Chennai banks on advanced technologies for better safety and security – one of the most important things to consider while buying a property. Builders ensure that there are good security systems in place to monitor and regulate the comings and goings of individuals/visitors. Older properties tend to lack basic amenities such as parking facilities, backup power sources, etc. However new flats for sale in Chennai offer at least one covered parking space, and developers these days employ energy-saving methods by installing solar panels that can help minimize the wastage of energy.

Buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime decision for many, so make it the best decision. Make a wise choice, your home should make you happy instead of making you regret.

Here’s why you should live in one of the luxury flats in Chennai

When you look at a Patek Phillipe watch or a Gucci bag, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind? Usually, you think of the price tag that comes with it. And like the fox that gave up on the grapes, you may just think it’s not worth the effort. While it may be fine for clothing and accessories, there’s one crucial purchase in life that you can’t simply toss into the ‘Maybe Someday’ pile – your first home. Sometimes, the best decision is to choose luxury flats in Chennai to call precisely that.

If you start small, you never think big

The adage slow and steady wins the race belongs firmly in the past in today’s Instagram, jetsetting, luxurious lifestyle. Although proper financial planning is essential, it’s time to relinquish the idea that luxury is expensive, and instead look at it as an investment.

When looking for a home to buy, don’t go for the cheapest option. Because there’s a good chance that you’ll realise what you’re missing out on only after you start living there. You might not consider buying luxury flats in Chennai at the moment, as real estate prices seem to be rising higher and higher.

However, if you go for a smaller, low-budget option now, your starter kit may end up being deadweight.

Another factor to take into account, besides the rising cost, is the dearth of land. If you consider most of the luxury apartments in Chennai, they are being built further and further away from the heart of the city. So, by the time you’re ready to splurge on that amazing piece of property, it may be too far out of the way to be attractive.

Just right

Gone are the days when joint families were a thing. That’s what makes the present real estate scenario especially attractive for nuclear families. Almost every way you turn, you’ll find 2BHK apartments in Chennai, and for good measure. If you’re just starting a family, these promise you sufficient space to grow and still invite guests into a comfortable living space.

Luxury can come in many forms, but space is the foremost aspect you should target. And surprisingly enough, it’s not a far-fetched idea these days to expect a spacious kitchen, balcony and large bathrooms in your average apartment!

Luxury Flats/Apartments in Chennai

A troubling notion for people who don’t dare to invest big is that pretty soon, they find themselves living in a building that creaks at the seams. The substandard quality of materials used in budget projects begins to show around the 5 year mark and from then on, you’ll feel that the money spent on keeping the place from falling apart would have served you much better in one of the luxury flats in Chennai.

Your standard multistory apartments, can wow you with shiny new features, but your focus should remain trained on the lifestyle benefits. If you have a walking trail and a children’s park within your community, then you have a better chance of having a healthy outlook, while creating a safe and nurturing environment for your kids.

Of the many 2BHK apartments in Chennai, there are only a few that do justice to space utilization, amenities, security and your budget. So, the next time you peruse the interwebs for luxury apartments in Chennai, remember that it’s never too early to put your hat in the ring for a glorious piece of property that will be a sense of pride for years to come.