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Apr 2018

Summer is here which means longer days, bluer skies and a whole lot of sun. Summer can also mean there might be a lot of power failure. Solar panels will be your saviour by using the sun to provide en [more]


Apr 2018

A kid’s surroundings can have a huge impact on how they grow and mature. Parents strive to give the best and make their living space as comfortable and fun as possible. So, unleash your creativi [more]


Apr 2018

Want to turn your home into a “Smart Home”, but not sure if you can set it up in your apartment? While everyone’s s [more]

In every home, clutter accumulates from nowhere. One minute there is nothing on the table and the next you can see [more]

The constant influx of individuals into metropolitan cities is an expected phenomenon. And when it comes to Chennai, people are especially eager to make their mark. They want to find a little corner t [more]

When you look at a Patek Phillipe watch, or a Gucci bag, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind? Usually, you think of the price tag that comes with it. And like the fox that gave up on the [more]


Mar 2018

The decision to leave home is never an easy one, especially if it’s Chennai. But you might find yourself in such a [more]


Mar 2018

The bigger your house, the more the effort that goes into keeping it free of pests. While you may do your best to m [more]

Chennai has an intangible quality that makes her unforgettable no matter how far you go. Sure, there are other citi [more]

If buying a home was one of the items on your to-do-list this year, it’s time to get moving. Buying a home isn’t a [more]

Buying a house is a huge investment for anyone. But buying comfortable studio apartments in Chennai that do not cos [more]

Do you wish you were creative and could decorate your house the way it looks in magazines, and not get bankrupt in [more]