The art of the many.

The concept of nuclear families, while not widespread in India, is gradually being adopted by most in urban areas. Truthfully, however, none of us would believe for a second that our families are as small as we make them out to be. When it comes wedding season or time for any other joyous occasion, you have relatives and friends pouring in from all corners of the country! Of course, as a social bunch you also love to have your neighbors over from time to time – it’s how you build a new family.

Now, when that happens you don’t want to be caught in a tough spot. You don’t want your seating arrangement to echo lack of preparation! Here are some great ways to make your living room seem bigger and accommodate more people.

Nesting Stools

These stools are reminiscent of Russian nesting dolls (it’s where they get their name from). They are perfect for a smaller living room when you don’t want furniture to take up too much space. Collapsed, they take up the area of just one stool, but you can pull or three or four more stools to seat more people.

When choosing nesting stools, you want them to match the general theme of the room but also to be light and mobile enough. For most Indian tastes, wooden stools do extremely well as earthen and woody shades also bring an element of nature to the room.


Low furniture tend to make the space they occupy look bigger. Ottomans are not only soft and low, they can also be upholstered to change the whole theme of the room. Tuck them away in a corner, only to pull them out when you need extra seating. Ottomans can also serve as centre tables when they’re not being used.

Roll away table and large rug

Buy a grungy center table with wheels to accent an otherwise calm and clean room, giving it a workshop like feel. Make sure to stock your sofa or contemporary day bed with lots of fluff pillows and throws. When you have company over, roll the table out of the way and pop down on the rug with enough pillows and blankets to build a fort!

Leverage the ledge

In a small but open living room setting, consider installing a ledge at knee level along the far wall. Along with the low furniture, the ledge acts both as extra room for seating and a display shelf for a strategically placed vase of jar of cookies to munch on at movie time.

Tell us, what do you do when you have guests over and need extra seating?

Hold up! Is that a teacup?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got your fair share of cups and saucers tucked away nicely. Whether they came to you as a gift or you simply couldn’t resist the urge to buy such cute teacups, the fact remains that they are usually left alone and unloved.

Here are some great ways to repurpose your teacups without breaking the bank, or them.

Teacup chandelier

By carefully carving out a space for your bulb holder in the base of the teacup, you can thread bulbs through and build a delicate, custom chandelier. For best results, use a funky mix of solid and patterned cups. Don’t forget to include the saucer!

Plant in a cup

Succulents and cacti are excellent plant companions during the hot summer. Get creative with different shaped mugs. It’s a great activity for kids and develops a green thumb at a young age. Be sure to water sparingly and you’ll be the proud owner of a cactus kingdom.

Wall art

Square and rectangular framed wall art is no longer a trend. Spruce up your wall art with exquisite teacups with delicate patterns. You could even separate the cup and saucer by placing them in different rooms – if you have kids, this makes for a great game!

Make a candle

When you feel like it’s time to make way for the new, don’t throw out your old teacups. With a little bit of patience and some colored wax, you can make custom candles to brighten up your living room. You won’t have anything to worry about when the power outages come around this summer.

Do you have a clever plan to repurpose your teacups? Let us know in the comments below.

Talking Tiles

Flooring is possibly the first sensory element of your home that people come in touch with. So make sure the tiles you use are comfortable to walk on, and aesthetically pleasing. Here are options to let your tiles do the talking.

1. Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are made of natural clay and minerals. When mixed with other additives and heated at high temperatures, these can be made to yield an array of finishes such as glossy, semi-matte and matte. They are also cost-effective and commonly available. The only drawback is that the tiles may chip. It’s therefore best to have the extra tiles from the contractor stored safely in case you want to replace a tile. You can use ceramic for Prayer rooms or alcoves that don’t see high footfalls. You can order it online from here

2. Porcelain

Porcelain is what you should go for, if you’re willing to shell out a little more. These are finer ceramics that don’t chip off easily and can be customised in design. Another advantage is that they are easier to maintain and don’t stain easily. You can lay these tiles in high footfall areas like the hall and anti-skid for your balcony. Order online from here

3. Vitrified

Vitrified tiles are magical, in the sense that they can be transformed into anything you like. You can go for marble, granite or even the wooden flooring look without having to spend what you might have otherwise had to. Make sure you don’t use harsh chemicals or acids on these floors, a normal cleaning with soap water will do. You can order online from here

4. Terrazzo tiles

These tiles are composite of stone, marble and granite chips. You can identify it from its speckled look and it is not too difficult to maintain. Once every few years, you may have to polish it as part of its maintenance. These tiles may be textured or ground to produce a smooth surface. Order online from here

5. Laminate flooring

This is getting increasingly popular as an alternative to hard wood flooring. These are light weight, easy to lay and not to mention, highly economical. It is also highly durable and easy to maintain than wooden flooring. The only drawback is that it takes a beating over the years and you might not be able to bring it to its original sheen. Order online from here

Make sure you source the tiles from reputed buyers and verify if they have been tested. The right flooring is a matter of aesthetics, convenience and budget. There are great options for all budgets. Choose just the right tiles for your house, and you can bet your guests will be floored!